sony bravia factory reset without remote

If you don’t know how Sony Bravia factory reset without remote is done, then this guide is just for you so keep reading.

The Sony Bravia TVs can be operated even without the remote control. There should be buttons on the panel of your TV, but there is no reset button to help you.

Instead, there is a specific method to factory reset Sony Bravia TV without a remote and here you’ll learn what.

The factory reset on your Sony Bravia TV is possible using the panel buttons located on the right side of your TV. However, there is no dedicated RESET button so you would need to use the reset method that also includes a power circulation.

Let’s jump straight into the steps of resetting a Bravia TV without a remote!

Sony Bravia Factory Reset Without Remote? -Steps!

sony bravia factory reset

Resetting your Sony Bravia TV without having hardware remote is possible and takes from 1 minute up to 5 minutes based on your TV’s performance.

Fortunately, Sony has also made it possible for you to operate the initial setup that comes after the factory reset, using the hardware buttons on the device.

Let’s now get into how you can factory reset your Sony Bravia TV without a remote:

Step #1 Unplug Your TV’s Power

To factory reset your Sony Bravia TV, you must unplug it from the power outlet first.

Walking out from that, the factory reset is triggered only whenever your TV is shut down (if you don’t have a remote).

In that regard, you need to cut the power to your Sony TV by unplugging it from the power entirely.

If you have a power strip or divider that your Sony TV is plugged into, feel free to hit the power button on the strip so you don’t have to bother reconnecting the cable later.

Tip: You will need to control the power of your TV during the reset, so make sure to be easily accessible.

Step #2 Locate Sony Bravia TV Side Buttons

locate side buttons

As we’ve mentioned in the previous step, you will be using the hardware buttons of your Sony Bravia TV for the factory reset.

Before that, you will have to find their location on the panels of your Sony TV.

The buttons of the Sony Bravia TV are located on the back panel on the right side.

There, you will find three buttons you will need for the process:

  • The power button
  • The Volume + button
  • The Volume – button

These buttons will help you navigate through your TV’s initial setup once the factory reset is done.

Although you will not be using the Volume + button for the reset, it will help you browse the menus later during the setup.

Tip: If you cannot find the buttons, examine your TV”s back panel completely, since you may be having an older Bravia TV model.

Step #3 Begin The Factory Reset

begin factory reset

With the preparation steps taken care of, it’s time to trigger the factory reset without using the remove.

The only important thing is that you must have clear access to the TV’s power adapter and the power source plug.

Here’s how to start the factory reset on your Sony Bravia TV in easy steps:

  1. Disconnect the power adapter.
  2. Grab a hold of the power adapter (make sure the power source is in reach).
  3. With the other of your hand, press the Power and the Volume down buttons.
  4. Simultaneously, plug the power adapter of the Sony Bravia TV into the source.
  5. Wait for the LED to turn green and let go of both of the buttons.
When the reset starts the LED would be in white color. It will take about 25-30 seconds to turn green and then you should let go of the buttons.

Even if you fail the first time, attempt again without much concern. This is how the factory reset is done without a remote.

Note: It might take several attempts to get the reset going.

Step #4 Wait For The Reset To Be Complete

As we’ve mentioned back in step #1, the reset may take from 1 up to 5 minutes based on the TV’s performance.

Regardless of the time, you should not unplug your TV from the power at any cost during the time to prevent serious complications.

It’s important to give your Sony Bravia TV as much time as it needs to display the Sony logo.

When the logo appears, that would mean that the TV is reset and it's time to configure it.

How Do I Know When The Reset Is Complete?

know reset is complete

That’s simple. As you probably know, a factory reset will erase all contents from your TV.

Walking out of that, there won’t be any software settings applied to begin with, so you will be sent to the TV’s initial process.

In conclusion, you will know that the factory reset on your Sony Bravia TV is complete as soon as you see the “Choose Language” prompt.

This will be the first setting you will have to adjust from the initial setup and it will be the first thing displayed after the factory reset.

Note: The reset will not be successful when the TV sends you to the home screen and everything is still there.

What To Do After Factory Reset?

When the factory reset on your Sony Bravia TV is complete, but you’re not sure what to do without a remote, keep reading.

Not having a remote, especially during and after the factory reset is tough as expected but not impossible.

Luckily, Sony has made it possible for all of their models to be controlled manually with the hardware buttons so let’s learn how to use them:

Which Buttons Do I Need To Complete The Setup?

Without a remote, there are two back panel buttons you can use to control your TV’s prompts with:

  • The power button
  • The Volume – button

The power button will not turn off the TV as long as you don’t long-press it.

The power button of your Sony TV works like a menu button only whenever pressed once.

If it’s held for 10 seconds, only then it will shut down your TV.

How To Complete The Sony Initial Setup?

complete initial setup
  1. Choose the language of your Sony TV using the power, volume +/- buttons.
  2. Skip the step for making your TV compatible with your phone or tablet.
  3. Skip the WiFi setup.
  4. Select your region.
  5. Read the privacy policy and tap “Accept agreement”.
  6. Check out the rest of the on-screen instructions.

The problem is that you cannot complete most of the initial setup’ steps without a remote.

Perhaps, a universal unit would do you good with your Sony Bravia TV so consider getting a new remote.

Thus, to factory reset your Sony Bravia TV without a remote, you need to locate and use the side panel buttons. Then you would need to disconnect your TV from the power and hold the Power + Volume down buttons while plugging your TV into the power.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you’re aware of what the Sony Bravia factory reset without remote method includes, you’re ready to attempt it on your own.

Don’t forget that you have to do things simultaneously, otherwise, it won’t work. There is no limit on how many attempts you have and we wish you good luck!

Nicole B