why is my Instax mini 11 blinking orange light

Wondering why is my Instax mini 11 blinking orange light? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you!

Despite having extremely few control buttons, it still confuses users by flashing orange light.

If you are experiencing the orange indicator light on your Instax, keep reading!

The Instax orange blinking light indicates a potential fault caused by weak batteries, stuck film, a faulty charging cable, or device-related issues. A thorough inspection of the camera is necessary to identify the specific problem.

Let’s now move on further to discuss all possible causes of the orange blinking light!

Why Is My Instax Mini 11 Blinking Orange Light?

why my Instax mini 11 blinking orange light

Don’t panic if you see an orange blinking light on your Instax camera, this is not a warning of trouble.

The orange light normally blinks when the camera charges the flash before taking a picture, thus the charging period is within 5 seconds.

In case the duration of the blinking is prolonged, this light indicates a problem with the camera and becomes problematic.

Therefore, it is very crucial to know about the causes, so you can properly troubleshoot the issue later.

The following are the causes of the Instax orange blinking light:

  • Weak/Dead Batteries
  • Low Battery Of Instax
  • Jammed Film
  • Faulty Charging Port
  • Device Bug
  • Defective Instax Performance

These are the possibilities why your Instax mini 11 camera is blinking in orange.

Luckily we’ve managed to find a solution for each cause. Once you’re ready, proceed with the solution guide!

Let’s next discuss how to fix this orange-blinking light of the Instax mini camera!

How To Fix When Instax Mini 11 Orange Light Flashing?

how to fix instax mini 11

If you are experiencing the orange blinking light on your mini cam but are confused as to why this is blinking, then keep in mind that maybe this is the indication of any fault or maybe not.

That’s why in order to troubleshoot this light properly, you need to follow all the methods!


When the Instax mini camera’s flash is charging and getting ready to take a picture, it will always blink orange.

Depending on the camera battery, the flash charging period will probably be between 5 and 10 seconds.

The light will automatically stop flashing after it has finished.

Solution #1 Charge Instax Batteries!

charge the instax batteries

While waiting for the camera to charge its flash, if it takes longer than expected, then there is a chance that your camera batteries are low.

That’s why it is taking too much time to recharge, which is why the orange light is blinking. 

Here is how you can charge Instax mini camera batteries:

  1. Take a Power Adapter and a Charging Cable.
  2. Connect one end of the cable to the adapter and another to the camera charging port.
  3. Plug the adapter into the outlet to charge the camera.
  4. Leave the camera for up to 3 hours for complete charging.
  5. Once the camera is charged, check to see whether the orange light stops blinking.

Move on to the next troubleshooting method, if this won’t address the issue!

Solution #2 Check Charging Components

check for  the charging components

Even after you completely charged the Instax mini 11 camera, the orange light may still be flashing.

This typically happens because of a bad power adapter, charging cable, or charging port. In other words, faulty charging equipment.

First of all, use another power adapter and connect the camera to it to check whether it now charges.

Also, switch to another power cable and use it to charge it. If after changing both, the light is still blinking, then possibly the charging port of the camera is faulty.

Take it for repair.

Quick Fact: When the charging equipment is replaced, the next possibility is the batteries!

Solution #3 Replace Camera Batteries

Since the Instax mini 11 operates on batteries, you will need to replace its battery set when it runs out of power.

Your camera may not be charging or operating properly because its batteries are almost dead, which would be why it is blinking orange continuously. 

replace the batteries
  • You only need to replace the battery set in the camera to resolve this problem!

Here is how to change Instax mini batteries:

  1. Turn off your Instax mini 11 camera.
  2. Open the camera battery compartment door by pushing the door inward.
  3. Take out both batteries from the compartment and make sure to note their alignment.
  4. Set up a new set of AA batteries and insert them into the compartment.
  5. Turn on the camera and check to see whether the orange light is blinking.
  6. If the light is still blinking then, reinsert the new batteries in the cam while it is turning on.
Note: Instax mini 11 new batteries set can easily work up to 100 images, as ten film packs with ten exposures.

Solution #4 Inspect Instax Film

inspect the instax film

If the orange light on the camera is still blinking after replacing the batteries, it’s possible that your camera’s film cartridge is stuck in the film compartment.

That’s why you can’t take any pictures and the light is blinking continuously.

You simply need to refix the jammed film cartridge to fix this issue.

Here is how to fix Instax jammed film cartridge:

  1. Open the film compartment door from the back of the camera.
  2. Once you open the door, you’ll see a jammed and stuck film inside the camera.
  3. Next, carefully remove the film from the camera, but make sure to do this patiently.
  4. When you take it out, make sure it has no damage. 
  5. If so then replace it right away or reinsert the previous one.
  6. After inserting the film cartridge back, restart your camera.
  7. Next, check whether the orange blinking light is stopped.
Alert: Make sure to not force the film by taking it out to avoid further damage to your camera.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Instax

factory reset instax

Device bugs are one of the factors that can often cause issues for users, and this also probably applies to your Instax mini camera.

It’s possible that your camera has a bug, which is why the orange light is still blinking even after you’ve charged or replaced the batteries and fixed the film. 

The Factory Reset is the quickest way to address this unknown bug from your camera!

Here is how to factory reset the Instax mini cam:

  1. First of all, turn off your mini cam by pressing the Power Button.
  2. Next, open the camera battery compartment door.
  3. Then, press, and hold the photo button for about 5 seconds.
  4. After then, close the battery compartment door and turn on your camera back.
  5. Take a photo to test whether it is working properly!

In case the camera still shows the orange blinking light, then repeat these above!

Still, Need Help?

still need a help

In case you’ve attempted ALL of the solutions above, but your Instax mini 11 cameras is still blinking, perhaps you’re dealing with a faulty unit.

If your warranty is intact, the best next step is to contact Instax Support for more guidance.

However, in case your warranty has ended, you can either purchase a replacement camera or take your device for a professional inspection. The repair costs are not that bold so no worries!

Tip: When contacting customer service, don’t forget to share what you’ve already tried.

Quick Recap:

The reason why is my Instax mini 11 blinking orange light is because of dead batteries or faulty charging equipment. We need to replace the charging components and make sure that the camera is charging, before performing a Factory Reset to solve the issue!

Don’t forget to check out our blog for more Instax mini troubleshooting guides!

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