why aren't my daybetter lights working

Why aren’t my Daybetter Lights working? They could be malfunctioning for different reasons!

The Daybetter Lights are incredible because of their versatility. You can control them according to the music being played so parties become even more lively.

But before that, you need to figure out how to make them work.

If your Daybetter Lights are not working, it may be due to issues with the power adapter or the wireless transmitter. To resolve the problem, consider changing those components or verifying your phone’s settings for proper connectivity.

So let’s check all the available solutions!

Why Aren’t My Daybetter Lights Working? – 8 Solutions

why my daybetter lights not working

1. Check Your Power Outlet

Suppose you have already downloaded the Daybetter Lights app and are trying to set the whole thing up.

It won’t work if the Daybetter Lights don’t even get power from the outlet. In that situation, you can first assume that your outlet is defective or doesn’t have the necessary electrical output.


  • Check a different outlet;
  • Ensure that the power breaker isn’t tripped;
  • Test a different electrical device in the seemingly odd outlet.

Moreover, check the power specifications on your Daybetter Lights’ power adapter. We suppose you live in the USA.

Then, the power standard is 110-120V (60 Hz). If made in the USA, the Daybetter Light strip will match. But perhaps you have bought the wrong voltage.

2. Examine The Power Adapter

examine your power adapter

Perhaps the problem is not with your outlet or power breaker. Alternatively, it is the power adapter that is defective, not compatible with your light strip, or is the wrong voltage.

As mentioned above, the American standard voltage is 110-120V (60 Hz). 

How To Solve

If you have a power adapter with the wrong voltage, you must buy a replacement with the correct voltage. If that is not the case, do this:

  1. Test the same power adapter on all outlets you have;
  2. Grab a different power adapter and test it too.

Perhaps your old power adapter was defective and only required replacement.

3. Check The IR Receiver And Remote

check the ir receiver and remote

Another possibility is that the problem lies in the “white box” that makes your light strip communicable wirelessly.

For example, if the light strip is turning on, but you can’t connect to the app, that is a solid bet on a culprit. 

How To Troubleshoot

If you are only trying to connect through the app, you have forgotten an important detail: the remote.

So let’s do this:

  1. Turn your Daybetter Lights on;
  2. Grab the remote controller;
  3. Stay very close to the lights;
  4. Try controlling them with the remote.

The result has some different possibilities:

  • None of the functions is working;
  • Only IR is working, but Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are not;
  • All functions are working, but you are using the wrong app.

In Solution #6, we will deal with the last possibility. However, if you can state that no function is working, you must buy a new wireless adapter for your lights.

4. Examine The Copper/Cut Marks

examine the copper marks

Have you cut the light strips recently without taking much care? That could certainly cause some sections of the Daybetter Lights to stop working.

Here is how you can cut your Daybetter Lights without damaging them:

  • Identify the dotted lines. Those are the cutting marks, and you should only cut on the marks.
  • Use a scissor when cutting to ensure precise movement and no damage to important components.
  • Ensure you don’t damage the copper close to the cutting marks.

What To Do When The Copper Is Damaged

If you have damaged the copper while cutting your Daybetter Lights, you don’t have to worry too much.

That’s because the damaged strip piece doesn’t impact all the strips.

So do this:

  1. Locate the damaged copper that can’t transmit electricity;
  2. Cut on the next cutting mark so the damaged part is left out;
  3. Test and ensure that the light strip works fine now.
Tip: When you cut strips but reconnect them later, use a plastic connector to hold them tight together.

How To Fix Damaged Copper Tips

how fix damaged copper tips

Maybe you don’t want to have to discard the damaged piece of LED strip, but rather you want to fix it.

That can be done but requires some expertise:

  1. Grab copper and solder;
  2. Melt a bit of new copper;
  3. Use the melted copper to create a new copper tip on the strip.
Alert: The fixing method above can be complicated if you don't have experience soldering copper. That's because you will deal with hot metal, which could further damage your LED strip.

5. Ensure The Network

Okay, let’s suppose that the issue you are facing concerns only the part where you need to set up the Daybetter Lights on the network.

ensure your network

In such a situation, some conditions need to be met:

  • Your phone needs to connect to your router’s 2.4GHz network. The Daybetter Lights are not able to connect to 5GHz.
  • The Daybetter Lights need to be close enough to your router and phone.
  • Some models of the Daybetter Lights use Bluetooth for the initial setup, so activate your Bluetooth and stay close to the signal receiver.

6. Check The App

If the Daybetter Lights turn on, but you can’t get them to connect to the app even though you have followed Solution #5, it is time to check the app.

In case you don’t know, plenty of apps work with the Daybetter Lights. 

Which App Should Be Used?

Depending on the model you have bought, the QR code of one of them is displayed in the receiver box.

In that case, the app displayed should be the one you must install unless the app is outdated or stopped receiving support.

which app should  you use

Here is the list of all the apps you can try:

  • Daybetter app (proprietary);
  • Apollo Lighting app (partner app);
  • Tuya Smart app (partner app);
  • Magic Home Pro app (partner app). 

How To Connect To The App

For all the apps, you will have to follow the same procedure:

  1. Download the app from the PlayStore/AppStore;
  2. Turn the Daybetter Lights on;
  3. Ensure your phone is on a 2.4GHz network;
  4. Turn the Bluetooth on;
  5. Open the app;
  6. Touch on “Add device” or “+.”

The app should recognize the Daybetter Lights instantly.

7. Check The App Permissions

Are your Daybetter led lights not working? If your phone still can’t find the Daybetter Lights and connect it to the network, you must check the permissions.

Some of the apps mentioned will ask for location access when you launch them. However, some phones will simply block access directly. 

Activate Location Permissions On Android

activate the locate permissions

If you have an Android phone, do this:

  1. Hold the app;
  2. Tap the info button;
  3. Go to “App permissions”;
  4. Allow “location access” and “file and media access” (sometimes “storage access”).

Activate Permissions On iOS

iOS users will have to deal with these settings:

  1. Go to the iPhone’s “Settings”;
  2. Find “Privacy”;
  3. Click on “Location Services”;
  4. Toggle it to “On”;
  5. Find the app;
  6. Ensure it has access to location data.

8. Reset The Lights

Resetting a smart LED strip such as Daybetter Lights is intended to fix software issues. If your Daybetter Lights are not lighting up, the issue is electrical.

So here is how you can reset your lights and make them finally connect to your phone:

  1. Unplug the power adapter from the wall;
  2. Locate the reset button on the receiver box;
  3. Hold that button for a few seconds;
  4. Reconnect the power adapter to the outlet.

The reset button is small and usually located in the back of the receiver box. You might need a paperclip to be able to press and hold it.

Quick Recap

Why aren’t my Daybetter Lights working? The answer lies in the power adapter, wireless transmitter, or phone!

After troubleshooting each of those components, your Daybetter Lights will surely work and make your rooms more vivid.

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Nicole B