vtech baby monitor keeps losing signal

When your Vtech baby monitor keeps losing signal it is likely to be a connection issue or some form of interference.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple solutions you can do yourself to improve your signal.

In this article, we provide you with detailed step by step instructions so that you can prevent your Vtech Baby Monitor losing signal.

Whenever your Vtech Baby Monitor keeps losing signal, reduce the interference from household appliances and insulation. Improve the signal by moving the devices closer together and connecting to a wifi connection using remote mode.

It can be problematic and frustrating if your baby monitor keeps losing signal.

Keep reading to understand the reasons why this can happen and how to prevent losing signal.

Why does Vtech Baby Monitor keep Losing Signal?

a vtech baby monitor keeps losing signal

A Vtech Baby Monitor is a great device to use in your home to monitor your baby.

However, when it loses signal you won’t be able to see your baby in a live mode which can be worrying as a parent.

Before we look at ways to prevent loss of signal, we must first understand why the baby monitor could be losing the signal.

The most common reason why the Vtech Baby Monitor may be losing signal are listed below:

#1. Interference with Other Electronic Items

Baby Monitors run on a certain frequency. Other devices in your home such as a microwave may also be running on the same frequency causing interference.

#2. Devices are Out of Range

The Baby Monitor has a certain range it can be from the parent unit. If they are too far from one another they will lose signal.

#3. Insulation and Housing Materials

Certain materials in your house may be blocking the signal. Especially when the monitors are located on different floors of the house. 

#4. Wifi Signal

The devices are not connected to a stable wifi signal.

Vtech Baby Monitor Keeps Losing Signal? How to Fix and Improve Signal

why vtech keeps on losing signal

As a caring parent, you have purchased and installed a Vtech Baby monitor to keep an eye on your child. However, after installing you may notice your device keeps losing signal.

This can be frightening as a parent especially if you lose signal for a long period of time.

Luckily there are a number of ways you can improve the signal to prevent your Vtech Baby Monitor losing signal.

Firstly we will look at the simple solutions to improve the signal when using Local mode.

Local mode is a direct connection between the Parent Monitor and the Baby Monitor Camera device.

The best way to prevent signal loss when using Local Mode are as follows.

Method #1. Reduce Interference from Insulation and Household Materials

reduce an interference

There are a number of materials in your home that you may have not considered that can cause loss of signal or weak signal.

The most common parts of the house which can disrupt the signal are as follows:

  • Floors between levels of the house
  • Insulation
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Roofs
  • Doors

As a general rule the thicker the materials or insulation the more likely they are to disrupt the signal.

However, you should experiment where the strongest signal is by moving the parent monitor into different areas within the rooms of your house.

Once you have found the part of the house that has the strongest signal you should notice a great improvement in the signal.

Method #2. Range

As with most portable devices, there is a maximum range that the device can reach.

The Vtech Baby Monitor has a maximum range of 1,000 feet. If you are experiencing a loss of signal the Parent Device may be outside this range.

a range

As a general rule the closer the devices are to each other the stronger the signal will be.

To improve the signal move the devices closer to each other making sure the devices are within the 1,000-foot range.

If the parent unit moves outside this range the device will alert you to let you know you are too far away.

To find the best signal you should experiment by moving the Parent Device closer together and checking the signal.

When trying to find the best signal you should take into account the interference of materials listed in #1.

Note: Don't place the devices closer than 3 feet from each other, doing so will create interference and poor signal. 

Keep in mind if the devices are in rooms next to each other the distance may be less than 3 feet.

Method #3. Reduce Electronic Interference

reduce electronic interference

Most houses have a number of different electronic devices that are transmitting different frequencies.

If you are experiencing loss of signal on your Vtech Baby Monitor there may be an electronic device interfering with the signal.

The most common household devices that could be interfering with the signal are:

  • Microwaves
  • Televisions
  • Wifi Routers
  • Cordless Phones
  • Radios

To prevent signal loss make sure that the parent device is not placed close to these devices.

If you are unsure whether these devices are interrupting the signal, simply move the parent device and see if the signal improves.

The above solutions will greatly improve your connection if you are choosing to use Local Mode. However, for a more reliable connection, you should connect to Remote Mode.

Below we explain step-by-step instructions on how to set up Remote Mode.

Set up Remote Mode On the Parent Device

set up the remote mode

If you want to prevent signal loss the best way is to set up your Vtech Baby monitor system in Remote Mode.

The remote mode uses a Wifi connection to stream live video from your Parent Device or Mobile phone.

The parent device automatically connects to the stronger signal from either Local or Remote mode.

This means if one signal is weak or lost the device will connect to maintain a connection.

Setting up remote mode is easy, here’s how to do so:

  • On the parent device press the Menu button
  • Navigate to the Settings Tab using the arrows
  • Click down to highlight configure wifi, press select
  • Highlight Wifi Name and press Select
  • Type the password and click done

Once you have connected in the top left-hand corner of your screen you should see that the wifi symbol is displayed.

To further prevent loss of signal we recommend also connecting your mobile phone using remote mode.

We will explain how to do this below.

Set up Vtech App on Mobile Phone

app on mobile phone

To prevent loss of signal we recommend you also connect your mobile phone to remote mode.

To connect your Mobile Device to the Vtech Baby App is relatively simple, here’s how:

  • Download and Install the MyVtech Baby 1080p App
  • Create an account and login
  • On the parent device, select menu
  • Tap Settings
  • Click Mobile phone/mobile access
  • Follow the instructions and once QR code reader is displayed click next
  • Scan QR code

Once you have connected your phone to the parent monitor you have the option of controlling the baby monitor on either your phone or parent device.

Using your phone also allows you to access the Baby monitor camera from further away.

Note: Your mobile phone needs to be connected to the same wifi network as the parent device. It will not work if different wifi connections are used.

Bottom Line:

Now you should have a better understanding – why your Vtech Baby Monitor keeps losing signal.

The fixes and improvements we have provided you will greatly improve your signal quality.

If you are still having issues you should contact Vtech Customer support.

Nicole B