how to get Siri to call you something

If you don’t know how to get Siri to call you something, then this post is for you!

You should know that there is a contact name and a nickname which you can set and choose which one Siri to use.

Here we’ll explain the difference, describe how to set both and how to get Siri to call you either of them.

To get Siri to call you something, you’ll need to change your contact name or set a nickname for Siri to use instead. These settings can be discovered in the contact card settings and can be changed manually or via voice command.

How To Get Siri To Call You Something Else?

In general, you can change what Siri calls you through the contact card.

There is your name as one of the instances that Siri gets the information for you and the nickname that works as your sub-name in iOS.

Some users still ponder what the actual difference between the name and nickname is. We’ve got it all clarified in the paragraph below.

What’s The Difference Between Name And Nickname?

name and nickname

The account name you have on your iOS account is what originally Siri will refer to you with.

However, some users wish Siri to avoid using their original name, so instead of changing it entirely, they create a nickname that Siri can use.

By changing the labels on either of those instances, you will also differ from what Siri calls whenever you use any voice commands.

Important: Changing either your name or nickname will also change the credentials on your contact card, signature card, and other places.

Method #1 Change Your Contact Name

change contact name

In this method, we’ll be changing the contact name that Siri uses by default. You can test that out right now by saying “Siri please say my name”.

Once you’re ready with the steps below, say the phrase again to test if your new contact name has been changed.

Step #1 Navigate To The Contacts

To change your name manually, you will first have to navigate to the contact settings of your iOS device.

The contacts can be accessed via the contacts application you have installed by default.

Assuming you know your way around, go to the contacts and keep reading our next step to get your contact’s name changed easily.

Step #2 Navigate To The Contacts Card Settings

contact cards settings

For this step, all you have to do is press your card at the top of the contacts page.

This will automatically send you to the settings of the card, where you can later imbue your new name so Siri can start calling you that way.

To enter the contact settings, as we’ve mentioned, tap on your contact at the top of the page and then choose “Edit”.

Note: You should already be within the nickname and name settings of which you want to change the values for.

Step #3 Insert A New Name

Finally, press the top fieldto change your current contact name and how Siri refers to you from now on.

You can use standard letters (lowercase and uppercase) to create your new name but non-letter symbols are not allowed.

Once you’re done creating your name, hit the “Save” button at the top of the page and you’re ready with the new contact name.

This is how to get Siri to call you something and next, we’ll proceed with learning how to add a nickname that provides even more freedom.

Alert: Your new name will now be displayed on your contact card for other users.

Method #2 Change Your Contact Nickname

change contact nickname

Although Siri uses your name when referring to you, you can add a card in the contacts that will let you create a nickname for Siri to use instead of your original name.

It’s not hard to add a nickname and can also be done with a voice command!

Here’s how to change your contact nickname manually:

Step #1 Go To Contact Card Settings

The basics are to navigate to the contact card settings. Once again, on your iOS device, you must open up the contacts app and press My Card at the top of the page.

This will essentially navigate you to where you have to be.

Once there, press the “Edit” icon at the top of the page to enter the re-configuration settings, where you can change your nickname.

Tip: You can also add an email, phone, text tone, and any URL as per your desires.

Step #2 Add A Nickname Field

The nickname field isn’t something that exists by default.

Only if the user wishes for Siri to call them something else rather than their actual name, then the user needs to add a nickname field, manually.

Assuming you haven’t added a nickname field by now, you will have to create one to insert your new nickname.

Here’s how to add a nickname field in the contact settings:

  1. Press “Edit” on your contact page.
  2. Scroll all the way down.
  3. Locate the “Add Field” button.
  4. Press on it once and wait for the menu with available fields to occur.
  5. Tap on “nickname” from the available settings.
  6. Select “Save”.
Tip: You can even add an instant message and Siri can narrate as well.

Step #3 Enter Your New Nickname

And now finally, you can enter a new nickname for Siri to call you.

Once having the field added, in the “Edit” tab under your contact card’ settings, you can locate the nickname field.

Press on the field once and insert a new nickname according to your liking. Once done, tap the “Save” icon and exit the settings.

Note: In contrast to the contact name, the nickname can contain numbers as well.

How To Change Nickname With A Voice Command?

change using voice command

Sadly, changing your contact name is impossible with a voice command, but if you want to avoid changing the nickname manually, you can do it all with a single voice command.

For that purpose, you must have Siri, “Listen for Hey Siri” or “Active Siri with side button” enabled.

These are the two ways that you can change the nickname with a voice command:

  • To change your nickname with a voice command, say “Hey Siri, change my nickname to (name).
  • You can also hold the side button for 3 seconds to trigger the Siri assistant. Next, all you have to do is say “Siri, change my nickname”.

Siri will require you to pronounce your new nickname after which it will be saved in the contacts. You can repeat the operation over and over until you’re satisfied.

Note: Siri will automatically create a nickname card in the contact options when choosing a nickname via voice command.

To get Siri to call you something you would need to reach in the Contacts app > Contact card settings and create a nickname, besides your contact name. Siri will now use that nickname to refer to you, and you can change it anytime, even by asking Siri to do so.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you know how to get Siri to call you something, feel free to add a unique and desirable nickname. You can use anything you want, including numbers, so be creative!

In case you’re interested in more iOS functionalities, make sure to check our blog to discover the best guide you can use!

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