vtech baby monitor night vision not working

Whenever VTech baby monitor night vision not working, chances are there is an issue with your baby monitor camera setup.

When your VTech baby monitor night vision mode is not working, is blurred, or has an image distortion, you won’t be able to use it.

Even if one of these symptoms is your exact issue, don’t worry; our guide will teach you how to clear many problems related to your VTech baby monitor’s night vision.

If your VTech baby monitor’s night vision is not working, ensure its lens is correctly set up and without blur. Next, restart your baby monitor and check its power connection. Lastly, perform a factory reset and then update your VTech app firmware.

After learning about the solutions for your VTech baby monitor night vision not working correctly, let’s see the most common causes for this issue:

Why Is My VTech Baby Monitor Night Vision Not Working?

why the vtech baby monitor not working

There can be many different ways in which your VTech night vision malfunctions. It can be caused by an issue within the baby monitor or the parent unit.

Below you will find a list of the most frequent causes for VTech baby monitor night vision not working: 

Malfunctioning IR Lights

When your VTech baby monitor camera has malfunctioning IR lights, you won’t see any image on your display in a dark room.

Power Issues

If your power supply cable is not working correctly, this can cause no image to appear on the parent monitoring device.

Hardware Damage

the hardware damage

When the VTech baby monitor has suffered damage due to being dropped, or during transportation, it might malfunction.

Background Light Pollution

Some background objects can reflect IR light and cause an overly bright image to appear on your display.

Outdated Software

If your camera’s software is outdated, this can cause issues when you try to use the night vision mode.

Note: Check that your parenting unit used for monitoring has a sufficient battery charge before troubleshooting. 

How To Fix VTech Baby Monitor Night Vision Not Working?

how fix vtech baby monitor

Before you attempt any of the fixes shown below, verify that your VTech baby monitor night vision is turned on from the parenting unit.

This mode enables the camera to infrared lights for night viewing.

Additionally, both your VTech baby monitor and the parenting device must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Check if this is the case before further troubleshooting.

Please follow the solutions we’ve prepared for you without skipping any of them in the written order to achieve the best possible results:

Solution #1 Reduce Background Screen Glare And Blur 

If your VTech baby monitor is not set up correctly, it can cause the image you receive to be highly blurry or overexposed.

You can try out a few things if your night vision is struggling to display a high-quality image. 

reduce the screen glare

These solutions are meant if your camera works but shows a bad or blurry image.

So, if your night vision mode is not turning on, please skip this solution.

Here are some general steps that reduce blurry or distorted video:

  • Adjust the baby monitor camera lens viewing angle to prevent a blurred image.
  • Position the baby monitor higher up to prevent image distortions.
  • Remove night lights that cause overexposed bright spots during night vision mode.
Note: Mirrors and other highly reflective objects can cause overly bright spots for your night mode camera.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Your VTech Baby Monitor 

power cycle the vtech

VTech night vision not working is commonly caused by an internal VTech camera software error.

Performing a restart on your baby monitor can fix many of these issues.

Here is the proper way to power cycle your VTech Baby Monitor to fix the night vision:

  1. Ensure that the parent unit has a sufficient battery level
  2. Turn off the camera and then disconnect its power cable
  3. Wait for about 60 seconds and reinsert the power cable again
  4. Let the camera and parenting unit synchronise, and don’t power them off while waiting

After these steps, check if your night vision mode is working correctly.

Note: You can perform these steps 2-3 additional times if the night mode is still not working after trying it once.

Solution #3 Check Your Power Supply Cable

check the supply cable

If your camera’s power cable is damaged or creased, this can prevent your night mode from working.

You can skip this step if your VTech baby camera does not use a power cable.

This is how to ensure that your VTech baby monitor power cable is in working order:

  1. Visually inspect the power cable for any damaged or loose parts
  2. Ensure that the camera charging port is clean and free of dust
  3. If you notice that the power cable is damaged, you will need to order a replacement 
  4. Try a different power socket to connect the VTech baby monitor charging cable if it’s not working properly

If your power cable is plugged in, but your camera doesn’t get an image, check if your home’s circuit breaker is not interrupting power to your device.

Note: Always ensure that you use only the original VTech charging cable, and don't replace it with an aftermarket one, even if it fits your camera.

Solution #4 Update VTech Baby Monitor Firmware

update the firmware

If an update is available, you will see a message appear on the bottom corner of your VTech parent monitor device.

Sometimes this message does not appear correctly, and you must perform specific steps to get it to appear. 

Here are the steps to check for an update on your VTech device:

  1. Check that the WiFi signal strength icon is present on your display
  2. Confirm that your camera is successfully paired with the network
  3. Press the power button to turn off the parent monitoring unit 
  4. Turn your parenting unit on again 
  5. Use the select and arrow keys to click on the upgrade now button
  6. Let the device reboot and pair it again to the main baby camera

After performing these steps, check to see if the issue with your night vision persists on your VTech baby camera. 

Please note that if no message appears, then your VTech devices are using the latest possible updates.

Alert: If you see any other icons on your display, such as a red X, it means your device has issues connecting to your WiFi network. 

Solution #5 Perform A Factory Reset On Your Baby Monitor

factory reset the baby monitor

A VTech night vision not working error can be resolved by reverting your device’s settings to their original values.

This can be done by performing a hard reset on your VTech monitor camera.

These steps might be different depending on your monitoring camera. 

Here is a general guide on how to reset your VTech camera to fix your night vision not working:

  1. Plug your VTech camera into a working power source and power it on
  2. Locate the reset button on the back side of the device
  3. Press and hold the reset button for a minimum of 15 seconds

Afterward, power on and off your VTech baby monitor camera and check if the night vision issue persists. 

Note: A factory reset will erase any saved WiFi networks. After hard resetting your camera, please reconfigure it to the desired WiFi network and the parent monitoring unit.

Solution #6 Clean Your VTech Baby Monitor Camera Lens

clean the vtech camera lens

If your VTech lens has become obstructed by dust or is not clean, this can prevent your camera from properly focusing or using the night vision mode.

Here are the steps to clean your VTech camera lens:

  1. Ensure your camera is powered off and unplugged from any power sources
  2. Using a soft microfiber cloth, wipe the camera lens with a circular motion
  3. View the lens at an angle to ensure that it is completely clean
  4. Recalibrate the camera’s lens and ensure that the focus is set up correctly 

After cleaning your camera’s lens, turn off the lights in your room and check if the night vision image has become more clear.

Alert: Avoid using liquids to clean your camera, as these might cause hardware damage if water comes in contact with your camera circuit board. 

Solution #7 Check The Infrared Lighting

check the infrared

Sometimes your VTech baby monitor’s infrared lights malfunction and emit no IR light.

The human eye can not see any light on the infrared spectrum. We can use a digital camera to detect this infrared light, as its sensor can pick it up.

You can check if the VTech baby monitor infrared lights are still working by following these steps:

  1. Get any smartphone and open up the camera app
  2. Turn on the VTech baby monitor camera and set it to night vision mode
  3. Point the smartphone’s camera toward the VTech baby monitor 
  4. Check if the infrared light is visible on your screen through your phone’s digital camera 

If you have performed this solution, but your camera’s infrared lights are not working correctly, there is a very clever workaround. 

You can order an infrared light emitter and install it next to your baby monitoring camera.

This fix works for all VTech cameras if their IR light is no longer in working order.

Quick Recap:

If your VTech baby monitor’s night vision not working, first restart your camera and check its power connection. Then update your VTech app to the latest version and perform a factory reset. Lastly, clean your baby monitor lens and check if its infrared lights are working.


Now that you know why is night vision not working on VTech baby monitor, we hope you can use our solutions to fix this problem.

If the issue persists, please contact VTech support to receive further help.

Nicole B