sony soundbar won't power on

If your Sony soundbar won’t power on, then this guide is just for you!

Your Sony soundbar’s power supply could be impacted by quite a few factors and we’ll not only list them out but also provide you with the respective solutions.

Stay around by the end of the guide to learn all possible ways to fix when the Sony soundbar is not turning on!

Your Sony Soundbar may be refusing to power on, due to an issue with the power source or a problem with the power button.

On the other hand, your soundbar could be having software issues (UI Glitch) or the hardware has been impacted and is now, faulty!

Keep reading to learn all about the methods that’ll fix your Sony Soundbar!

Sony Soundbar Won’t Turn On – Problem Explained!

sony soundbar won't turn on explained

Before we proceed with the essential troubleshooting guide, let’s first identify the source of the problem with your Sony soundbar.

We’ve managed to extract absolutely everything that might impact the power state of your soundbar so let’s take a closer look:

  • A Malfunction with the Soundbar’s Power Source
  • The Power Button is Stuck/Doesn’t Click
  • The Power Adapter Has Gone Faulty
  • A Software Problem with the Sony Soundbar
  • Unfunctional Third-Party Connectors and Appliances

Keep reading to learn how to address the following problems with clever methods!

How to Fix When Sony Soundbar Won’t Power On?

fix when sony soundbar won't power on

It’s now time to start the solution guide which will help us learn more about why the soundbar is not turning on and why is that happening.

It’s only important to follow the order of our solutions in order to have the best efficiency when troubleshooting.

Let’s start!

Solution #1 Attempt the *Power Button Trick*

Before we try something more complicated, you should first do the power button trick also known as pressing the power switch in a specific way.

If the button that powers on your soundbar is stuck or isn’t responding to light presses, this method will fix the problem.

  • Locate the power button on your Sony Soundbar!
attempt the power button trick

Follow these instructions to try the power button trick on your soundbar:

  1. Long press the button for 10-15 seconds.
  2. Check if the soundbar will power on.
  3. Proceed by pressing the power button 5-10 times (at 1-second intervals).
  4. Disconnect the Sony soundbar from the power.
  5. Do another long press of the power button for 15-20 seconds.
  6. Plug the soundbar back into the power.
  7. Try to power on the Sony soundbar now…

If your Sony soundbar doesn’t seem to be booting up after pressing the power button, there’s probably a problem with the power income of the device.

To learn more, keep reading!

Solution #2 Hard Reset the Sony Soundbar

Another standard solution for power problems with the soundbar is to perform a Hard Reset on the device.

This method is proven to work by many users, as it discharges your device out of all electricity and addresses issues with the hardware/software.

hard reset the sony soundbar

Here’s how to perform a Hard Reset on your Sony Soundbar easily:

  1. Hold the Power button on your soundbar for 10 seconds.
  2. Unplug the Power Adapter from the soundbar and from the power source.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes, while the cable is disconnected.
  4. Re-attach the power cable of the Sony device back into the power.
  5. Plug the soundbar’s end of the power adapter, back into the device.
  6. Try to turn on the soundbar by pressing the power button.

If the soundbar has received electricity successfully, the LED of the device should light up as soon as you press the power button.

If there’s a problem with the equipment or hardware of the device, the soundbar won’t respond upon pressing the power button.

Note: To completely discharge the soundbar, you must keep it unplugged for longer!

Solution #3 Reset the System of the Soundbar

reset the system of the soundbar

If there’s a software problem with the soundbar, you could quickly resolve the problem by performing a System Reset.

This is relatively easy to do, as all you have to do is press a combination of buttons on the device.

Follow these steps to reset the system of the soundbar:

  1. Locate the Power, Volume Up, and Input Select buttons.
  2. Press and hold this combination of buttons for at least 5 seconds.
  3. After counting to 5 seconds, release the buttons.
  4. Disconnect all cables from your Sony Soundbar.
  5. Wait for another 30 seconds, while the soundbar is kept unplugged.
  6. Reconnect only the Sony soundbar to power and test.

Once the system reset has been completed, your soundbar’s LED should light up upon plugging the device into power.

This is an indication that the device is working and if you see no lights, it’s possible that some of the components are faulty.

However, there is much more to attempt!

Solution #4 Use Another Power Source

use another power sources

If the issue wasn’t resolved by now, it’s likely that there’s a problem with the power source of your soundbar.

To test things out, you should connect the device to an alternative electrical outlet and try to turn it on the device.

In addition, you could test the current power source of the soundbar, by connecting a phone charger or another electrical appliance. You’ll be able to tell whether there is a power flow.

Here’s how to plug your Sony Soundbar into another power source:

  1. Unplug all cables from your Sony soundbar.
  2. Find another suitable outlet to install your soundbar.
  3. Reposition your audio equipment (or the soundbar only).
  4. Connect the Power Adapter to a standalone power outlet.
  5. Tip: Avoid using power splitters or smart plugs!
  6. Press and hold the Power Button for 5 – 10 seconds.

To verify that the new power source of the Sony Soundbar is functional, test with another appliance beforehand. For instance, try to charge your phone from a new source and determine if there’s a reliable electricity flow.

Alert: Avoid using faulty power outlets!

Solution #5 Examine the Power Outlet/Components

examine the power outlet components

Different third-party appliances, outlet connectors, and extenders could affect the functionality of your Sony Soundbar and damage the device.

In this solution, you should get rid of all third-party components in the setup of your Sony Soundbar and test the device.

Here are the devices you should remove from the setup if they are installed:

  • Power Source Connectors
  • Power Adapter Extenders
  • Plug-Ins to the Electrical Outlet
  • Power Strips/Dividers 

We should also mention that some electrical outlets have a Power Switch that could enable/disable the electricity from the power source.

So, inspect your Sony’s power adapter and flick the switch to “ON”. In the typical American household, the power source switches are a base kit and are often encountered.

Note: After removing unnecessary third-party components, test the soundbar’s power!

Solution #6 Replace the Power Adapter!

replace the power adapter

If nothing managed to fix your Sony Soundbar this far into the guide, this issue is probably occurring due to a malfunction with the power adapter.

When a soundbar is used for too long, its equipment will often go faulty at some point and require a replacement.

In that set of thoughts, it’s best to order a new power cable for your soundbar (since it is detachable on both ends) and test the audio device with a new cable. 

Sony Soundbar Power Adapter!

If your Sony Soundbar’s power adapter has been damaged or is no longer working, we recommend the UpBright 19.5V AC/DC Adapter, compatible with all Sony audio appliances.

Not only does the cable come at an approachable price, but it’ll also deliver quality to your soundbar as well.

Tip: Another thing you could do is contact Sony Customer Service to claim your warranty!

Quick Recap:

To fix when your Sony Soundbar won’t power on, try the power button trick first and power cycle the device.

If that didn’t have any effect, plug the soundbar into a different outlet, reset the system of the device, and replace the power adapter cable.

We hope that this guide was informational and for more related content, check our blog!

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