why does peacock keep buffering

Asking why does Peacock keep buffering? Well, it’s most likely because of your internet.

In 90% of the cases, buffering on any app appears because of slow, overloaded, or non-existent internet connection.

There is a small chance that your internet is good, but Peacock themselves are having trouble, so in this post, we’ll make sure that the problem is not on your side.

To fix the buffering you would first need to lower the devices currently streaming from Peacock down to only one. Then, make sure that you’re not streaming from a non-supported region and then inspect your internet connection and speed. Also, try restarting and eventually re-installing the Peacock application.

The cause of the problem might be related to several things and not only your internet connection.

The methods below will help you identify and solve your problem in no time so let’s jump right in!

How To Fix Peacock TV Buffering Issues?

fix peacock buffering issues

There are a lot of different methods you can use to solve your buffering problem.

Our methods are aligned in an order that will help you identify and solve the problem as soon as possible, so make sure not to skip anything.

Before you continue, you can check whether the Peacock servers are currently down, or if there are any ongoing buffering problems by visiting the official social media profile of Peacock.

Alert: You should know that streaming outside of The United States via VPN would result in buffering issues due to high ping. Peacock is supported only in the US and certain US territories.

Method #1 Restart Your Streaming Device

Regardless of where you’re viewing Peacock from, a TV, computer, streaming stick, simply restart that device to free up some system resources.

If you want to take the reboot one step further, you can perform a power cycle which is done by unplugging the power adapter.

In other words, the power cycle is meant to prevent electricity from reaching the device for at least 5 minutes.

That will actively discharge the device and reboot ALL services. Once you’re done, test if Peacock content would still buffer.

Method #2 Update Peacock App & Streaming Device

update peacock

Alert: This method would not work if you’re using a computer and viewing Peacock through the web. If that’s your setup, jump to the next method.

However, if you’re using a TV or streaming device, it is highly recommended to update the Peacock application before continuing any further.

Your application might be constantly buffering because you’re running an outdated firmware version.

Here is how to update your Peacock application:

  1. Open the App Store on your device.
  2. Locate the Peacock application.
  3. Check if there is an available Update button.
  4. Lastly, tap on Update and wait for the app to get up to date.

Note: It’s important to do the same for your streaming device. Especially if you’re using a TV, make sure to keep it up to date for best performance in regard to applications.

If there are no updates available, proceed with the next method.

Method #3 Check Your Internet Connection

check the internet connection

Your internet connectivity and speed are the main factors responsible for how fast your video buffer is.

This is why we highly recommend testing your internet speed at any online free source to determine whether the speed is good enough or not.

If you detect any internet issues you can try the following to solve the problem:

  • Restart your modem/router.
  • Disconnect unnecessary devices from your network.
  • Stop downloading/uploading/seeding.
  • Prevent any high-quality streaming.
  • Disconnect/stop any active VPN.
  • Reconnect the streaming device to the WiFi.
  • Use another (reliable) WiFi or wired (Ethernet) connection.

Only when you’re confident that your internet is reliable and fast enough to support video streaming, continue with the next method.

Method #4 Sign Out From Peacock On ALL Devices

We assume that you’re aware that Peacock TV allows up to 6 accounts using its services.

However, the limitation here is a maximum of 3 accounts streaming content at the same time, and having more than that would definitely cause your movies to buffer.

To disconnect ALL devices, you simply go to the official Peacock TV account page and choose the Devices Tab.

From there you can click on “Sign Out All” > “Sign Out All Devices”, which does not need a description as the name says it all.

Doing that, you will disconnect your entire family from the app, but you would be able to tell whether the Peacock buffering issues are because of that or not.

Method #5 Reinstall Peacock App

reinstall the peacock app

To clear a corrupted installation or bad cache data, you can uninstall and reinstall the Peacock TV app.

That would ensure a clean installation which in most cases helps with buffering issues and streaming interruptions.

Here is how to reinstall the Peacock app on a Smart TV:

  1. Make sure that you’re on the TV’s home screen.
  2. From there navigate to the App and locate the Peacock app.
  3. Click on the Remove/Uninstall button to delete the application.
  4. Then go to the dedicated TV app store and search for “Peacock”.
  5. Locate the Install button and press on it.
  6. Wait for a few moments until the app is installed.

After the re-installation, your Peacock will be signed out of your account so you would need to log back in.

Only then you will be able to test the streaming permanence and if the buffering would still be there.

Note: If you’re viewing Peacock from a web browser on your computer, make sure to erase the browser’s cache, through the settings.

Method #6 Try Another Content

try different content

If you still don’t know why Peacock keeps buffering you should know that, like every other streaming platform, Peacock has its movies stored across many servers.

However, servers are computer machines that can malfunction every now and then. If the TV show you’re trying to watch is located on a server that is experiencing issues, it might reflect as a buffer on your side.

Simply try viewing another media, or several different titles, to determine whether the problem is appearing with only one or ALL contents.

Depending on the outcome, you would have a clear description of your issue to provide the Peacock support center with.

You can contact the support team on the official Peacock TV webpage.

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To resolve the buffering issue on your Peacock application, first, you would need to restart your streaming device and then update both the device and the application. Next, you need to inspect and fix an ongoing internet problem after which you will need to disconnect ALL other devices that are currently streaming from the same account.

Bottom Line:

If you still don’t know why Peacock keep buffering, the next step for you would be to report your problem to the Peacock TV Support Center.

With a little luck, you will receive feedback within the same day and hopefully, they’ll provide you with an answer and recommendations on what to do next.

We hope that this post was enough to fix your Peacock buffering problem and if you’re having other inquiries concerning TV apps and issues, make sure to check our online blog.

Nicole B