why does Siri keep coming on by itself

So you’re asking why does Siri keep coming on by itself even when you’re not sending a request?

We have an answer for you.

Such problems can occur in all of the Apple devices out there and most often the problem is related to another voice command you’re pronouncing.

If you’ve activated “Listen For Hey Siri”, the assistant may overhear someone saying “Siri” and activate it suddenly.

Siri will be brought up if you’re saying a sentence or a word that has a similar pronunciation to “Siri”. It can also occur if you have activated the “Listen for Hey Siri” option and even if rarely, whenever your Apple device’s iOS is out of date.

Let’s begin with examining the problem for the iPhone and then review the rest of the Apple devices and how you can fix the issue on each individually.

iPhone Why Does Siri Keep Coming On By Itself?

why siri keep coming on by itself

Users are mostly complaining about this Siri-related issue on the iPhone.

When observing the issue, you should note that your iPhone must have the latest iOS in order for its assistant (Siri) to function properly.

Besides that, here are the causes why this issue is happening:

1. Bug with “Listen for Hey Siri”

If you’ve enabled the voice activation of Siri, similarly-sounding words may activate the assistant without your will.

2. Software Bug or Glitch

Most of the time this is a software bug or glitch that needs resetting your device.

3. Home Button Press

For older iPhones, especially the ones with a Home Button, when held for 2-3 seconds, Siri will definitely activate.

Tip: Make sure to execute all of our solutions regardless of whether your device is an iPad, iPhone, or MAC.

How To Fix When Siri Comes Up By Itself On iPhone?

how to fix siri

Here are some fixes you can try to solve this Siri issue on your iPhone:

Reboot Your iPhone

By resetting your iPhone, you will guarantee that this problem isn’t caused by a temporal bug or glitch. Hold the power button for 5 seconds and power off your iPhone. Press the power button again to start it up.

Re-enable “Hey Siri”

If you’ve enabled “Hey Siri” voice activation, attempt turning the feature on/off to fix the issue. Do that from Settings > Siri & Search > Listen For Hey Siri.

Disable “Hey Siri” When the Device is Locked

If this issue occurs to you when the device is locked, disable Siri whenever your iPhone hasn’t received a password yet.

You can disable that feature from Settings > Siri & Search > Allow Siri when locked. Make sure it isn’t ticked on.

Note: Keep in mind that disabling Siri whenever your iPhone is locked won’t trigger the assistant without having your phone unlocked.

Why Does Siri Keep Coming On ByItself On My IPad?

why siri keep coming

Here we’ll be discussing the scenarios in which Siri will be activated on your iPad without any input from your side.

Here’s what causes the issue on iPad most often:

Connected Headphones

Some headphones have a very sensitive microphone. Pronouncing Siri even in the slightest, not direct way may trigger the assistant.

Problem With Home Button

If you haven’t activated “Hey Siri”, but instead you’re triggering the assistant with the home button, this could be where the issue is coming from.

Outdated iOS

As with the iPhones, running an outdated version on your iPad will result in this problem.

Note: Keep in mind that some connected headphones have separate options which may make their microphones even more sensitive.

How To Fix When Siri Comes Up By Itself On iPad?

how to fix siri on ipad

Now when we covered why does Siri keep coming on by itself on the iPad it’s time to learn how to fix the problem.

Disconnect Headphones

Temporarily get rid of any headphones you’ve attached to the iPad and test to check if the issue would still occur.

Most of the time these headphones may be plugged into the lightning port or AUX if you have an older model of iPad.

Update iPad iOS

To update your iPad’s iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update > Check for Updates.

Any available updates should appear there and can be activated by pressing the “Update” button.

Disable “Press home for Siri

iPads use a home button to be worked with. If the home button is getting faulty, your Siri assistant may be coming up from the slightest touch.

Disable “Press home for Siri”, from Settings > Siri & Search scroll down, and untick “Press home for Siri”.

Note: If you still want to interact with your Siri assistant, ensure to either leave “Press home for Siri” turned on, or “Listen for Hey Siri”.

Why Does Siri Keep Coming On By Itself MAC?

siri keep coming on mac

If this Siri issue is also occurring on your MAC, we have a solution.

Although users rarely enable Siri on their MAC computers, some may still find it comfortable for using and browsing their computer’s features.

Here are the causes that are making Siri pop up on your MAC without you triggering it:

  • Faulty connected microphone – Attaching a microphone to your MAC that isn’t fully functional may result in Activating your Siri randomly.
  • Outdated MAC iOS – Same as with the iPad and iPhone, running an outdated version of the iOS on your MAC will result in a similar Siri problem.
  • Software bug with MAC – Especially with older MACs and Macbooks similar Siri & Search issues could occur.
Note: If you’ve connected AirPods to your MAC, this issue may be occurring with the headphones you’ve plugged in.

How To Fix When Siri Comes Up By Itself On MAC?

fix siri on mac

Before we troubleshoot your MAC’ Siri problems, ensure to test out the rest of our solutions affiliated with iPhone and iPad.

They could also solve the problem with your MAC, regardless of the fact that they are related to different Apple devices.

Here’s how to fix the Siri problem on your MAC:

Tip #1: Re-enable “Ask Siri”

A great way to get rid of software issues with your Siri is to re-enable the Ask Sirifeature in the settings.

You can find that feature by going to Apple Menu > System Preferences and then by tapping Siri.\

Tip #2: Update MAC System

Your MAC system may be updated, which will result in issues with Siri. Go to System > Software Update and ensure your device is updated.

Tip #3: Disconnect AirPods/Headphones

diconnect airpods

This issue’s major cause is the connected headphones units. Disconnect temporarily any headphones connected to your MAC to find out if the issue will be solved.

Note: It’s recommended to reboot your Mac after updating its iOS and re-enabling “Ask Siri” for the changes to take effect immediately.

Thus, to fix when Siri comes up by itself on your Apple devices, ensure that the system is up to date and re-enable “Siri & Search”. Next, temporarily disconnect any paired headphones units and microphones along. Finally, reset the device’ software to fix the issue.

Bottom Line:

After learning why does Siri keep coming on by itself, we hope that you fixed the issue with our solutions.

Regardless of what Apple device you’re having this issue on, you can always get in touch with Apple support to get the problem enveloped and fixed!

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