vtech baby monitor screen going black

Wondering why is VTech baby monitor screen going black? We got you covered!

We understand how frustrating it is when the VTech baby monitor screen suddenly goes black.

In case you couldn’t solve the problem on your own, then no worries, we will help you fix the black monitor screen issue effectively.

The VTech baby monitor screen goes black because of different factors involving the power supply, batteries, lens obstructions, and even signal disturbances. To identify the problem quickly, we’ll go through all possibilities and their respective solutions.

Let’s discuss some more causes of the black screen of baby monitors!

Why Did VTech Baby Monitor Screen Keeps Going Black?

why does vtech baby monitor screen going black

If your baby monitor screen is going black or blank, then you will definitely need to be concerned.

When the camera is not turned on or something is blocking its path, the displays go black but this is rarely the case. 

One of the leading causes of the monitor screen becoming blank is an insufficient power supply.

Therefore, the VTech baby monitor is not turning on, which might be harder to troubleshoot.

The following are the most frequent causes of baby monitor black screens:

  • Low or Dead Batteries 
  • No or Insufficient Power Voltage
  • Faulty Power Cord or Outlet
  • Obstruction in Infront of the Camera Lens
  • Wireless devices Signal Interference
  • Unresponsive or defective Buttons

These are the causes that might make your VTech baby monitor screen go black or blanc.

The solution requires a thorough inspection so we’ve created a guide to be as easier as possible!

Let’s jump in!

How To Fix When VTech Baby Monitor Screen Going Black?

fix vtech baby monitor screen

Now that we know more about the problems that occur, it’s time, to begin with, the guide and eventually discover a solution.

The only important factor to remember before you begin is to follow the guide in chronological order without skipping anything.

With that being said let’s jump right into the guide!

Solution #1 Wake Up Your Monitor!

Before trying anything complex, we strongly suggest checking whether the baby monitor is in the so-called “Sleep Mode”. 

Some VTech monitors have this mode, other do not, but what’s important to remember is that pressing any of the buttons will wake up your monitor.

The idea behind this mode is to preserve the battery life by turning off the monitor after 10 minutes of inactivity.

You can change how long you would like the inactivity period to be by pressing the MENU and navigating to Monitor Settings by using the arrows.

Then you’ll see an option called “Sleep Mode”, which you can adjust whether to be turned on and how long to wait before going blank.

Tip: Also, make sure that the brightness level of the monitor screen is not set to Low!

Solution #2 Refresh The Power Source

refresh the power source

If your VTech device is plugged into an outlet, rather than using a battery, any power outage will result in completely turning off the monitor.

It is possible that the monitor might not be receiving enough power to turn on, hence the screen remains black.

  • Simply perform a power circulation to refresh the power income!

Here is how to power cycle the VTech baby monitor screen:

  1. Unplug the monitor screen from the power outlet.
  2. Wait for 60 seconds.
  3. Plug your baby monitor into another outlet.
  4. If possible, avoid plugging in the power strip/divider.

After rebooting the monitor, check to see that the camera is on and that there is light in the room where it is positioned.

Then, go back and turn on the monitor by hitting the power button, and check whether the screen is still black.

If yes, keep reading!

Solution #3 Inspect The Power Cord – (Corded Monitor)

inspect the power cord

Sometimes, the monitor itself, as well as the power outlet, are in good working order, but the power cord is causing the issues.

The cable might be damaged, broken, internally defective, or even loosely connected to the outlet, which requires your inspection.

All you need to do is unplug the cord from the outlet and carefully inspect it for any damage.

If you find any impact on the cable or connector, avoid using this component.

You can purchase a replacement Power Cord for VTech Baby Monitor to justify the functionality.

Note: Also, ensure that the video cable to the monitor is securely connected to the monitor and camera!

Solution #4 Reinsert The Batteries – (Cordless Monitor)

reinsert batteries

One of the most likely reasons for a baby monitor blank screen is the batteries.

It’s possible that your cordless display’s batteries are not installed properly, or simply running low on power.

For now, we only need to reinsert the batteries and make sure that they are properly embedded.

To do that, simply turn off the monitor, take out the batteries, and wait for a couple of minutes until the device discharges.

After that, reinsert the batteries into the unit and make sure to align the electrical poles with the battery poles.

If, after turning on the monitor, it is still showing a black screen even when the camera is turned on, then maybe the batteries in the system need to be changed.

Simply buy fresh batteries and put them in the device to check whether the display will now turn on!

In case the problem continues, keep reading further!

Solution #5 Remove Lens Obsturcitons!

remove lens obstructions

If you’re sure that the baby monitor is powered and there are no problems with the power cable or batteries, check the camera.

The screen might be blank because the camera-to-display connection is interrupted.

Unplug the cable from both ends and carefully inspect the ports and connectors!

Next, you’ll need to check the camera for obstruction.

When there is a big obstruction right in front of the camera lens or maybe the camera is facing a darker area the screen will be black.

Therefore, check the camera and, if possible, then remove it to clean the camera lens and then install the camera in a way to prevents being obstructed.

Solution #6 Check Baby Monitor Buttons

check monitor buttons

Another probable cause of the black monitor screen is the not responsive monitor buttons.

There is a chance that the monitor display is working perfectly fine and everything is set up properly, and the device simply went into Sleep Mode.

However, if the buttons are stuck or not working you won’t be able to wake up the device, hence you’ll start thinking that the display is not working.

Give any button a few firm presses or press all buttons to make sure that your baby monitor will be woken up.

Baby Monitor Screen Only Showing Black?

If after attempting every suggestion in this guide, your VTech baby monitor’s screen is still black or blank, you will need to get in touch with VTech Support.

monitor only showing black

Chances are that your unit is defective and we mean the display itself.  It’s possible that the display or the entire system is malfunctioning.

So it’s best to have it fixed by a professional rather than attempting anything that can potentially harm the display further.

In this guide, we’ve made sure to cover everything that you can attempt on your side but if nothing worked, better check your warranty.

Tip: In order to save as much time as possible, always share what you’ve attempted here!

Quick Recap:

Whenever the VTech baby monitor screen going black, first try to wake up the device and increase the brightness of the display.

In case that doesn’t work we need to inspect the power income, the connection to the camera, and the buttons of the display.

We hope that this information was enough to help you with the issue, so follow us for more!

Nicole B