why is my geeni camera blinking red

Wondering “why is my Geeni Camera blinking red”. You have found the solution!

The blinking of the blue light on your Geeni Camera means that the device has lost internet connection and it is trying to reconnect.

In contrast, the red light, Geeni camera is ready and looking for pairing connections.

When the Geeni camera flashes in red, it indicates that the device can be paired with the network, by utilizing a 2.4GHz frequency broadband. The solution only requires a thorough inspection of all factors involved in the Geeni camera setup.

Now that we know the solution better, let’s learn what’s causing the issue!

Why is My Geeni Camera Blinking Red

why does my geeni camera blinking red

The red light on Geeni camera only suggests the root of the problem.

To understand how to proceed, we need to take a quick look at the possible causes first:

  • Software-related Pairing Issue
  • Corrupted Geeni Camera Data
  • Hardware-related Problem
  • Power Outlet/Cable Malfunction
  • Poor Environmental Lightning

The red light on the Geeni camera is definitely related to one of the aforementioned causes.

Luckily we’ve found a solution for each of them and it takes a minute!

Let’s next review some solutions for the blinking red light on the Geeni Camera!

How To Fix When Geeni Camera Flashing Red?

We now learned what could be the possible causes behind the flashing red light on the Geeni camera and we’re ready to begin the troubleshooting.

how fix geeni camera blinking red

It’s only important to follow our methods in order and not skip anything. Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Check the Indicator Light Status

This method depends upon what model or type of camera you own, there is a slight chance that you might have activated the indicator light by mistake.

Luckily this is not so difficult to fix and only requires turning the light off. All you need is to follow these easy steps to get the job done!

  1. Open the Geeni app.
  2. Make your way across to the connected Geeni Camera.
  3. Access the Basic Features Settings.
  4. There should be an option to turn OFF the light indicator.

This will get rid of the red light from the device, and you won’t have to go through the indicator status again.

If the issue is still not resolved, you will have to go through a few more troubleshooting methods in order to fix it and get everything in order!

Note: The red light can also mean other things such as pairing status, programming bugs, and many more!

Solution #2 Pair the Geeni Camera Again

pair the camera again

In some of the Geeni Camera models, the red light indicates a Pairing Mode!

This solution will not take a lot of your time. Setting up the device again will help you fix the red light on your Geeni setup.

You just have to go through the pairing process again in order to fix the red light.

Setup Geeni Camera With QR Code:

  1. Open up the Geeni app on your phone.
  2. Make sure that you are logged into your Geeni app.
  3. You will find yourself on the homepage.
  4. Tap on “Add” on the device from the main homepage.
  5. Select the Wi-Fi camera from the options displayed on the screen.
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi password and tap “Next Step”.
  7. Scan the QR code 6-8 inches away from the camera.

Once you have scanned the QR code from the camera you will be able to add your camera to the Geeni app.

Setup Geeni Camera Without QR Code:

setup the geeni camera
  1. Open the Geeni App.
  2. Click on devices.
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi camera.
  4. Check the indicator light is blinking red.
  5. On the app, click on “Next Step”. 
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi password.

At this point the app is going to connect with the Geeni Camera, if the process is successful the light on the camera will be solid blue.

Solution #3 Factory Reset Geeni Camera

Factory resetting the Geeni Camera might seem like a crystal clear solution to pull off, but it has proven to be really helpful every now and then.

To factory reset first, you must find the reset button on the camera, which is inside the pinhole at the bottom of the camera lens. 

Important: Make sure that the Geeni camera is flashing red. 
factory reset camera

Here’s how to Factory Reset Geeni Camera:

  1. Get your camera from the place you installed it.
  2. Locate the “Reset” button.
  3. Hold the “Reset” button for about 15 – 30 seconds.
  4. After the reset procedure is done you will get a voice prompt confirmation.

After the factory reset procedure is done keep in mind that all of the customizations you’ve made will also be removed and you will have to set up the Geeni Camera again from scratch!

Note: The red flashing on the camera means it’s ready to be connected, refer to Solution #2.

Solution #4 Inspection of Power Connections

inspect the power connection

Faulty power connections can also occur without you even realizing it. Sometimes there can be something wrong with the battery or the wiring of the camera, based on what model you might have bought.

Especially for this case, you are trying to make sure that the power outage to the camera is optimal.

The most efficient way to check the voltage is by using a voltmeter. This requires you to check the continuity on each end and then move on with the setup.

If the unit is in a tough condition and you can’t really do anything to fix this, we advise you to go to a repair center in order to get it fixed and back on track!

Note: If there are some issues replacing the battery or wiring will help you out with fixing the issue!

Solution #5 Light Levels Need to be Fixed

the light levels

Every camera has an infrared system that can also present a similar picture to a blinking red light when the light levels in the room are low.

If the problem is not hardware related and the camera is in a good shape, there are no power-related issues then it might be related to night vision mode.

  • You only need to increase/decrease the lighting in the room! 

This will prevent the red light issue. Changing the place of the camera will have a great impact in a positive way on the situation.

You can also use secondary light resources next to the unit, however, you will have trouble with glares from time to time.

Note: The added secondary light source will surely impact your electrical bill in the long run!

Solution #6 Hardware Check the Unit

hardware check the units

This solution requires you to check the device for any hardware malfunctions such as cracks, damage, or impact on the unit itself.

Note that damage might be done from the delivery process itself or due to product end-life.

There is no doubt that the delivery process is rough on smart devices, so if you find any issues try contacting the dealer.

Also if the warranty is still in effect, attempt contacting the dealer for a new device. 

With a new device, you won’t need to worry about the Geeni camera flashing red!

Still Need Help?

In case nothing helps, seeking help from the customer support team is a valid way to handle the problems if you cannot narrow them down yourself.

It is rather easy to go through problems when there are directions from a professional. If you cannot resolve this on your own, reach out to Geeni Customer Service for more help!

Note: You can reach out to Customer Support for all kinds of problems you might collide with. 

Quick Recap:

Now that we know why is my Geeni Camera blinking red, as listed above, re-pairing the device is a good way to start. If the problem is still there, inspect the entire setup including the power, environmental lighting, and the camera’s software condition.

We hope that you have found this article helpful! For more content be sure to check our blog!

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