turtle beach stealth 600 volume too low

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 volume too low and you’re unable to increase it?

Regardless of the high rating that the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 model headphones have brought up, there are well-known volume control issues.

You should know that the lower dial will only control the volume of the in-game chat audio, while the upper dial will interact with the general game audio

To fix the low volume problem on Turtle Beach Stealth 600, begin with increasing both the master volume via the upper dial and the controller volume from the settings. Then proceed with a hard reset of your headset and update the firmware.

Lastly, reconnect the headset to the source device and enable the audio equalization if you’re using a PC.

Now that we’ve uncovered what the solution includes, let’s proceed with a step-by-step tutorial that will definitely help you solve the problem.

How To Fix Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Volume Too Low Issue?

fix turtle beach stealth 600 volume too low

To be able to discover what’s causing the problem in the first place, we’ve separated the guide into steps.

If followed in order, these steps will help you determine whenever the problem has been solved, without taking any unnecessary actions.

Note: Since the Turtle Beach headset is compatible with PlayStation, PC, Xbox & Nintendo Switch, our steps will be universal.

Let’s start with the simplest solutions first:

Step #1 Increase Master Volume

As we’ve mentioned earlier, via the Turtle Beach Stealth 600, you can separately control the master game volume and the voice chat audio.

You might be attempting to increase the chat audio using the lower dial and the general volume will not increase as well.

Using the upper dial, increase the volume to at least 80%, and leave it like that, until the end of this guide.

This way you can be confident that the headset master volume has been increased and if you’re still hearing the audio extremely low, proceed with the next step.

Note: Doublecheck whether you’re using the upper dial to increase the volume or not.

Step #2 Increase Controller Volume

controller volume increase

If you’ve passed the first step, then you can be confident that the headset volume is not causing the problem.

The next step would be to reach into the controller (headset) settings and make sure that the master volume there is not significantly decreased.

Here is how to increase the controller volume:

  1. Press your game console menu button.
  2. Navigate to the System Settings.
  3. Search for the Audio Settings and open the tab.
  4. Make sure to increase Headset Volume to at least 80%.
Note: In case you’re unable to reach the System Settings, make sure that your console is on its login screen before you start.

Step #3 Hard-Reset The Headset

Now when the volume has been increased, we can proceed with a hard reset that is capable of solving a wide variety of audio problems.

The hard reset will reboot ALL services and hopefully solve the low volume of your device.

Here is how to hard reset Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset:

  1. Press and hold the Connect & Mode buttons.
  2. Hold for at least 25 seconds.
  3. The headset will restart.

In case the LED still remains lit, press and hold both buttons again, but for longer. The hard-reset method will definitely cause your device to restart regardless of its current state.

Tip: Holding for longer is always better than not holding long enough.

Step #4 Update The Headset Firmware

update headset firmware

Outdated firmware of your headset can often lead to not only low audio issues but also a variety of other problems.

This is why before we continue to the next step you should update the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 OS version, or at least make sure that it is up to date.

Note: Updating the headset is really easy and you only need an available computer to work with and the Turtle Beach Audio Hub software installed and opened.

Here is how to update your Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset:

  1. Open the Turtle Beach Audio Hub on your computer.
  2. Find a free USB port on your computer.
  3. Take the USB cable that has been included in your headset box.
  4. Connect the USB cable to the free USB port of your computer.
  5. Available updates will be automatically downloaded & installed.
  6. Wait for 10 minutes for the update to complete.

When the firmware update is ready, reconnect your headset to the device you were working with previously and test if the low audio problem is now gone.

Step #5 Re-Connect Headset To Source Device

reconnect headset

In case you’re using a computer and the volume of your Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset is too low, simply jump to the next step.

However, if you’re using a game console of any type, then continue reading to solve the problem.

Tip: Before reconnecting your headset to the, we strongly suggest performing a hard reset on your console as well.

Here is how to reconnect your headset to your console:

  1. Turn on both your console and headset.
  2. Press & hold the Connect button on your headset until the LED starts blinking.
  3. For Xbox, you’ll need to press and hold the Enroll button.
  4. For PlayStation, you would need a wireless transmitter plugged in.
  5. The connection would be successful when the LED of your headset turns solid.
Note: PlayStation users would need to locate the Audio Device settings and control the headset volume from there.

Step #6 Enable Audio Equalization (PC)

Whenever the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gen 2 volume too low you can definitely learn more about the problem if you connect the headset to a computer.

That would help you understand the issue better and locate where the problem is coming from.

pc audio equalization

Audio equalization is essentially the process of adjusting different frequencies in the audio signal.

When disabled, different audio frequencies will be outputted with a different internal volume that you can’t really control on your own.

Alert: This solution would only work for users, who have a low audio problem on Windows computers.

To enable the audio equalization, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Speaker Icon down in your system tray.
  2. Choose Playback Devices.
  3. From there scroll down and choose your Turtle Beach headset.
  4. Navigate to the Enhancements tab.
  5. Tick the box next to the Loudness Equalization.
  6. Take the headset off your head.
  7. Click Apply.
Tip: Remove the headset off your ears, since the volume you’ve increased earlier might come in rapidly.

Thus, the solution includes hard resetting both your Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset and your console. The next step would be to perform a repair process that can essentially solve the issue. In case the audio is still too low, make sure to increase both the game and device volume.

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What’s Next?

In case you’ve followed our step-by-step fix guide and the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 volume too low you should definitely connect the device to a computer.

Once connected, jump back to the very last step and enable the audio equalization.

That will help you understand whether there is a problem with the console or your headset.

Depending on the outcome you would need to focus on your console’s setting and functionality or simply check if your warranty is intact.

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