spotify stopping after 10 seconds

Getting annoyed because Spotify stopping after 10 seconds? Read along to find the answer!

Spotify could stop due to several reasons including your WiFi connectivity or the song itself.

Reading this post, you will familiarize yourself with all possibilities, what could be causing the issue, and how to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Spotify could be stopping/closing due to connection insecurities as well as corrupted data in the app. It is also possible that the song/playlist you’re listening to has interruptions, therefore your song will be interrupted soon after playing it.

Let’s discuss this inquiry a little better and learn all of the causes that could make your Spotify pause the playout after a short period.

Why Does Spotify Keeps Stopping After 10 Seconds?

Many users stumbled into this issue lately, thus there are a lot of available solutions.

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Generally, the problem could be related to everything from networking problems to issues with the application itself or the media.

Down below we have provided most of the cases users have reported, where Spotify stops after approximately 10 seconds of playtime.

Problem with Your WiFi

A network issue could be causing your Spotify to stop after a short streaming period.

Application Issue

Corrupted data or a problem with your Spotify account could prevent you from listening to songs all the way.

Song/Playlist Issue

It is possible that the song or the playlist you’re playing is corrupted, therefore Spotify will prevent you from listening to them.

Outdated Phone

Outdated firmware of your smartphone device, could result in issues with a variety of applications, including Spotify.

Outdated Spotify

Lastly, if your Spotify app is outdated, you might run into some troubles while playing any media.

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Having all possibilities up from you can now move on to the best solutions to troubleshoot your Spotify and solve the problem in a matter of minutes.

How To Fix Spotify Stopping After 10 Seconds?

fix spotify stopping after 10 seconds

Remember to apply our solutions in the order that they are listed below.

This will help you identify and solve the problem faster than if you skip and randomly apply solutions.

Here is how to resolve your Spotify problems that keep pausing your song after 10 seconds:

Solution #1 Try With Downloaded Songs

You should start with a little bit of investigation.

To understand whether the problem appears due to network shortage or a buggy mp3, you should try playing songs locally (not via network).

Start by downloading some of the songs that the issue appeared on for offline usage.

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Under each song on Spotify, you will have the option to download them while you’re connected to WiFi, so you could later play them without being connected to the internet.

Then disconnect from the WiFi/cellular and play those songs.

If locally everything is fine and songs do not stop, jump straight to solution #3. If not, proceed along with re-opening the application first.

Solution #2 Reopen And Relog From Spotify

re login to spotify

This conditional solution involves re-logging from your Spotify account and then reopening the application.

If the issue is based on a problematic startup this is the best solution you can do next.

Follow the steps down below to relog and restart the Spotify app:

  1. Tap the “Settings” icon in your Spotify account.
  2. Select “Logout” and close the application.
  3. Remove Spotify from your memory cache.
  4. Open Spotify and log back into your account.
  5. Try playing anything to determine if the issue is still there.
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Tip: Try playing multiple songs in Spotify to figure out whether the problem is with a single mp3 file or not.

If the problem occurs with all of your songs, then proceed with the next solution.

Solution #3 Try Mobile Data

use mobile data spotify

If the problem does not appear when playing locally downloaded files, then you should exclude the WiFi from the equation and try Spotify with your mobile data.

The WiFi could become unstable at some point; therefore you will be interrupted very short after playing anything from Spotify.

Keep in mind that this solution only works for mobile devices. If Spotify is on PC, you could also try bypassing the WiFi, by hooking up your router directly to your PC via Ethernet cable.

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Another way around would be to share a hotspot from your mobile phone, which is mobile data, connect your PC to the hotspot WiFi, and test.

If the issue does not occur whenever you’re using a different source of internet, perhaps you should identify the problem in your network and WiFi.

In case the problem persists regardless of what internet you’re using let’s proceed with updating the app.

Solution #4 Update Spotify

If your Spotify is stopping after 10 seconds of playout, maybe the application is outdated.

Having the latest firmware version will not only resolve issues but you will also have an updated interface and better functionality of the application.

To update Spotify, follow the steps down below:

  1. Based on whether you’re using Spotify on PC or mobile, go to the app store.
  2. Write “Spotify” in the search field and locate the application.
  3. Search for an “Update” button, which should be on the position of the “Download” label.
  4. Wait for the installation to be finished & applied.
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Once you have updated Spotify, determine if the problem is going to be resolved now.

Solution #5 Update Your Phone

If Spotify was already up to date, perhaps you will resolve the issue by updating your smartphone’s OS.

Your smartphone might be interrupting the playout of your Spotify so it’s best to update it before you move on any further.

You can initiate software updates by heading to Settings > General > Software Update > Update.

If your phone is already updated by any chance, you can check for potential hotfixes on the manufacturer’s website.

Solution #6 Reinstall Spotify

reinstall spotify

Reinstalling Spotify might be your best shot at resolving the random pauses problem.

Down below we have provided complete instructions for both the PC Spotify application and the mobile version.

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Reinstall Spotify On Smartphone

To reinstall Spotify on your smartphone device, follow the steps down below:

  1. Open the storage unit of your device and locate Spotify.
  2. Highlight the application and tap on “Uninstall”.
  3. Wait for the process to complete and head to the app store.
  4. Download Spotify back on your phone and log in to your account.

Once you’re done, check if the problem still persists.

Reinstall Spotify On PC

To reinstall Spotify on your computer, you can follow the guideline below:

  1. Go to the control panel of your computer and search for Spotify.
  2. Locate the application and initiate uninstall.
  3. Go to the official webpage of Spotify and download it to your computer again.
  4. Login to your account and test.
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If the issue is still not resolved, proceed with completing the guide with one last attempt to identify the problem.

Solution #7 Try With A Different Account

If nothing worked so far, we suggest trying Spotify with a different account.

A large number of users report that this issue could be related to accounting problems, and you may have to reach out to Spotify in order to resolve it.

To try Spotify with a different account, follow the steps down below:

  1. Log out of Spotify and once you’re at the login screen, tap “Sign Up”.
  2. Input your new account’s credentials and confirm the email.
  3. Choose to use the free version of Spotify.
  4. Login to your new Spotify and play any mp3 file.
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If the problem is fixed once you’ve acquired a brand-new account, you may have to message Spotify support to take a look at your account.

In case the issue appears even with newly made accounts try to tighten down the circle of possibilities.

Answer these questions first, and then contact the Spotify customer service for help:

  • Does the problem appear on PC or only on your smartphone?
  • Does the issue happen only on a number of songs or on ALL of them?
  • When did the issue start to appear?

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Bottom Line:

Thus, if Spotify keeps pausing your songs, try updating Spotify and relog from your account. Try downloading songs for offline usage and login into Spotify from a different account. Lastly, update your smartphone device and try listening to Spotify with mobile data.

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Now that you know why Spotify stopping after 10 seconds of listening to songs, we hope you’ve been able to resolve the problem.

It is never excluded that Spotify’s platform is simply going through some troubles so you might have to call a friend or family member to justify this assumption.

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