toshiba tv volume not working

Toshiba TV volume not working, and you have no idea why?  This guide is for you!

First, you need to know that you can control your Toshiba TV’s volume either from the buttons on the panel of the device or from the Toshiba remote control.

There’s a possibility that the issue is with your remote, but more frequently, there is a blunder with the audio settings or the software of your TV.

To fix Toshiba TV’s volume not working, manually increase the volume from the panel buttons and hard reset the device. Head to the settings and use your TV as the default audio device after which unplug ALL sound devices connected to the TV. Lastly, update your TV’s firmware and factory reset the device if necessary.

Why Is Toshiba TV Volume Control Not Working?

If you’re unable to control the volume on your Toshiba TV, there could be several reasons for that issue.

Users like to think that their remote control is unable to change the volume, but in most cases, the issue is observed with your TV’s audio settings.

Having that in mind let’s review ALL of the possibilities in-depth:

1. Visual Glitch/Bug

There is a possibility that the volume is working but the icon and soundbar would not appear. Identify by listening if the volume increases on input.

2. Sound Device Issue

Any 3rd party devices such as consoles, soundbars, headphones, and computers can interfere with the volume control.

3. Audio Settings Blunder

Incorrectly adjusted audio settings can and will cause glitches with the volume of your Toshiba TV.

4. Outdated TV Firmware

If your TV is running an outdated firmware version, problems with the volume can occur.

Those are the suspects that we’re going to be targeting in the upcoming solution guide.

How To Fix Toshiba TV Volume Not Working?

fix toshiba tv volume not working

You should restart your TV before applying any of the solutions in this guide.

In case something went wrong and all audio services are currently stopped due to a failure, a simple system restart would be able to resolve the problem.

However, if restart does not help, here’s how to fix the volume of your Toshiba TV:

Solution #1 Manually Increase Volume

You have to manually increase the volume on your Toshiba TV using the buttons on the side panel.

Every Toshiba TV has its buttons somewhere on the panels, so you should find the volume buttons and attempt to increase the volume from there.

Generally, these buttons could either be beneath the screen or on the left side panel of the TV.

Locate the volume up button and press it around 10-15 times. Listen to whether the volume is increasing and if not, let’s check if the TV is muted.

Is My Toshiba TV Muted?

check the mute button

There’s a chance that your Toshiba TV is muted if you’re not hearing any sound when pressing the panel volume buttons.

Here’s how to quickly check the mute status of your TV:

  1. Grab the Toshiba remote control and point it towards the TV.
  2. Locate the Mute button on the remote and press it once.
  3. Check the mute status.
  4. If a volume icon with a cross on it appears, it means your TV is muted.
  5. If a volume icon appears but without the cross, your TV is unmuted.
Note: You should press the mute button once or twice until the volume icon appears on your screen without a cross on it. Then attempt to increase the volume again.

Solution #2 Hard Reset Your TV

If manually increasing the volume didn’t work, you should perform a hard reset on your Toshiba TV.

This practically works by unplugging the TV from the power source for a certain amount of time and re-attaching its cable back later.

Here’s how to hard reset your Toshiba TV:

  1. Turn OFF the device using your Toshiba remote control.
  2. Standby for ~5 minutes until your TV is completely discharged.
  3. Re-attach the power adapter into the respective source and test.
Note: We suggest connecting your TV to an alternative power source in case there’s a fault with the current one.

Avoid using any power strips or dividers to power your Toshiba TV.

Solution #3 Set Your TV As “Default Sound Device”

You should select your TV as a default sound device for your audio output, otherwise, your device might still be attempting to output audio through another device.

Here’s how to set your TV as a default sound device for audio output:

  1. On your Toshiba TV, go to the Settings and choose “Display and Sounds”.
  2. Then navigate to “Audio Output” and click on “Devices”.
  3. You will want to select “Toshiba TV” as the default sound device.
Note: Selecting your Toshiba TV as the default sound device will cause the audio output to come out from the in-built speakers of your TV.

Solution #4 Unplug ALL Sound Devices

remove devices

Any connected sound devices, especially via HDMI ARC, will cause interference with the volume of your TV if they aren’t working properly.

In that regard, you should unplug all sound devices until the end of this guide to solve the problem.

For that purpose, go over to the back of your Toshiba TV and disengage all sound devices connected.

Moreover, you should also disconnect all third-party devices and not only the ones with sound output functions to ensure smooth functionality.

Note: When plugging a sound device, the audio output setting of your Toshiba TV automatically changes. 

Follow the instructions in solution #3 to select the default sound device again.

Solution #5 Update Toshiba TV

You should check if it is possible to update your Toshiba TV. Having outdated OS firmware might result in compatibility issues and cause a variety of problems.

Here’s how to update the firmware of your Toshiba TV:

  1. On your TV, hit the Menu button on your remote and head to the Settings.
  2. Go to Support > Software Update.
  3. Tap on “Check for updates” and wait for the checker to complete.
  4. Select “Update now” and wait.
Alert: Updating your Toshiba TV will require a software reboot, so don’t unplug your TV from the power source at that time.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Your TV

reset toshiba tv

In case your Toshiba TV volume is not working even after all previous solutions, you should factory reset your Toshiba TV to solve the problem.

This will revert all audio settings to normal, along with removing other glitches or bugs causing the volume problem on your device.

Here’s how to factory reset your TV:

  1. Go to the Settings of your TV.
  2. Navigate to the Setup tab and choose Reset TV.
  3. Press the Enter button that appeared on your screen and wait.
Note: Same as with the update, a reset requires a software reboot. Make sure your TV’s power supply is safe during that time to avoid complications.

If the volume issue is still there, consider contacting Toshiba for additional technical help.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the issue when Toshiba TV’s volume is not working, disconnect ALL sound devices connected to the TV. Then, make sure that the TV is the default sound device and if possible, update the OS. Lastly, perform a factory reset to solve the problem.

Now when the Toshiba TV volume not working problem is revealed, you know how to solve it so the rest is up to you.

Remember that contacting the Toshiba support center is always an option in case the problem remains unsolved.

Nicole B