toshiba fire tv keeps restarting

We know that your Toshiba Fire TV keeps restarting and how annoying that issue truly is.

Is the problem with the TV itself? The controller? Interference? Connected devices? You will find out below.

To make your Toshiba Fire TV stop restarting, you must first check if everything is fine with the power source, the TV’s temperature, and its remote controller. Next, it is time to assess the TV’s configurations, update its firmware, if possible, and clean some apps’ cache.

You most likely won’t need to call the support or return your TV. The restarting issue should be easy to solve if it is software-related or caused by an unpredicted interaction.

Below we will guide you through all of that.

Toshiba Fire TV Keeps Restarting – Reasons

reason toshiba fire tv keeps restarting

You will get frustrated when you catch your Toshiba Fire TV restarting without apparent reason.

However, there are reasons behind the issue, and you must investigate and eliminate them.

Here are the most common culprits:

Inactivity Timer

The inactivity timer on your Toshiba TV might be on and will turn the TV off when you keep some apps paused for a long time. 

Firmware Bug

The current firmware running on your TV may be causing issues. That can require an update or factory reset to fix.

Faulty Power Source

A constant reboot of your TV might indicate that the power source to which it is connected is defective. 


Devices such as TVs and computers will restart when they produce too much heat.

How To Fix A Toshiba Fire TV Restarting

how fix toshiba fire tv keeps restarting

So is your Toshiba Fire TV restarting? In the sections below, we will teach you all the methods you can try to eliminate that.

Eventually, you can reestablish its normal functions and watch TV without interruptions.

1. Check The Power Source

The first possibility we will deal with is that your main power source for the TV is no longer good.

If you live in an old house, it is possible that some outlets are not working well.

Then, do the following:

  1. Unplug the TV from its currents outlet;
  2. Plug the TV into a different outlet;
  3. Power the TV on and see what happens.

If the issue disappears, you will have to call an electrician to fix that faulty electrical outlet.

However, if the issue persists, you must check the next solutions.

2. Don’t Let The TV Overheat

do not let tv overheat

When the summer approaches, our devices suffer just as much as us with the hot weather.

Computers and TVs are the most sensible devices because they have processors that need to handle too many tasks.

So here are some tips:

  • During hot days, keep the windows open;
  • If you have an AC or fan, ensure it can direct cold air to the TV;
  • If the TV is in a spot where air doesn’t circulate, move it to a different place.

3. Disable The Inactivity Timer

The Toshiba Fire TV’s inactivity timer will turn the tv off automatically after some time.

That can happen when you pause a show on some streaming platform and then leave the TV like that for 5 or 10 minutes.

disable inactivity time

So here is what you will do:

  1. Go to the TV’s “Settings”;
  2. Among the settings, find “Clock” or “Timer”;
  3. Choose it;
  4. Now you can set the timer for a longer tolerance period or turn it off completely.

4. Check The Remote

The issue of your TV restarting at random moments can lie with the remote control.

Perhaps its batteries are failing, or it has a stuck button that will trigger the “power off” command.

Then here is what you can do:

  1. Turn the TV off and unplug it;
  2. Clean the remote control with a household cleaner;
  3. Use a toothpick to eliminate accumulated dust and dirt;
  4. Dislodge any buttons if necessary.

Turn the TV on and see how it goes now. If the TV keeps turning off, you must replace the remote’s batteries.

5. Update The Firmware

Whenever your TV is having troubles, updating the firmware can be a great solution. Usually, updates are automatic.

However, the TV might have missed it, and that can be another symptom of it having software issues.

So here is what you must do:

  1. Go to the TV’ “Settings”;
  2. Select “My Fire TV”;
  3. Click on “About”;
  4. Choose “Check For Updates.”

The TV will take a few seconds to scan for available updates on the internet. If they are available, you must confirm that you want to install them.

6. Clear Cache Data

clear the cache data

You must take note when the TV keeps restarting. Does it do it all the time or only when you open certain applications?

It could be app-related, such as an app that is corrupted and forces the TV to restart. In that case, it is software related.

You can do the following:

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Find “Applications”;
  3. Click on “Manage Installed Applications”;
  4. Choose the app causing the restart;
  5. Choose “Force stop”;
  6. Next, click on “clear cache.”

Clearing the cache will get rid of corrupted data from the app. Next, you must try opening the app again. The TV should not restart.

7. Reset The TV

If the solutions so far have not worked to get your TV back on track, you must try resetting/rebooting it.

A Toshiba Fire TV has two methods of doing that. The first one is a soft reset.

Here is the procedure:

  1. Grab the remote;
  2. Hold “Select” and “Play/pause” for 5 seconds;
  3. The TV should display “Your Fire TV is turning off”;
  4. It will then restart automatically after 10 seconds.

The soft reset intends to refresh the TV’s hardware and software. It will try to eliminate errors.

After that, you must try navigating and see if the issue has been gone.

Hard Reset

hard reset tv

The hard reset is also considered a factory reset. It will wipe the data on your TV, meaning you will have to sign in to all the streaming services again.

However, it can help genuinely. Do the following:

  1. Open the Settings tab;
  2. Choose “Device & Software”;
  3. Find “Reset to factory defaults”;
  4. Choose it.

8. Check HDMI-CEC

Do you have any HDMI device attached to the TV when it suddenly turns off and on again? That might be a fault of the HDMI-CEC setting.

CEC stands for Consumer Electronic Controls. Such a setting is supposed to enhance the integration between HDMI. But it can backfire and make the TV misbehave.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Open your TV’s settings;
  2. Find the input options;
  3. Check if HDMI-CEC is available;
  4. Disable it.
Note: Toshiba calls the HDMI-CED by the name Regza Link or CE-Link.

9. Disconnect From The Smart Hub

disconnect from a smart hub

Do you have a smart hub at home? It could be Alexa, Google Home, or any other.

Sometimes smart hubs will glitch and affect the devices connected to them. That could be a good explanation for why your TV keeps restarting.

Then do the following:

  1. Open the smart assistant app;
  2. Find the connected devices;
  3. Select the Toshiba Fire TV;
  4. Disconnect or forget it.

Then test if the TV stops restarting by itself.

10. Turn Off Power Saving Mode

The power saving mode or Eco mode is supposed to help your house have fewer power expenses.

However, that configuration might glitch, and it will try to save power by shutting the TV off!

turn off power saving mode

So here is what you will do:

  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Find the Preferences;
  3. Check if there is an Eco or Power Saving Mode;
  4. If there is, disable it.

What We Learned

When the Toshiba Fire TV keeps restarting, you might become annoyed since you can’t watch your favorite shows or play games.

But after all the solutions we’ve suggested above, the issue is certainly gone!

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Nicole B