why does my PS4 keep beeping

If you are wondering why does my PS4 keep beeping, you’ve come to the right place! Here we will review all of the possibilities that could cause the frustrating beeping and how to properly resolve them.

Although PS4 constantly beeping is a common issue, the troubleshooting methods we are willing to share with you contain simple steps and not much effort is required.

PS4 beeping could be caused by many casual things that PlayStation users do. Some share that the beeping is caused by the eject button sensor, and they troubleshoot the problem by loosening a screw located under the faceplate.

They also attempt to remove the issue by placing old gaming boxes under the PS4, in other words, they troubleshoot the problem by making the eject button sensor, not so sensitive.

But this is not the only occasion where PS4 beeping appears, so keep reading to understand more and how to fix it.

Why Does PlayStation 4 Keep Beeping Constantly?

There could be many factors that will make your PS4 constantly beep, even during the time that is turned off.

However, many people suffer from this common issue and there are quite a lot of troubleshooting methods, containing simple steps such as restarting, updating, and cleaning.

We will now review some of the most successful methods to try in order to stop your PS4 from constantly beeping.

Method #1 Restart your PS4

One of the simplest methods that could resolve the issue is to restart your PS4. This method involves unplugging your PS4’s power cable and inserting it back again, as it will refresh its memory and boot it up freshly again.

In order to restart your PS4 properly, follow the described steps below:

  • Turn off your PlayStation by accessing the “Power” > “Turn off PS4
  • Unplug the power cable as well as the HDMI and DS4 cables
  • Hold the power button for about 30 seconds until two beeps are heard
  • After waiting for around 5 minutes plug the cables back in and turn it on

After performing these simple steps, check if your PS4 beeps still. If the issue seems to persist, feel free to move on to the next method.

Method #2 Update your PS4 to The Latest Firmware

If you’re still wondering why PlayStation 4 keep beeping, a method recommended by the PlayStation manufacturer is updating your console to the latest firmware available.

Although no user has reported that updating your PlayStation could resolve your beeping issue, it’s still a worthy method to try applying.

  • In order to check the system’s software, access “Settings
  • Then go to “System Software Update
  • Check if there are any updates available
  • If your console is outdated, update it

If that also doesn’t seem to be working for you, and the frustrating beeping still occurs, we shall move on to the next method.

Method #3 Disassemble your PS4 and Clean it Carefully

A method that could always help is to clean your PS4, and in order to do that, you must remove your console’s seal and clean the dust from all of the panels in your console.

But keep in mind that if you still have an active warranty, this action will void it and in such cases, it is more recommended to turn in your console for repair at the manufacturers.

Method #4 Contact the Console’s Manufacturers

If none of the methods seem to work for you, it is finally time to contact your manufacturers in order to get the issue resolved.

Make sure to describe your issue correctly and list all of the troubleshooting methods you have applied before turning your console in.

Most of the time, they will either change the sensor or repair your PS4’s software to disable the sensor and remove the annoying beeping.

Why Does my PS4 Keep Beeping When Its Off?

PS4 Keep Beeping When Its Off

If this problem occurs on your PS4, it is probably the disc drive’s fault. This is definitely a common issue that many PS4 users struggle with.

But there are plenty of troubleshooting methods in order to stop your console from beeping when turned off.

This issue mostly occurs when there is still an inserted disc within the console. Even when turned off, the PS4 will automatically boot up and eject the disc, which could be really frustrating at some point.

Many users have reported that this issue could be caused by an improper firmware update and as soon as they change their firmware to the previous one, the issue has been resolved.

Power Down Your PS4

Quite a basic method to apply, but it is proven to help. The process is quite simple as it involves turning off your console for about 30 seconds and unplugging the power cable from the source.

Some people report that they left it unpowered overnight and in the morning they turned it back on which led to success.

Although, if you don’t want to bother waiting a whole night, the recommended time for your PS4 to stay unpowered is about 3-4 minutes.

Afterward, just plug it back in and check if the issue is still there.

Check if the PS4 is Put into Sleep Mode

Many people mistake and instead of turning off their PS4, they are putting it into sleep mode.

During sleep mode, the beeping is the normal way of PS4 behavior, and most of the time this could be an error pattern. PS4 beeps as well when coming out of rest mode.

Turn off the console and turn it back on to exit Safe Mode.

How to Stop PS4 from Beeping and Ejecting Discs

“Why is my PS4 beeping and ejecting discs?” is a common inquiry for many PS4 users as it could be a result of a damaged disc inserted into the console.

If an improper disc is slid within the console, then it might beep and eject the disc. There are a few things you could try in such cases, involving abundantly cleaning your disc or trying with another one.


Keep in mind that this whole issue could be based on a malfunctioning disc drive, which can only be resolved by the console’s manufacturers.

Of course, you can check this by trying another disc to see if the issue still occurs.

We will now share with you some proven troubleshooting methods to stop PS4 from beeping and ejecting the disc, recommended by the manufacturer

Check your Disc for Scratches or Dirt

A formal method to stop your PS4 from ejecting your disc is to check it for scratches. Most of the times that your PS4 doesn’t behave normally with your disc is because of the disc’s conditions.

Make sure to carefully clean it before attempting to insert it back again.

Tighten the Manual Eject Screw

A loose screw that is of great importance for your PS4, called the manual eject screw could be causing the problem.

Locate it and tighten it, to increase the PS4’s stability which could practically resolve the issue and stop the frustrating beeping from your console.

Bottom Line

We hope that we have answered the question “why does my PS4 keep beeping and ejecting discs” and how to properly deal with the issue.

Although it could be really annoying at some point, this beeping sometimes might alert you for a hardware issue your PS4 may have so you could as quickly as possible resolve the issue.

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