the cloud cannot talk to roomba

If the cloud cannot talk to Roomba, odds are that no WiFi is reaching your device.

Fortunately, you’re eligible to command the iRobot Roomba without WiFi coverage but you’re not going to be able to use most of its features.

For instance, without WiFi, you will be restricted from setting up schedules, creating “keep out” zones, using voice commands, and more.

To fix when the cloud cannot communicate with Roomba, power reset the device and reconnect it with the network. Next, make sure that you’re only using a 2.4GHz WiFi network and power cycle your router. Fix any internet issues and only then, factory reset Roomba.

Let’s dive into details about why your Roomba is unable to talk with the cloud and later review what you can do to solve the problem.

Why Roomba The Cloud Cannot Talk To?

Your Roomba communicating with the cloud is essential and enables half of your smart cleaning robot’s features.

If the device doesn’t “talk” to the cloud that way, you will notice that the schedules will become unavailable along with other essential features you definitely need.

We’ve summarized all of the problems that could have occurred with your Roomba in the following list:

1. Roomba Is Disconnected

Your Roomba may have gotten disconnected from the internet and the device will stop communicating with the cloud.

2. Internet Problems

An issue with your network that’s making the WiFi constantly restart will also result in cloud issues with Roomba.

3. Roomba Has Power Problems

See, if your Roomba constantly shuts off due to power issues it will also disconnect from the cloud at each of the outages.

4. The Router Is Too Far Away

Putting your router too far away from the cleaning robot’s usual path will result in the device’s inability to talk with the cloud.

5. Wrong Network

You must have your Roomba connected to a 2.4GHz network for it to work and connect with the cloud.

After getting enveloped in what is possibly causing the problem, let’s move on to our solutions.

How To Fix When The Cloud Cannot Talk To Roomba Try Again Later?

fix cloud cannot talk to roomba

The “try again later” cloud error will particularly occur whenever your robot is disconnected from the internet or isn’t connected at all.

This “try again” message lets you know that you should practically reconnect to the cloud later, whenever your Roomba has internet.

Here’s how to fix your Roomba’s cloud problem in easy solutions:

Solution #1 Reconnect Your Roomba To WiFi

The first thing you should attempt is to reconnect your Roomba with the WiFi.

reconnect wifi

When getting your robot paired, it will automatically restore its connection with the cloud and start communicating, therefore enabling your features.

Alert: Use ONLY a 2.4GHz network to connect your Romba, since its software doesn’t support 5GHz threads yet.

Here’s how to reconnect your iRobot Roomba to the WiFi in easy steps:

  1. Open the Roomba home app.
  2. Connect your phone to the WiFi you wish your Roomba to operate in.
  3. Select “Add Robot” in the app.
  4. Write down a name for your robot.
  5. Tap on Connect to pair your Roomba with your device’s WiFI.
  6. Wait for the setup to be completed.
Note: It’s important to have your device that has the Roomba app installed already connected with the WiFi.

Solution #2 Hard Reset iRobot Roomba

If the iRobot Roomba still fails to connect with the cloud, you will want to perform a hard reset on your robot.

That process is going to completely power cycle the robot which will solve any bugs and glitches preventing the device from talking with the cloud.

Here’s how to hard reset your Roomba robot in easy solutions:

  1. Take your Roomba upside down.
  2. Grab a Philips-headed screwdriver.
  3. Undo the bolts that are holding the bottom cover of your Roomba.
  4. Take out the bottom panel and expose the battery of your Roomba.
  5. Eject the battery out of the compartment.
  6. Keep the battery outside of your robot for 5 minutes straight.
  7. Re-attach the battery inside your robot once this time has elapsed.
  8. Test your device.
Note: There’s a chance that your Roomba will get disconnected from the WiFi after the power reset.

Solution #3 Fix Internet Issues

fix internet issues

Any internet issues will prevent your Roomba from getting connected to the WiFi, therefore the device won’t connect with the cloud either.

When your Roomba is unable to connect with the WiFi, it is only due to issues with the internet of your own.

Here are some simple ways to troubleshoot internet issues in your setup:

Power Cycle Router

Perform the power cycle process on your router, by unplugging it from the power source for roughly 5 minutes. Re-attach the adapter once that cooldown ends and test.

Reconnect Internet Cable

Disconnect the internet cable from your router and standby for 60 seconds again. Reattach the internet and reconnect your Roomba to check if it’s going to connect with the cloud.

Reduce Network Usage

Internet issues could occur due to increased bandwidth usage. Prevent high-data downloads, streaming, seeding, and uploading until the rest of the guide.

Note: Make sure to test whether your Roomba is going to get connected after each of the troubleshooting attempts you see above.

Solution #4 Relocate Router Unit

Chances are that your router is too far away from Roomba to keep it connected all of the time.

Although you’re using a 2.4GHz network to connect your Roomba, it is still uncertain what distance can both units withhold.

That’s why we want you to relocate the router unit as close as possible to your Roomba’s cleaning paths and scheduled areas throughout the day.

Users find it comforting to put their router in the living room where their Roomba is often close to, so it can stay connected all of the time.

Note: Ensure that the router is not blocked by any solid objects or other transmitters that can form interference.

Solution #5 Factory Reset iRobot Roomba

reset your roomba

If nothing worked in your favor from our solutions so far, you should attempt the factory reset on the Roomba robot.

That will solve any software issues the device may have and get it talking with the cloud once again.

Here’s how to factory reset your iRobot Roomba in easy steps:

  1. On your Roomba, press the Home, Spot, and the Clean buttons altogether.
  2. Wait for the LED around the Clean button to start flickering.
  3. Let go of the three buttons only when you see the LED flashing.
Note: If you let go of the buttons before the LED starts to flash, you may miss out on the factory reset of your robot.

Thus, to fix a Roomba robot whenever it cannot connect to the cloud, ensure that the device is paired with a 2.4GHz WiFi first. Then solve internet issues, position both devices in close proximity and finally, perform a factory reset on your robot.

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Bottom Line:

After learning why the cloud cannot talk to Roomba we hope you were successful in solving the problem.

Keep one thing in mind that the technical assistance behind your Roomba’s warranty will always help you if you struggle with issues related to their product!

Nicole B