how to fix sound delay on tv

How to fix sound delay on TV is a common question that many TV users have and could be really annoying at some point.

Having to deal with that during your watch sessions can get extremely frustrating and in this post, we will review and describe some of the best working methods to solve sound delay issues.

Follow our recommendations and tips in order to apply the methods the right way without any complications.

Audio delay on your TV could be caused by many reasons. In most cases, your audio format might be the problem or if you own a soundbar he is probably not in sync with your TV.

Although there is a possibility your TV or soundbar’s options aren’t adjusted the right way which may be the cause of the sound delay.

Regardless of your occasion, we are going to troubleshoot all known causes.

How to Fix Audio and Video out of Sync on TV?

As mentioned above, many reasons could cause your audio and video to be out of sync. The question is how to properly execute the solution process and which method will be the one that will fix your issue.

In that regard, we recommend applying our methods in numerical order and check if the issue is still there upon completing a step.

The below-described methods apply to all TV brands and models.

Method #1 Firmware Update

If you’re wondering on how to troubleshoot this sound delay on TV, your first troubleshooting method is to make sure that your TV is running the latest version of its software.

If your TV is connected to the internet you should be able to update it via the TV menu. Keep in mind that not all TVs have updatable software.

So, if you cannot proceed to update through the menu, you can always connect the dedicated customer service to find out if an update is possible.

Method #2 Check if Errors Occur on Other Channels

If you experience a sound delay on your TV channel and occasionally have audio and video out of sync on TV that you noticed recently, try changing it to another program to see if the same error still occurs.

If the issue appears on all other channels this is a clear sign that the issue is local.

If, however, the issue does not appear on any channel but just one, then there is nothing to worry about as it is highly likely for this particular broadcast to have audio issues.

If you have identified that the issue is coming from your side, feel free to proceed with our next method.

Method #3 Power Reset Your TV

In some cases when using TV speakers, it is recommended to perform a power reset on your TV.

To power reset your TV follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your TV and wait for around 5 minutes before interacting with it
  • Unplug the TV power cord from your electrical outlet
  • Let your TV remain unpowered for 60 seconds, and plug your power cord back in
  • Turn on your TV


If your TV was previously plugged into a surge protector or a power strip, avoid plugging it back in.

Instead use the wall power outlet just in case the surge protector or power strip was causing the problem.

How to Fix Sound Delay on LG TV

how to fix sound delay on lg tv

If you own LG TV and you’re asking yourself what could cause the annoying sound delay, we will now list some of the most efficient troubleshooting methods in situations probably similar to yours.

Make sure to first get familiar with the software on your LG TV, name, parameters, and anything that can help you recognize which method applies to your LG TV software.

LG TVs With webOS

  • Access your LG TV settings by pressing the smart button and SelectSound
  • Afterward, press “Wheel” or “Enter” and select the AV Sync Adjust option.
  • Set it to “ON” if there is a sync issue and adjust the external speaker based on your issue.


Keep in mind that you could use the slider to adjust the delay depending on your issue. Dragging it left will delay the sound and dragging it right will delay the Video.

LG TVs With Netcast

If the method above doesn’t seem to resolve your issue your TV might not be using webOS.

The resolution we will now list is made for LG TVs using Netcast.

In order to troubleshoot, follow the below-described steps to fix the issue.

  • Push the home button on your remote
  • Select Settings > Sound > AV Sync Adjust and turn it On
  • Adjust the external speaker slider dragging it left or right depending on your issue

How to Fix Sound Delay on Samsung TV

how to fix sound delay on samsung tv

Having sound delay problems on Samsung TV is a common issue that has many solutions.

We will now list some of the most efficient and easy-to-apply methods for you to try on your Smart Samsung TV.

Resetting the Sound Settings

This common issue could just be based on inappropriate boot and a restart might get it going.

Keep in mind that depending on how old your TV is the issue troubleshooting might be different, but we will have methods listed for both situations.

In order to perform sound settings restart, follow the steps below:

  • For Newer Samsung TVs:

Settings>Sound>Expert Settings>Reset Sound

  • For Older Samsung TVs:

Menu>Sound>Reset Sound>ENTER

How To Fix Sound Delay On TV Soundbar?

Wondering how to fix the issue on TV soundbar within your home theatre? We got it covered!

When the whole home entertainment is dealing with sound delay and the difference is too little, some people might not notice it but others could find it distracting.

Your soundbar surely includes a feature that could correct the Audio Sync.


The resolving method depends on your soundbar model which you could learn more about the process and further instructions in its dedicated user manual.

Here is how to troubleshoot sound delay on the soundbar in three easy steps

  • Press the sound control on the remote of the Soundbar and using the Left/Right buttons adjust the sound till it’s synced.
  • Press the Audio Sync button on the Soundbar remote and using Skip Forward/Backward buttons, adjust the delay until it’s synced.
  • Pressing “+” or “-” under the Audio Sync option could also resolve sound delay and sync video and the audio

Sound Delay On TV Still There?

If none of the above-listed methods seems to work for you, then you might consider contacting your TV manufacturer.

Make sure to briefly describe the issue as you make contact with your TV’s support team and list exactly what is happening with your sound delay.

Once you establish contact with the customer service, make sure to gather and provide them with as much information about the issue and TV as possible.

Hopefully, they will let you know how to solve the sound delay using their troubleshooting steps.

Bottom Line

We hope that now you have a better understanding of how to fix sound delay on TV that is interrupting your watching sessions and how to properly execute the troubleshooting methods.

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