how to fix toshiba tv black screen

Wondering how to fix Toshiba TV black screen? Well, we have good news for you. Your TV might not be broken and there are a lot of different methods you should try before rushing to conclusions.

By the end of this guide, you will be familiar with the best solutions out there at your disposal to use.

First, make sure your TV is running and double-press the power button on your remote. Inspect all cables throughout your configuration and replace the HDMI cable if possible. Make sure you’re not viewing any sources and disconnect third-party devices.

Before rushing into the troubleshooting guide, we recommend reading more about the possible causes so let’s take a quick look at them.

Reasons For Toshiba TV Black Screen?

First of all, it is good to make sure that your TV is not out of power. Even if you keep pressing the power button, your cord may be disconnected or simply not delivering power for some reason.

Most TV models have a LED which if not lit up, generally means that there is no power reaching the device.

In case the LED is lit up or your model doesn’t have one, here are the possible causes:

1. Bad Source

In case the source went black, your TV would show a black screen too until you select a different (working) source.

2. Faulty Cables

Potential issues or faults with your cables could also cause a black screen on your Toshiba TV.

3. Power Saver Mode

The power saver mode would turn off your TV screen as long as you have not used it for several minutes.

4. Power Source Issue

A potential fault with your Toshiba TV’s power source might be causing these issues.

5. Motherboard Malfunction

A critical hardware issue in general, might be causing the black screens on your Toshiba LCD TV.

Now that we have all of these causes mentioned, let us proceed with the troubleshooting guide for your best attempt to resolve the problem.

How To Fix Black Screen Of Death On Toshiba TV?

fix toshiba tv black screen

Users also refer to the black screen issue of your Toshiba TV as the “black screen of death”.

In short, this means that your TV screen would randomly go black, without you doing anything. In most cases, it could be related to a fault in the HDMI or a power saver feature.

If your TV is permanently black, that could mean a hardware failure, but still, some of our solutions might help.

Solution #1 Power Cycle Your TV

We will begin with a firm power cycle of your Toshiba TV.

We’d like to address the power cycle, as a method of discharging your TV, which can help if there are any power malfunctions from which your TV keeps showing black screens.

Here is how to power cycle your Toshiba TV easily:

  1. Press the power button on your Toshiba remote to confirm your TV is shut down.
  2. Unplug the TV’s power adapter and wait for 5 minutes.
  3. Once the 5 minutes have elapsed, re-attach the power adapter and test.

After the power cycle is complete, try turning on your TV and if the issue persists, proceed to our next solution.

Solution #2 Disconnect Any Third-Party Devices

For the rest of this guide, we suggest disconnecting any thirdparty devices.

Faults with the given devices might cause your TV’ screen to randomly go black without any audible reason.

Make sure that you have disconnected any devices you suspect of causing the issue and try using your TV for a couple of minutes to determine if the issue persists.

Go around in the menu, browse something from the TV’s options and confirm the state.

Solution #3 Switch The Source

toshiba tv black screen

This solution is recommended only for users who use their Toshiba TV to watch broadcasts from different sources, using their TV’ source menu.

If you have multiple sources on your Toshiba TV, excluding the one you’re currently watching, we suggest switching to a different source to negate the issue.

To switch your Toshiba TV from one source to another, you can either use the Source button on the remote or add/choose a different source from the settings.

To access the source settings, go to Options > Devices > Source > Source Menu and select a different source.

If switching the source didn’t seem to resolve the issue for you, let’s inspect the power delivery of your Toshiba TV.

Solution #3 Inspect Power Delivery

One of the best ways on how to fix Toshiba LCD TV black screen would be resolving problems with the power supply.

The power delivery includes the power source, the power adapter as well as the power adapter port on your Toshiba TV.

Replace The Power Adapter

Begin by replacing the power adapter of your Toshiba TV.

Since it is unpluggable by both sides, disconnect the cable from your TV completely and grab a universal replacement that matches your old one.

Use the TV for a couple of minutes to determine if the issue would still appear.

Use Different Power Outlet

If the issue seems to persist after replacing the power adapter, perhaps you should plug your TV into a different wall outlet.

Remember not to use any power strips or dividers, because they can be carriers of serious power flow complications.

Inspect The Power Adapter Port

Finally, we suggest taking a good look at the power adapter.

Make sure to remove any particles that might be stuck inside, thus, preventing your power adapter from going all the way in.

If the issue wasn’t found with the power delivery, let’s check if you’ve enabled any echo features on your TV.

Solution #5 Disable Power Saving/Echo Features

toshiba tv black screen error

If the black screen on your Toshiba TV is not permanent and you can access and navigate through the menu.

Then perhaps you should check if any power saving/echo features are enabled.

If you’ve accidentally enabled a power saver or echo feature on your Toshiba TV, after just a couple of minutes of inactivity, your Toshiba TV screen will go black.

The power saving features are in the settings tab and can be accessed by going Menu > Power > Power Saver/Echo and by flipping the slider, you will be able to disable the feature.

Make sure you haven’t installed any additional applications that might cause your TV’ screen to keep restarting.

Once you’re done, test out your TV to determine if the issue is still going to occur and if it does, proceed with our next and final solution.

Solution #6 Reset Your TV

If you couldn’t fix the issue by now and you’re still looking for how to fix Toshiba TV black screen, we have one last solution for you.

We suggest resetting your TV before wrapping things up.

The reset is pretty simple and we have it all covered in the steps down below:

  1. Grab your Toshiba remote and make sure the TV screen is currently not black.
  2. Open the SETUP menu and go to Settings > SETUP.
  3. Tap on “Reset TV” and confirm by pressing enter.
  4. Wait for your TV to finish resetting.

To fix the black screen on your Toshiba TV, first inspect the power flow and check if any power-saving features had been enabled. Next, choose a different source and disconnect any third-party devices that might be causing the issue.

Note: The reset will erase all temporarily stored applications, so make sure to save anything before executing the steps we’ve stated above.

Once you’re done with these steps, the reset should take about ~5 minutes, and afterward, the issue should be gone for good.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to fix Toshiba TV black screen easily, with our solutions, you shall face no difficulties during your troubleshooting process.

After all, the black screen of death isn’t randomly called like that and most of the time means that your TV has a lethal hardware issue.

If you’re interested in more of our guides, don’t forget to visit our online blog, where we specialize in resolving technician issues such as this one.

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