roomba battery light flashing orange

Asking what is causing the Roomba battery light flashing orange issue?

Actually, an orange battery flashing on your Roomba doesn’t certainly mean that your device has run into a problem.

Instead, the orange flashing of your Roomba indicates the state of the device’s battery and what follows in regard to the device’s functionality.

To fix your Roomba from flashing in orange, wait for the 16hr recovery if the pulsing is quick. Ensure the power adapter of your Roomba is attached properly and switch the power source. Perform a battery reset on your Roomba to fix the issue.

Why Is Roomba Battery Light Flashing Orange?

There are quite a few orange patterns flashing on your Roomba robot, and here we’ll uncover what each of them means.

Why Is Roomba Flashing Orange Slowly?

If your Roomba is pulsing in orange slowly while charging, it means that everything is okay with the robot.

A slow pulsing orange light means that the charge supply is sufficient and your iRobot Roomba is currently receiving a charge at a normal level.

Why Is Roomba Flashing Orange Rapidly?

A rapidly blinking orange light on your Roomba indicates that the device has to go through a 16hr battery recovery.

If the battery of your robot needs immediate service (the 16hr recovery), the rapid orange light will occur as soon as you connect the robot with a charging source.

Why Is Roomba Battery Light Flashing Orange And Beeping?

If your Roomba is flashing in orange color and also beeping, it means that the device is failing to receive a charge.

In most cases, it indicates that the source doesn’t supply any power or that the charging circuitry isn’t detecting the electricity flow.

Those were all of the orange blinking patterns you can detect on your Roomba. To solve the issue, proceed with our guide below.

How To Fix Roomba Battery Light Is Flashing Orange?

fix roomba battery light flashing orange

Make sure to follow our solutions in their respective order for the best effects at troubleshooting your robot.

Additionally, test your iRobot Roomba after each of the fix attempts to figure out if the issue is fixed.

Here’s how to fix our Roomba in easy solutions:

Solution #1 Reconnect Charging Adapter

The first thing you can attempt is easy. You should reconnect the charging adapter of your iRobot Roomba to check if the orange light problem will be solved.

Sometimes a bug or a glitch may cause the device to flash in the orange light you’re seeing. To fix it, you should simply reconnect the Roomba from the charging outlet.

Disconnect the charging adapter of Roomba or if you’re using a charging station, reattach the robot from the station.

Standby for 5 minutes and then reconnect the robot to the charging source it was previously connected to.

Note: If you’re using a power adapter, ensure that it is secured both into the power source and your iRobot Roomba.

Solution #2 Plug To A Different Outlet

use different outlet

Another reason for the orange light is whenever the robot isn’t receiving a charge from the outlet.

If that’s the case, we suggest plugging Roomba into an alternative power outlet to solve the problem.

You should use an outlet that previously had another device plugged on, so you can trust the outlet’s functionality.

Once again, make sure that all cables attached to Roomba and the outlet are secured and check if the orange light will go away.

Alert: Problems with power outlets may occur after or during a power outage.

Solution #3 Hard Reset Roomba

If plugging the robot into an alternative outlet didn’t help, we suggest performing a hard reset on the robot to solve the problem.

This will entirely discharge the device out of any remaining electricity and you will be able to determine if the problem is related to the battery.

Here’s how to hard reset your Roomba in easy steps:

  1. Turn your Roomba upside down.
  2. Loosen the Edge sweeping brush with the assistance of a flat head screwdriver.
  3. Loosen the other 5 screws on the bottom that are retaining the bottom panel of the robot.
  4. Unclip the original battery of your Roomba.
  5. Standby for 5 minutes.
  6. Re-attach the battery and install all of the screws you’ve taken off.
Note: Make sure to wait for no less than 5 minutes otherwise the hard reset won’t be successful.

Solution #4 Factory Reset Roomba

reset your roomba

If a hard reset didn’t work on your robot either, you shall attempt a factory reset.

This will cause all of the software configurations made on your device to be reverted back to their factory values.

Here’s how to factory reset your Roomba:

  1. On your robot, locate the Home, Spot, and Clean buttons.
  2. Press all of these 3 buttons simultaneously.
  3. Wait for the first ring and let go of the buttons.
  4. Your Roomba will now reset.
Note: Make sure not to press anything until your Roomba indicates that the reset is complete with the second ding.

Solution #5 Wait On 16hr Battery Recovery

If a factory reset didn’t work either, then your Roomba is probably undergoing the 16hr battery recovery.

If the orange flashing is rapid and appears only when your robot is connected to the power, the battery has entered service mode.

You will want to connect the vacuum cleaner to the charger and let it idle for 15-16 hours, based on how bad the battery is.

This will solve the orange flashing issue and you will be able to use your Roomba once again!

Note: If the battery is in a too bad state, the robot will be unresponsive. Only when plugged in, the rapid orange light will start flashing.

How To Prevent iRobot Roomba Flashing Orange Battery Light In The Future?

preventing flashing orange light

Especially the rapid blinking orange light is something you can take care of to avoid dealing with again.

There is a certain internal process that is ongoing within your Roomba when not connected to a charging source.

In that regard, even when your Roomba robot isn’t cleaning, there are still processes consuming the device’s power.

Here are some quick tips to avoid dealing with battery issues with Roomba robots in the future:

1. Always Plug Roomba

When iRobot Roomba isn’t on its schedule, you should connect the device to a charger regardless of whether it is a station or not.

If the device is on a station, it will automatically disconnect and start cleaning, otherwise, you will have to unplug it.

2. Always Wait For 16hr Recovery

When the battery is significantly getting discharged, the 16hr recovery will trigger.

Do not unplug your robot for the time being to avoid a total failure of the battery unit inside of the robot.

3. Always Keep The Battery In Place

Even when not having your robot plugged, don’t hurry to disengage the battery to avoid power issues.

That’s a big mistake and can significantly impact the battery life.

Those were the smart tips you can take into consideration to avoid future battery troubles with your iRobot Roomba.

To fix the orange light on the Roomba robot, first, reconnect the device from the power and plug it into a different power source. Then perform a power reset on the device and make sure the battery is attached properly. Lastly, execute a factory reset on the device.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know what causes the Roomba battery light flashing orange issue, we hope you were able to solve the problem easily.

If your Roomba’s warranty is still intact, consider returning the vacuum if the issue seems to be persisting after our thorough troubleshooting solutions!

Nicole B