geeni camera won't connect to wifi

Whenever your Geeni camera won’t connect to WiFi, it’s probably due to an issue with your network setup or internet connection.

If you are having issues getting your Geeni camera to pair to a WiFi network, its functionality will be severely limited.

If this is your issue, don’t worry; most fixes are straightforward and take only minutes. 

First, check your router signal strength and speed to fix your Geeni camera from being unable to connect to WiFi. Next, delete and reinstall the Geeni app and check that it’s running the latest version. Lastly, set your router to the 2.4GHz band and hard reset your Geeni camera.

Now that you are aware of which solutions we will undertake to troubleshoot this WiFi issue, let’s first see what causes it in the first place;

Why Is My Geeni Camera Not Connecting To WiFi?

why my geeni not connecting

If your Geeni camera can’t connect to any WiFi network, it could be due to issues within the Geeni app, the device itself, or your WiFi router.

Here are the top causes for Geeni cameras not connecting to a WiFi network:

Hardware Damage

When your Geeni Camera has a damaged WiFi antenna or internal components, it can stop working.

Outdated Software

Your Geeni camera must run the latest software version to pair with your WiFi network of choice properly.

Software Errors

a software errors

Any smart device can run into specific software issues that can limit its functionality.

Incompatible WiFi

If your WiFi is incompatible with your Geeni camera, you won’t be able to connect it.

Weak Signal Strength

When the WiFi signal is weak or your device is too far away, it can cause network issues.

Note: Ensure that your Geeni camera battery is fully powered up before attempting any troubleshooting in this article. A low battery can cause failure to connect to WiFi.

How To Fix Geeni Camera Won’t Connect To WiFi?

how to fix geeni camera

Regarding possible fixes for your Geeni camera, you can opt to troubleshoot the WiFi router and its connection or the Geeni camera itself. 

Please ensure that you follow our solutions in the given order and by not skip steps to get the best possible results:

Solution #1 Troubleshoot Your WiFi Router For Issues

Since the WiFi router is responsible for distributing your internet to other devices, its setup is crucial to ensure the proper operation of your paired devices.

Here are some general ways that you can optimize and troubleshoot your WiFi router:

troubleshoot the router issue
  1. Check the WiFi signal strength, pair another device, such as a smartphone, and see how many network strength bars it has. 
  2. Reset your WiFi router to clear it of potential issues by removing the power cable, waiting 1 minute, and plugging it back.
  3. Check your WiFi Ethernet cable for creases or damage, and replace it with a different one.

If your camera is connecting to the WiFi but can’t transmit any data, it’s likely because the signal strength or speed is too weak.

If you are getting lower than usual internet speeds, it’s best to check with your internet service provider for potential fixes.

Note: It's advisable that you don't keep your WiFi router at ground level, as putting it higher up will significantly improve its range.

Solution #2 Remove And Install The Geeni App Again

remove and install app again

Software-related issues can prevent your Geeni camera from working correctly and connecting to a WiFi network.

Some data files got corrupted during the download or installation of the Geeni app. 

  • To ensure that your Geeni app installation has no errors, you must reinstall the Geeni app. 

After the app has been reinstalled, check if you can pair your Geeni camera through the app to the WiFi network of your choice.

Note: Ensure you are not using your 4G or 5G mobile network when downloading large files from Google Play or App Store.

Solution #3 Check For New Software Updates For Your Camera

check for software an updates

If your Geeni camera is running on outdated software, this can cause it to fail to connect to any WiFi network.

Here are the correct ways to install any pending updates for your Geeni camera: 

  1. Open the Geeni App on your device 
  2. Tap on the Geeni camera model from the devices listed in the app
  3. Press the 3-dotted menu button on the top side of the app
  4. Once in the advanced settings, tap on “Check for Firmware Updates
  5. If there are any updates available, install them 

Power cycle your Geeni camera afterward and check if it can connect to the WiFi network.

To ensure that the Geeni app itself is always up to date, ensure your device has automatic app updates enabled.

Note: You can also try to force-stop the app by going to Settings > Apps > Geeni App > Force Stop. 

This solution can help if your Geeni app still isn’t finding WiFi after you install a new update.

Solution #4 Switch Your WiFi Router to 2.4GHz Frequency Band

switch wifi router frequency band

Some models of the Geeni camera can struggle to pair to WiFi networks different from 2.4 GHz.

Please switch your router to a compatible band to bypass this potential issue of your Geeni camera not connecting. 

Depending on your exact model and router, the steps to change its frequency band can differ. 

These are the general steps to force your WiFi Router to run in 2.4GHz frequency mode:

  1. Find a way to access your Router settings interface (usually by connecting an Ethernet cable to your laptop or PC and inputting the IP address in a browser search field).
  2. Look for a setting that sets your router’s frequency band and toggle it to be in 2.4GHz only.
  3. Apply the changes, restart your router and your Geeni camera

After you switch your router’s frequency band to 2.4GHz, check if your Geeni device can find and connect to your WiFi network.

Note: If your router is set to dual frequency band transmission, you must pair your camera to the correct 2.4 GHz network. 

Sometimes these networks will have similar names, so check your setup to know them apart.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Your Geeni Camera

factory rest the geeni camera

If your Geeni camera has run into some sort of software-related issue, it could cause its WiFi pairing function to malfunction.

In this case, you can perform a factory reset of the device, restoring it just like it was configured when you first got it.

  1. Ensure that your Geeni Camera is powered on
  2. Flip the camera to its backside, and locate the reset button 
  3. Using a thin object such as a paperclip, press and hold the reset button for at least 10 seconds
  4. After the camera makes a beeping noise, release the reset button
  5. Restart your Geeni camera for the effects to take place

Here is the correct method to factory reset your Geeni Camera:

After these steps, please verify if your Geeni camera can correctly connect to your desired WiFi network.

You will have to reenter any WiFi login credentials, which will be removed after a hard reset.

Note: When you hard reset your Geeni device, all saved settings and configurations will be removed, so ensure they are backed up.

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Quick Recap

If your Geeni camera won’t connect to WiFi, troubleshoot and optimize your WiFi router for a more stable connection. Next, reinstall the Geeni app on your device and check that it’s running the latest firmware version. Lastly, perform a factory device reset on the Geeni camera.


Now that you know why my Geeni camera won’t connect to wifi, we hope that the solutions within our guide helped fix this problem.

If you are unable to get your camera to pair to a network after all these steps, please contact Geeni support.

Nicole B