toshiba fire tv apps not working

Are the Toshiba Fire TV apps not working? There could be many different causes for it, and you must pay attention to the message you get when they are not working. 

When the Toshiba Fire TV apps are not working, you must first investigate your connection to the internet and the TV’s network settings. If that is not at fault, then managing the app’s data and the TV’s firmware will help you succeed.

Do you not know how to navigate through all the settings on your TV? That’s exactly the reason this guide exists.

We will help you eliminate the annoying issue you are facing within a few minutes.

Toshiba Fire TV Apps Not Working – Reasons

reason why toshiba fire tv apps not working

Sometimes one app doesn’t work on your Toshiba Fire TV. Then you try another one, and it doesn’t work either.

Then you begin to suspect something is wrong with all apps or the TV’s whole system. What is going on?

Here are some probable causes behind that persistent issue:

Internet Connection

If you are starting a streaming app, you must ensure your TV has a good internet connection.

Outdated Firmware

It is necessary to allow the TV to update whenever Toshiba pushes a new fix or patch.

Glitched Apps

It is possible that the app you are trying to launch has glitched. That could be solved by managing its data.

Network Settings

Some TVs have network settings that you can manage. Sometimes they are not correct and prevent a lot of functions.

How To Fix The Toshiba TV Apps 

how fix toshiba fire tv apps not working

It is very weird to find the apps not working on your Toshiba Fire TV. However, that situation is also a bit common.

That means you can remain safe about the possibility of fixing the situation.

So follow the suggestions below to get back to watching your favorite shows.

1. Check The Internet Connection

First, you must verify a few things regarding your internet connection. Is your TV able to connect to it?

If the answer is positive, check for an exclamation mark (!) on the Wi-Fi signal.

check the internet connection

Then do the following:

  1. Turn the TV off and unplug it;
  2. Turn the router off and unplug it;
  3. Wait a minute;
  4. Turn both devices on;
  5. Ensure the TV connects to the Wi-Fi.

Reset The Network Settings

If resetting the router and power cycling the TV doesn’t change anything, you must navigate to the TV’s network settings.

Here is how:

  1. Press “Home”;
  2. Find the Settings;
  3. Go to “Network”;
  4. Choose “Reset Network Settings”;

If this option is not available on your Fire version, you must do it manually:

  1. Find the Wi-Fi settings;
  2. Choose to forget the connection;
  3. Add it again.

2. Manage The Apps

manage  apps

Is the issue happening only to one app or multiple? The following procedure will change depending on what is going on.

You can clear the app cache or app data. First, let’s try clearing the cache:

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Choose “Applications”;
  3. Find “Managed Installed Applications”;
  4. Select the app at fault;
  5. Choose “Clear Cache.”

Clear The App Data

Suppose that clearing the cache has not been enough. In such a case, you must proceed to clear the data.

Unfortunately, clearing data will erase all your preferences, downloaded content, etc. 

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Choose Applications”;
  3. Find “Managed Installed Applications”;
  4. Select the app at fault;
  5. Choose “Clear Data.”
Note: If clearing the cache doesn’t work, use the same menu to uninstall the app. Then go back to the App Store and download it again.

3. Restart The TV

restart tv

Normally, restarting a TV consists of power cycling it. However, the Toshiba Fire TV has a method to restart via software, which intends to refresh its system.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open the TV’s menu;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Find the “System” tab;
  4. Choose “Device & Software”;
  5. Select “Restart”;

The TV will shortly restart by itself. You must then try to open the apps on it. 

Note: Restarting by simply turning it off and on is not guaranteed to have the same effect.

4. Update The Firmware

update tv firmware

When your Toshiba Fire TV apps don’t work, the firmware is likely compromised or old.

That way, the system cannot communicate to the internet very well. A good way to fix that is to check for updates.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Press “Home”;
  2. Find the Settings;
  3. Click on “My Fire TV”;
  4. Choose “About”;
  5. Select “Check For System Update”;
  6. If an update is available, choose to install it.

5. Factory Reset The TV

Sometimes, you are required to factory reset your TV to get the apps back to work. That sort of reset will eliminate all your settings.

Unfortunately, that means you must download all apps again and log into each one manually.

factory reset the tv
  1. Open the TV’s menu;
  2. Go to “Settings”;
  3. Find the “System” tab;
  4. Choose “Device & Software”;
  5. Choose “Reset to factory defaults”;
  6. Click “Reset”;

The resetting procedure might take a while to finish. Don’t press any buttons or turn the TV off during the process.

6. Check For Restrictions

Perhaps your Toshiba Fire TV has some restrictions in place for certain apps.

If you live in a house with more people and there are kids, parental controls may be active.

In that case, you must ask the person responsible for the TV for the PIN code.

If Parental Controls are on by accident, you can do this:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Choose “Preferences”;
  3. Click on “Parental Controls”;
  4. Set it to “Off”;
  5. Enter your PIN.

Don’t you remember your PIN code? If the Fire TV is linked to your account, it is the same as your Amazon account PIN. 

Tip: You can also visit the Amazon site to reset your PIN. 

7. Restart The Stick

reset the fire stick

Are your Firestick apps not working? In that case, most of the solutions above still apply.

However, there are a few additional tricks you could try. The first of them is trying to restart the stick.

Here is the best method to refresh its system:

  1. Go to the Fire TV Stick Settings;
  2. Find “My Fire TV”;
  3. Click on “Restart”;

Alternatively, you can do this:

  1. Hold the Select and Play/Pause buttons;
  2. Release them when you see a powering off message on the screen.

8. Check The Storage

This solution is aimed at Fire TV and Fire Stick users. However, both devices have limited storage, and reaching that limit will compromise the functionality of your apps.

So let’s see how you can check and manage the current storage:

  1. Open the menu;
  2. Find the Settings;
  3. Choose “My Fire TV”;
  4. Select “About”;
  5. Enter “Storage”;

You will see that the total storage available is 5,5GB, more or less. Then you will also see how much free space you still have.

If the free space is less than 1GB, only a few MB, you must free some space!

How To Free Space In The Fire TV/Stick

how free a space fire tv

The easiest way to free space in the Fire system without deleting your apps right away is by managing their cache and data.

We have taught that in Solution #2.

If that still doesn’t free enough space, you might want to check for irrelevant files, such as APK that you’ve used to install third-party apps:

  1. Go to the home screen;
  2. Click on “Find”;
  3. Choose “Search”;
  4. Search for the File Explorer;
  5. Install the File Explorer;
  6. Open the File Explorer;
  7. Go to “Downloader.”

Within the Downloader folder, you will probably see many files you have downloaded but don’t use anymore.

You can delete them to free some space in the TV or stick’s internal storage.

What We Learned

Are the Toshiba Fire TV apps not working? As you have seen, there is no major reason to worry.

The issue most likely stems from too much data already on the TV or the TV’s firmware requiring an update.

The guide above provides all you need to troubleshoot the TV.

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