sony bravia tv turns off by itself

Bewildered by why your Sony Bravia TV turns off by itself? The unusual behavior of your Sony TV can be explained in simple terms, but in order to do that, we must learn more.

Stay with us throughout the guide, to learn all possible causes as well as the solutions!

Your Sony Bravia TV is likely to turn off (or even on) by itself if the BRAVIA Sync feature is activated or there’s a power problem with the device.

It is possible that the TV’s behavior is influenced by a connected third-party device or there is a software issue.

Let’s dig deeper!

Why Does Sony Bravia TV Turns Off And On Repeatedly?

If your TV turns off by itself once or twice, it is nothing alarming, but if the ominous restarts reoccur repeatedly, then surely there’s a problem we must look into.

By the looks of it, if your Sony keeps restarting uncontrollably, it is either due to a settings problem or a hardware issue!

7 Reasons Why Sony TV Turns Off By Itself

reasons why sony tv turns off by itself
  1. Activated BRAVIA™ Sync feature
  2. Power issues with the Sony TV
  3. A recent/ongoing power outage
  4. Fault with the electrical outlet
  5. The remote is sending false signals
  6. Your Sony TV has a software problem
  7. The motherboard of the TV is faulty

To find out the best resolutions to your Sony Bravia TV problem, keep reading!

Sony Bravia TV Turns Off By Itself – Proven Solutions!

Make sure that your Sony Bravia TV is connected to power and that you’re not on any input.

If you’ve added tuner channels or connected cable TV to your Sony Bravia, it’s best to test on those channels, rather than other online platforms or broadcasts!

1. Deactivate the BRAVIA™ Sync Feature

deactivate the bravia sync feature

With BRAVIA sync, your Sony TV can be controlled with the remote of an external device, that is connected with HDMI or HDMI-ARC cable.

BRAVIA Sync is primarily used with Sony soundbar, Blu-Ray device, DVD, and potentially a console, to create the required power sync.

  • Your Sony TV could both turn on/off with the BRAVIA sync feature!

Here are the steps to turn off BRAVIA sync on your Sony TV:

  1. Press the HOME button on your remote control.
  2. Head into the [Settings] tab and then > [External Inputs].
  3. Navigate to [Bravia Sync Settings] > [Auto Devices Off].
  4. Choose the [Off] button to deactivate the feature.
Note: Keep the BRAVIA sync disabled throughout the rest of this guide!

2. Power Cycle the Bravia TV

power cycle the bravia tv

To resolve potential power outages with your Sony and correct the power flow of the device, we recommend the power cycle process.

There are numerous benefits to power cycling your TV periodically as it resolves any issues with the hardware/software of the device!

Here are the complete steps to power cycling your Sony Bravia TV:

  1. Press the power button on your Sony remote control.
  2. Once the TV has shut down, unplug the power cable.
  3. Wait for the next 50-60 seconds without doing anything.
  4. Reconnect the power adapter of the Sony TV back into power.
  5. Use the remote control to turn on your Sony TV and test.
Note: It may take 1 up to 2 minutes after the power cycle for the problem with your Sony TV to reoccur so stay sharp!

3. Update the Software!

update the software

Constant restarting with your Sony Bravia TV could take place if the firmware is outdated.

This is a way for the TV to signal for an update that must be uploaded, but you haven’t enabled it from the settings of the TV so this is the next step.

  • The Sony TV needs to be connected to the WiFi to update the software!

Here’s how to update the software of your Sony Bravia TV easily:

  1. Press the HOME button on your Sony remote control.
  2. Navigate into the Settings tab from the home page.
  3. Choose “Product Support” or “Customer Support”.
  4. Press on “Automatic Software Update” > “ON”.
  5. Hit the “Enter” button on the remote control and wait.
Note: If your Sony Bravia does start a firmware update, cease all interactions with the TV in the upcoming 4-5 minutes (the update’s length).

4. Unplug Third-Party Devices

unplug third party devices

Even if we deactivated the BRAVIA Sync feature already, your Sony TV’s power behavior can still be influenced by other in-built sync settings to your external devices.

To make sure your Sony TV is not controlled in any way, you should unplug all third-party devices temporarily!

  • Disconnect all devices connected via HDMI, RCA, Coax, or HDMI-ARC
Notice: Do not reconnect any of the third-party devices until identifying the true cause!

5. Plug the TV into a Different Outlet

It is possible that the rebooting problem of your Sony TV is caused by a power fluctuation with the electrical outlet.

When an electrical outlet goes defective, it could cut the power supply to the connected device temporarily and then restore it, causing your TV to reboot repeatedly!

plug tv into a different outlet
  • Plug your Sony Bravia TV into a proven electrical outlet and test it!
Tip: To test the outlet of your Sony TV, charge your phone from the very same outlet and wait for 15 minutes to determine if the power will stop!

6. Move the Remote Out of Sight

A potential problem with the remote could cause the device to send false signals toward the Sony TV, making it turn off by itself.

Though it is rare, your Sony Bravia may be shutting down only while the remote is close to the TV and the infrared signals are reaching the IR “eye”.

move the remote out of sight

The Remote Is Sending False Signals. What Now?

To resolve the problem, replace the batteries of the remote as the performance of the unit may get disrupted if the batteries are running low on charge.

Most Sony Bravia TV remotes use two AAA 1.5V batteries, so replace them as soon as possible.

Note: Test whether the Sony TV will keep restarting when the remote batteries are out!

7. Factory Reset Sony Bravia TV

Perhaps the most efficient way to resolve the problem is to perform a factory reset on the TV!

factory reset sont bravia tv

We’ve kept this solution for the last because it causes all information on your Sony Bravia TV (settings, apps, files, data, media) to be completely erased without any exceptions.

  • Be informed that lost data due to a factory reset cannot be recovered!

Follow these instructions to perform a factory reset on your Sony Bravia:

  1. Head into the [Settings] tab of your Sony Bravia.
  2. Go to [Device Preferences] > [Reset] next.
  3. Choose [Factory Data Reset] > [Reset Everything].
  4. Press “OK” on your remote to start the process.
  5. Wait until your Sony TV is done resetting itself.
Notice: Once the factory reset finalizes, you will be brought back to the initial setup prompts of your Sony Bravia TV.

What To Do When Sony TV Turns On By Itself?

If your Sony Bravia is experiencing the same problem but the other way around (turns ON by itself), it is most likely due to a recent power outage.

If your Sony TV has been turned off inappropriately (by a power outage), it will restart as soon as the power comes back!

How to Prevent Bravia TV From Turning On By Itself?

prevent from turning on

Toggle BRAVIA Sync On/Off, at Settings > External Inputs > BRAVIA Sync Settings > Auto Devices Off > [OFF].

Remove third-party connectors, such as power strips, dividers, power cord extenders, or smart outlets connected in the setup.

Use a different TV input, on the back of your Bravia TV or disconnect all of the devices that are connected and can potentially “wake up” the TV.

Unplug the TV, if you’re experiencing this issue overnight or when not using the TV!

Reset the circuit breaker of the room that your Sony Bravia TV is in, to address any issues with power fluctuations.

Alert: If you’re experiencing other power-related issues in other rooms of your household, it’s better to seek professional assistance from a qualified technician!

Need More Help?

In case your Sony Bravia TV continues to behave weirdly – turns off or on by itself, well then it’s time to seek some professional help.

The best way to acquire help soon is by contacting their support team and Sony Help Center and sharing the issue that you’ve been facing.

Quick Recap:

Thus, the working solution when Sony Bravia TV turns off by itself, is to deactivate the BRAVIA™Sync feature and power cycle the device. If the issue persists after that, unplug all external devices, update the software of the TV, and trigger a factory reset process.

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