why does paramount plus keep crashing

If you’re wondering why does Paramount Plus keep crashing, you should inspect all possibilities one by one and determine where the issue is coming from.

On both platforms, the application and online version, Paramount Plus have certain specifications that should be met.

Regardless of where the problem is coming from, our guide will help you solve the crashes for both the app version and web platform of Paramount Plus.

The Paramount Plus will crash or freeze whenever there is an ad-blocker software detected on your device or the application is out of date. To solve the problem you would need to restart, update and re-install the Paramount Plus application.

We now got a basic idea of where the crashes may be coming from, so let’s unwrap the question further.

Why Does Paramount Plus Keep Crashing?

Since Paramount Plus is both available through the browser and an application, the issues you’re experiencing through both of these sources may vary.

In the bullets below, we’ve described the most often reported issues on Paramount Plus on both the browser and app.

Paramount Plus Crashes On Browser:

  • Filled browser cache & cookies.
  • Incompatible browser / outdated version.
  • Your device is not connected to the internet.

Paramount Plus Application Crashes:

  • Outdated Paramount Plus app version.
  • Account problems on Paramount Plus.
  • Internet issues on your device.

These are the main suspects when Paramount Plus is crashing on a browser or application.

Your problem is definitely related to one of the above-described causes and in the following fix guide, we’re about to target each possibility.

Note: The Paramount Plus service could be in maintenance during which crashes are expected.

How To Fix When Paramount Plus App Keeps Crashing?

fix paramount plus keep crashing

The solutions below will help you localize and solve the problem with your Paramount Plus application crashes.

We’ll start by targeting the minor issues and proceed with addressing our major suspects.

Let’s begin with checking for any ad-blocker software on your device:

Solution #1 Disable Ad Blocking Software

When the Paramount Plus application detects ad-blocking software installed on your device, the application will either crash or freeze.

If either of these happens, then you will know for sure that Paramount Plus has detected your ad blocker and you must disable the software.

disable ad blocking

Based on the ad blocking app you’ve installed to your device, attempt to prevent it from blocking ads on Paramount Plus or delete the software completely.

If there’s a feature that allows you to choose for which services the ads should be blocked, remove Paramount Plus from that list.

Note: Keep the adblocker software disabled until you’ve either resolved the problem or reached the end of our guide.

Solution #2 Force Close Paramount & Restart

A simple, yet, effective solution is to force close the Paramount Plus application and reboot the device you’re experiencing streaming issues on.

restart paramount plus

Since glitches mainly develop upon starting the Paramount Plus application and restarting it should effectively fix the problem.

Follow these steps to force close Paramount plus and restart your device:

  1. Close Paramount Plus on your device.
  2. On mobile, remove the application from the temporal memory.
  3. Turn OFF your device.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes while the device is turned off.
  5. Start the device up and open Paramount Plus.
  6. Check if the crashing problem is now fixed.
Tip: Test Paramount Plus on another device to understand whether the problem is down to your source device.

Solution #3 Fix Internet Problems

If the Paramount Plus app keeps crashing, perhaps there are internet problems that need fixing.

We will get you familiar with the best-working solutions for internet problems that both include your network’s Wi-Fi and the internet that reaches your device.

fix internet problems

Here’s how to fix internet problems in easy steps:

  1. Reboot your modem/router by unplugging it from power for 5 minutes.
  2. Reduce the usage of your network from all sources as much as possible.
  3. Reconnect the internet cable that goes in your router/modem.
  4. Give your ISP a call to determine if there’s an outage or issue.
Tip: To determine if there’s a problem with your network, check if you have active internet on all connected WiFi devices.

Solution #4 Update The Paramount Plus App

Running an outdated version of the Paramount Plus app may cause application crashes.

The updates are mainly related to compatibility and you should always keep the app up to date.

Here’s how to universally update the Paramount Plus app on all devices:

  1. Open the App store on your device.
  2. Go to “Installed Applications”.
  3. Tap on “Manage Installed Applications”.
  4. Locate the Paramount Plus app from the list with all installed devices.
  5. Press the “Configure” button next to the app.
  6. Choose “Update” if the button is available.
  7. Let Paramount Plus fully update.
Alert: Don’t shut your device off while the update is still going or the progress may be lost.

Solution #5 Free Up Resources

free up resources

The Paramount Plus app can be crashing due to insufficient resources in regards to storage space, CPU usage, and memory (RAM).

In this solution, you should go all over those factors and ensure that your device has enough resources to support the functionality of the Paramount Plus application.

Here’s how to relieve your device’s resource usage easily:

  1. Close all applications opened on your device’s temporary memory.
  2. Uninstall applications and remove data that you are no longer using to free up storage.
  3. Reduce the device’s CPU usage by stopping ongoing processes.
  4. Clear Paramount Plus application cache.

Once you’ve gone through all of the resource-consuming operations on your device you should reopen the application and check whether the crashes would still appear.

In case they do, proceed with the next solution to cleanly install the Paramount Plus app.

Note: On older devices, resources could be consumed by too many widgets or enabled features.

Solution #6 Reinstall Paramount Plus

In case none of our solutions were helpful to you so far, you should reinstall the Paramount Plus platform on your device.

reinstall paramount plus

The crashing may be caused due to corrupted data within the application, as a result of failed updates or bad installation.

Here’s how to cleanly reinstall Paramount Plus on your device easily:

  1. Go to your device’s application manager.
  2. Locate the Paramount Plus app from the list.
  3. Tap on “options” next to the app.
  4. Choose “Uninstall” as an option.
  5. Wait for Paramount Plus to be removed from your device.
  6. Next, head to the App Store of your device.
  7. Find Paramount Plus using the search field.
  8. Download the install Paramount Plus.
  9. Login to your account and test the streaming.
Notice:  The removal of the Paramount Plus app may take a minute or two. Don’t shut down your device during that time.

Quick Recap:

The Paramount Plus application could be crashing due to an installed ad-blocker, no WiFi, or an out-of-date firmware version. To fix the problem you should free up resources on your device, update the application, and if necessary perform a clean install.

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Last Thoughts:

Now that you know why does Paramount plus keep crashing we hope you’ve managed to understand how to solve the problem.

Regardless of whether you’re getting this problem on the browser or on the app, feel free to always get in touch with Paramount Plus for additional assistance!

Nicole B