why does my audiobook keep stopping

Asking why does my Audiobook keep stopping? Keep reading to learn more!

The majority of users listening to audiobooks are using the universal “Audible” application.

There are many well-known issues related to the application and even if you’re using a different app on your device for audiobooks, our guide would also align.

The audiobook keeps stopping due to the app or system failure. To resolve the problem you should restart your device and solve issues with your internet connection. In case the problem also helps with other audiobooks, cleanly install the application you’re using.

Let’s now answer the question “why?” in-depth and unveil the possibilities responsibly.

Why Does My Audiobook Keep Stopping?

If your audiobook keeps stopping, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or Android, the problem always shares the same several factors.

Here are some of the causes that make your Audiobook keep stopping:

1. No Internet

If your Audiobook isn’t downloaded through the application (Audible app), you will notice that it keeps stopping when your device isn’t connected to the internet.

2. Storage Space

When not downloading a certain book from your audiobook app and your phone doesn’t have enough storage to temporarily save the information, the recording will be interrupted.

3. Device Locked

If your smartphone locks while listening to an audiobook, regardless of the application, it is most likely that the playback will stop.

How To Fix When Audiobook Keeps Stopping?

fix audiobook stopping

Our solutions will be shared for both Android and iOS audiobook applications.

We will also include troubleshooting for audiobooks that you’re listening to online so there wouldn’t be users with issues unsolved.

Here’s how to fix audiobooks not working on your device:

Solution #1 Re-Open Audiobook & Restart

The first solution we can suggest is closing your Audiobook source and restarting the device you’re listening to them from.

Sometimes all it takes to solve the problem is a restart of the application or the audiobook source along with your device!

If you’re using a smartphone, here’s how to restart your device and the audiobook app:

  1. Close the app you’re listening to the book from.
  2. Hold the power button of your smartphone and shut the device off.
  3. Turn on the device after around 60 seconds.
  4. Re-open the audiobook application.
  5. Play an audiobook and test.
Note: If you’re using a computer or laptop to listen to audiobooks, use the startup menu to shut down and restart your machine.

Solution #2 Test A Different Audiobook

use different audiobook

If the problem is with the current playback you’re listening to, you should test with a different audiobook.

Regardless of whether you’re on an Android or iOS, in the source where you’re playing audiobooks, there should be alternative content you can listen to.

Simply start a different audiobook and determine if the issue was with the previous playback.

Note: Make sure that you’re playing an audiobook from a trusted author. If the source of the book is unknown, the playback’s mp3 might simply be damaged.

Solution #3 Disable Auto-Locking Of Your Device

A variety of audiobook sources are well-known to require a subscription to support the playback when your smartphone is locked.

If you haven’t subscribed to your Audiobook source, the playback could be stopped whenever your device locks.

We will review how to disable auto-locking both on Android and iOS, as we first begin with the Apple products.

How To Disable Auto-Locking On iOS?

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the settings.
  2. Go to the Display & Brightness tab.
  3. From there choose display settings and then select Sleep Timer.
  4. Set the timer to “Never”.

How To Disable Auto-Locking On Android?

Based on your Android, go to Settings > Display > Display Settings and look for the Sleep Timer there.

Since all Androids have different menus depending on their model, you can check online how to disable the auto-lock on your smart device.

Note: Keep in mind that disabling the sleep timer will cause your phone screen to never shut down unless the power button is pressed.

Solution #4 Reinstall Audiobook App & Free Storage

reinstall audiobook

Regardless of what audiobook app you’re using, you should cleanly install the application to ensure ALL books will be deleted and cleanly downloaded after.

Something might have gone wrong with the installation or app data, and clean installing the application might help.

You should be able to uninstall the audiobook app from your smartphone’s storage.

Here’s how to access the storage and delete the app on Androids and iPhones.

  • iPhones – Go to Settings > General > Storage and delete the app.
  • Androids – Go to Settings > Storage Unit > Applications Manager and uninstall the application there.

Once you’re done uninstalling the application, head over to the respective Google Play/App Store and download it again. Make sure to log in to your account to restore your book’s data.

Note: When deleting an audiobook application, your progress will not be lost as long as you have an account to log in to after.

Solution #5 Check Internet

Some audiobooks can be downloaded locally and later be viewed from the respective smartphone applications.

If you’re listening online, however, you may find the audiobook stopping frequently due to internet interruptions.

You should check the internet of your smartphone device before continuing further:

1. Use Mobile Data

If you have plenty of mobile data, use it to listen to audiobooks since they use a minimal amount of cellular connection.

2. Check WiFi

Test your WiFi by connecting other devices to the WiFi and attempting to listen to audiobooks from them.

3. Move Closer To The Source

Make sure to move closer to the network transmitter to increase the strength of your WiFi and prevent the audiobooks from stopping.

Tip: Make sure to download any audiobooks you want to listen to while your phone is online so you won’t have to worry about the internet later.

Audiobook Keep Stopping On iPhone

issues audible iphone

Since many iPhone users are using Audible to listen to audiobooks on their iOS devices, we’ve prepared a list of possible causes.

Again, even if you’re using another audiobook application, the following workarounds will also apply.

1. Audible Outdated

In case the app is out of date, you might be experiencing unsupported issues and you should update the app via the App Store.

2. iPhone Software Outdated

If your iPhone iOS is outdated, you should perform the update as soon as possible to prevent similar issues to other applications.

3. Auto-Locate Feature Enabled In Audible

If enabled, this feature will automatically stop Audible playback upon your iPhone locking.

4. Software iPhone Issue

Check usage, stop other open applications, and restart your iPhone to relieve the system and prevent the audiobook stopping issue.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, if audiobooks keep stopping, re-open the app and restart your device. Then, free up some additional storage on your device and ensure you’re connected to the internet. Lastly, reinstall the respective audiobook application to solve the issue.

Now that you know why does my Audiobook keep stopping, you will be able to easily solve the issue following our solutions.

In case the problem persists, or it happens on only certain books, feel free to contact the respective support team for professional help.

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