when do shows go on hulu after airing

Could it be that you missed your favorite TV show and wonder, ‘’when do shows go on Hulu after airing?” You can view this episode anytime you wish on Hulu. However, there are several things you may need to understand before searching the episode on your app.

Reading below will help you understand the time shows go on Hulu and what you can do to avoid missing your favorite episodes.

The time a show goes on Hulu may not be predictable. However, pre-recorded shows may go on Hulu a day after it airs, while live shows may take up to two days.

If you have a certain plan or subscription, you can also watch a show on Hulu as it is happening.

How Fast Does Hulu Upload New Episodes?

The time you get shows on Hulu may be determined by your subscriptions and the type of network the shows have.

For instance, if you sign in to Hulu Plus, ABC, FOX, etc., you will watch shows one day after broadcast. The other plans may take up to 8 days before shows go on Hulu.

What Time Does Hulu Add New Episodes, And What Can Prevent Me From Getting Them On Time?

Hulu may upload shows after they air at midnight, Eastern Time. This time may differ based on the region you are in as the show premiers.

So, if you ask, ‘’when do shows go on Hulu after airing?’’ You should check them out around this time.

Other factors may also cause you not to get the shows on time, and they include:

1. Compatibility Issue

Your app may fail to show some episodes because your device has compatibility issues.

Your device should support the latest Hulu version if you want to watch premium content.

2. The Show is Expired

It might be that the show went on Hulu but expired before you watched it. You can always check the expiration notices that Hulu provides so that you may not miss shows.

When you see a show, you can check its expiration date on its main page. The expiration date is usually next to the latest episode in bullet points.

You will often see an alert when your cursor moves around the episode five days to its expiry. If you have videos in your lineup, you can sign up to receive alerts in your email a week before an episode, or a show expires.

3. Other Episodes

When you are watching a show, you will see an icon at the top of it. It shows you the next episodes available on Hulu Plus and Hulu free version.

Below the icon, you will see bullet points that show the available episodes.

If you check beneath the bullet points, you will see a horizontal scroll of all available episodes. So, if you do not see the one you were anticipating among the available ones, then it is not yet uploaded.

4. External Links

Some shows do not air directly on Hulu’s website since they do not have a Hulu clearing streaming agreement.

Hulu may provide a link you can follow to view and watch from the show’s website for such shows.

So, you may have to understand the rules of such websites about when they upload the show and when it expires.

5. Rolling Availability

Rolling availability occurs due to streaming rights between Hulu and the show’s network. So, you may not watch a complete season on Hulu but only a few selected episodes that have aired recently due to streaming rights.

For instance, a show may have four episodes aired on TV when it uploads the fifth episode on Hulu; the fourth episode expires because the fifth episode is uploaded.

So, if you do not wish the rolling availability to affect you before you watch the last episode, you will need to add the shows to the ‘My stuff’ option on your app.

You will know if another episode is available and if one has been removed to allow space.

How to Add the show you wish to my stuff

Use these steps.

  • Go to the show’s details page.         
  •  Click the icon that shows, ‘add to My stuff.’

6. Live TV Restrictions

If you tried to watch a live TV show from Hulu but could not find it, it may be due to restrictions on live events.

This issue may occur due to the region you are in or because of the device you are using to stream live events, and in some cases, blackouts.

7. Restrictions on Link Sharing

If you try to send a link from Hulu’s library, the person you are sharing with must have the same subscriptions you have. If not, they will not be able to watch the show on Hulu.

8. Hiatus Shows

There are some seasons in a year where some shows go on breaks. That season is called ‘Hiatus.’ During this season, no episode will air on Hulu for weeks or even months.

So, if you don’t see your favorite shows, you may need to wait until the end of Hiatus.

9. Live-Broadcast Events

You may set your recording of live events before it broadcasts. If you do not, the network will only add it on-demand basis.

It will also be available on Hulu after airing on TV. So, the on-demand timing can also affect how long a show can go on Hulu.

10. Caching Issue

When the app’s data is corrupted, you may not see new or uploaded episodes on Hulu.

Though the cache may store important information, you may need to clear it to allow the system to function well. Use these steps to clear the cache on your device.

Clear on your android phone

  1. Go to your phone’s settings.
  2. Click Apps, then select Hulu.
  3. Go to storage.
  4. Click on clear cache and clear data.

On Android TV

  1. Go to your TV’s settings.
  2.  Select Applications.
  3. Select Hulu.               
  4. Click on clear cache and clear data.

You can get shows on Hulu immediately as they air, depending on your subscriptions. Pre-recorded shows can be available on Hulu after a day, and live shows may take up to two days to go on Hulu.

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Conclusion: When Do Shows Go On Hulu After Airing

We may not have the exact time when shows go on Hulu after airing. Many factors affect the time these shows are uploaded and when they reach the viewers.

The region and Hulu streamlining rights with the show’s network are some of the issues.

If you wish to get the shows timely, you should consider having an updated Hulu version and adding the show or episodes on ‘My stuff.’

Pre-recorded shows go on Hulu a day after airing. However, live shows may take up to two days to go on Hulu after airing.

Nicole B