vtech baby monitor won't turn on

Your VTech Baby Monitor won’t turn on and you can’t figure out a solution? We’ve got you!

In the VTech monitoring setup that consists of a baby camera and a parent unit, if either of the devices goes wrong, it’ll have an impact on the remaining unit.

In this guide, we’ll troubleshoot both your VTech Baby Monitor and the camera to make sure there’s no trace of the issue!

To fix when VTech Baby Monitor is refusing to turn on, power cycle the camera and reconnect the internal battery of the monitor.

After that, move the baby units closer to the parent unit, reset the baby monitor, and then replace its batteries.

Let’s now learn more about the issue your VTech Baby Monitor is going through!

Why VTech Parent Monitor Won’t Turn On?

vtech parent monitor is not turning on

Before we get into the solutions and review the problem with your VTech Baby Monitor in detail, we shall first review what could actually cause this problem with the setup.

You should also keep in mind that in cases where the monitor won’t turn on, it’s due to a fault with the VTech camera.

Let’s summarize things with a quick list of all the possible causes of this problem:

  • The Power Button of the Monitor is Stuck/Unfunctional
  • The Internal Battery is Connected Improperly
  • The VTech Camera is Out of the Monitor’s Range
  • A Problem with the Hardware of the Monitor

This is what most of the users were able to come up with after a quick inspection of their VTech baby monitor and camera setup.

To resolve the problem, keep reading our solutions!

VTech Baby Monitor Screen Won’t Turn On – Fixed in Easy Steps!

fixed vtech baby monitor

In the guide you’re about to see, we’ve inserted many solutions that users reported to have fixed their problems with.

In order for the guide to work for you also, you must follow the chronological order of the solutions and not skip any notes, tips, and alerts that are essential.

Let’s jump in with the solution and figure out how to sort this problem out!

Solution #1 Do the Power Button Trick!

press power button 3 times

We’ll be trying something simple for our first solution.

Chances are that you haven’t pressed the power button of your VTech Baby Monitor and haven’t turned the device on.

If the button is stuck or it has failed to make contact with the internal switch (that turns the device ON/OFF), perhaps you shall press it harder.

Here’s how to do the Power Button Trick in easy steps:

  1. Head over to your VTech Monitor.
  2. Locate the Power Switch that turns the device ON/OFF.
  3. Press the power button 3 consecutive times, by putting more force than usual.
  4. If that didn’t turn the device on, press and hold the button for 15 seconds.
  5. Repeat the 3 presses on the power switch of the monitor.
  6. Check if that’ll turn the device on.

We should also mention that if there is no visual indication that the display is showing anything, it probably means that the entire monitor is not working.

Not to discourage you, but in most cases where this is not battery-related, it could mean that the motherboard has gone faulty.

Note: If you’re decent with electronics, take apart the monitor and inspect the internal power switch.

Solution #2 Reconnect the Monitor’s Battery

reconnect monitor's battery

Since only the VTech camera of your setup requires to be plugged in, the display is entirely powered on an internal battery.

The battery is not of the lithium type and has a connector of its own that plugs into a motherboard slot inside of the monitor.

What we’ll be doing in this solution is reconnecting the monitor’s battery in order to refresh its software/hardware to make the device work.

Follow these steps to learn how:

  1. Inspect the screws on the sides of the monitor.
  2. Grab the appropriate screwdriver that’ll help you undo the screws.
  3. Once the screws are removed, slowly light the compartment of the display.
  4. Inside you’ll see the motherboard and the internal battery lying in the middle.
  5. Trace the cable of the battery and disconnect it.
  6. Wait for 30 seconds, while the battery is unplugged.
  7. Re-attach the internal battery of your monitor back into the port.
  8. Re-install the bottom compartment of the monitor.
Alert: Be careful not to damage the hardware of the monitor when taking it apart.

Solution #3 Reboot the VTech Camera

reboot vtech camera

As we’ve already mentioned in the previous solution, the VTech camera is connected to the power with an A/C Power Adapter, rather than the display that has an internal battery.

What you could do at this point is perform a Reboot on your VTech Camera and determine if that’ll fix the issue.

Follow these steps to reboot the VTech Camera in easy steps:

  1. Press the Power Button on the camera to shut the device down.
  2. Wait for the device to power off completely.
  3. Unplug the Power Adapter of the VTech camera.
  4. Standby for 5 minutes, while the camera is discharging.
  5. Re-attach the power cable of the unit back into an electrical outlet.
  6. Turn on the camera.
  7. Test…

If your VTech Baby Monitor is functional, it’ll automatically detect the camera once it has started up. For that to happen, you must’ve placed devices close to each other.

Note: If you don’t wait for 5 minutes for your camera to discharge, it’ll not fix the problem.

Solution #4 Move the Baby Units Closer to the Parent Unit

move baby unit closer to parent unit

Another reason the VTech Baby Monitor won’t turn on is that you’ve placed the parent unit and the baby cameras too far apart.

In order for stable and reliable connections between the devices to exist, they must be close to each other, but not too much.

In that set of thoughts, figure out more suitable spots to place your VTech setup camera and parent unit and place them there.

There could be still walls and objects between devices (if the baby is in another room) but look not to go over 20 meters in regard to distance.

Tip: Figure out a way to keep the devices in the same room they are, but place them closer.

Solution #5 Reset the Baby Monitor!

vtech baby monitor reset

Performing a Reset on the baby monitor could settle issues related to the software and general functionality of the device.

It’s a recommended solution by most users who had this problem in the past so we’ll be trying it out right now.

  • For the reset, you’ll need a sharp object to insert into the reset pinhole!

Here’s how to perform a Factory Reset on your VTech Baby Monitor easily:

  1. Inspect the panel of the display.
  2. Spot the Reset Pinhole that has the button inside.
  3. Using the sharp and thin object you’ve acquired for the reset, insert it inside.
  4. Hold the internal reset button for 15 seconds.
  5. Take out the sharp object.
  6. Wait for the monitor to undergo the reset…

Once the reset has been triggered, your monitor should indicate it with a display blink (if the device is turned off).

If the device has its batteries dead or the motherboard has gone faulty, there’ll usually be no indication that the reset has started.

Note: If there was no indication that the reset started, try holding the button again.

Solution #6 Replace the Battery of the Baby Monitor

change batteries

If nothing worked so far to fix your Monitor, perhaps it’s the battery that should be replaced.

Whenever the battery of a device has run out of charge, there’ll be no indications that the unit is functional.

The only way to know for sure if it’s the internal battery that keeps giving faults is to replace it. 

Since we already explained how to access the battery back in Solution #2, all you need to start replacing is a new battery.

Note: The new battery must be the same one as the old one, or the monitor won’t work.

Need A Battery For VTech Baby Monitor?

recommended battery

We strongly recommend the 800mAh Ni-MH Battery, compatible with your Baby Monitor at an approachable price from Amazon!

You could even get a pack of three at a discount, to never forget experiencing issues with your monitor’s batteries again!

Quick Recap:

Hence, to fix when VTech Baby Monitor won’t turn on, reconnect the internal battery of the monitor and move the baby unit(s) closer to the parent unit.

After that, reset the baby monitor, power cycle the VTech camera, and place the battery in the monitor.

Nicole B