sony bravia color distortion problem

The Sony Bravia color distortion problem is a common, yet easy complication to deal with which typically translates to odd colors, abnormal picture, and distortion.

Half of the solution is knowing how to manage the TV picture settings correctly and the rest is troubleshooting…

If you are experiencing color distortion on your Sony Bravia TV, the first step is to correct the TV color settings and check for faults with the video input.

In case the Sony TV alone is experiencing color distortion, you should troubleshoot by performing a factory reset.

The solution sounds easier than it is, so continue reading!

How to Fix Sony Bravia Color Problems in Easy Steps?

fix sony bravia color problems

Quick Tip – Before You Start!

Sometimes there is a color distortion issue in the media file that you are playing on your TV, not with your TV system.

So, simply press the Home button on your remote to navigate to your Sony Bravia TV menu screen and check whether the color distortion also affects the TV menu!

If the color distortion appears even on your Sony TV menu screen, you need troubleshooting!

1. Perform a Soft Reset on the TV

When the Sony Bravia TV does not receive the full power voltage from the wall socket, the TV display suffers from color distortion.

perform a soft reset on the tv

This issue escalates quickly especially when the external cables, such as the power or video cables are loosely connected or suffer insufficiency.

Here is how to perform a soft reset on Sony Bravia TV:

  1. Turn off the TV using the remote control.
  2. Unplug the TV from the power wall outlet.
  3. Disconnect the power cable from the TV.
  4. Let the TV unplugged for about 5 minutes.
  5. Reconnect the power cable back to the TV.
  6. Plug the Sony TV into the wall outlet (directly).
  7. Turn on the TV using the remote control.
  8. Check for color distortion on the TV display.

In case the color distortion continues to appear, proceed with the next solution!

2. Tweak the TV Picture Settings

tweak the tv picture settings

There’s a chance that some incorrect Sony TV display settings are the primary reason why the color distortion continues to appear.

The steps below will show you the Sony TV settings you need to experiment with since they are proven to form a distortion when misconfigured.

How to Adjust the Sony TV Picture Settings? 

  1. Press the Settings button from the Sony TV remote.
  2. Select the Display & Sound option to enter the menu.
  3. Then choose the Picture option to do the adjustment.
  4. Choose the Picture Mode from the available options.
  5. Tip: Select Auto Picture Mode for automatic adjustment.
  6. Adjust the settings for the Light Sensor and Brightness.
  7. Next, adjust the TV Color Saturation level and Hue.
  8. Lastly, tweak and adjust the Clarity settings for the TV. 
Info: These steps are universal and are based on your specific Sony TV model and firmware version, hence they might not apply to your TV. 

If you are having trouble following these steps, feel free to get help from your Sony Bravia TV user manual for the exact menu steps.

3. Reset the TV Picture Settings

reset the tv picture settings

Sometimes the Sony Bravia TV cause a color distortion problem due to issues or glitches with the display settings or configuration.

This is why the ultimate solution that will help us identify whether the distortion comes from the picture settings would be resetting them to default.

How to Reset the Sony TV Picture Settings?

  1. Press the Quick Settings or Menu button on the remote.
  2. Navigate to the Sony TV Settings page to reset them.
  3. Based on your Sony TV model, follow the steps below:
  • Go to Display & Sound > Picture > Reset Picture Settings.
  • Go to Picture & Display > Picture Adjustments > Advanced > Reset.
  • Go to Display > Picture > Reset.
  • Go to System Settings > Picture > Reset.

You can also reset the picture settings on your Sony TV by pressing the Options button on the TV remote control.

This method will allow your TV to reset all display settings to default, and you will no longer experience color distortion. 

4. Use Sony Self-Diagnostic Tool

use sony self-diagnostic tool

The amazing feature of Sony Bravia TV is that it comes with a self-diagnostic tool that detects and identifies any display or picture issues.

If your Sony Bravia color distortion problem is still there, don’t worry; using a self-diagnostic tool will identify and hopefully solve the issue.

Android & Google TV Models:

  1. Press the Home button on the TV remote control.
  2. Locate and click on the Apps and then tap on Help.
  3. Click on the Status & Diagnostics or Problem Diagnosis.
  4. Locate and press the Self-diagnostics option from the list.
  5. Choose the Start option to run the Sony diagnostic tool.
steps for 2014 sony tv models

Steps for 2014 Sony TV Models:

  1. Click on the Home button on the TV remote control.
  2. Press the Help from the upper-right corner of the TV screen.
  3. Choose Customer Support and then the Self Diagnostics option.
  4. Click on Start Self Diagnostics to run the tool on your TV.

As soon as the tool completely runs on your TV system, it will automatically find and resolve the issue.

In case the tool doesn’t automatically identify any issue with the Sony TV, keep reading!

5. Update the Sony Bravia Firmware!

Updating the Sony TV firmware may also automatically resolve the TV’s display color distortion.

It’s very important to keep updating the TV firmware as soon as the latest update is available, thus the best course of action would be to check for firmware updates now, before proceeding! 

update the sony bravia firmware

Update Firmware – Google TV Models:

  1. Press on Quick Settings from the TV remote.
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon from the screen.
  3. Tap on the System and then the About option.
  4. Check for the available firmware updates.
  5. Update your Sony TV firmware if any update is available.

Update Firmware – Android TV Models:

  1. Hold your Sony Bravia TV remote control.
  2. Locate and press the HELP button on the remote.
  3. Click on the Status & Diagnostics on the TV screen.
  4. Click on the System software update.
  5. Check for the available update to upgrade the Sony TV.
update firmware android tv models
Note: Within 10 to 15 minutes, the firmware on your Sony Bravia TV will be installed but make sure not to turn off your TV in the meantime.

6. Inspect the Input Connections!

A loose cable connection with your Sony TV may cause the display to experience various display issues including color distortion, blurring, and many others.

If you have any external devices connected to your TV, double-check the video cable connection between both devices.

Disconnect ALL video inputs from the back of your TV

inspect the input connections

Test whether the color distortion on your Sony Bravia TV also appears when you’re viewing your TV’s raw video output.

This means without any video devices connected to the TV since the issue could be on the input device and not your Sony Bravia TV.

Tip: Sometimes the infrared rays in the surrounding of the TV might also cause color distortion, so look around and desolate any devices that might cause interference.

7. Factory Reset Sony Bravia TV

If you continue to experience color distortion or odd colors on the TV display, then factory resetting your TV to default settings will come in handy.

factory reset the sony bravia tv

Although reset on the TV will clear out all of your saved settings and configuration, they can easily be adjusted from scratch.

How to Factory Reset the Sony Bravia TV?

  1. Ensure that the Sony Bravia TV is powered on work in working order.
  2. Click on the Quick Settings/Home/Action button on the TV remote.
  3. Tap and navigate to the TV Settings or Arrow icon from the screen.
  4. Follow the steps, as per the model and menus of your Sony TV:
  • System > About > Reset  > Factory Data Reset > and Erase Everything > Yes
  • Device Preferences > Reset > Factory Data Reset > and Delete Everything > Yes 
  • Storage & Reset >  Factory Data Reset > Erase Everything > Yes 

Once the TV reset is done then you should no longer experience any color distortion problems!

Need More Help?

contact sony tv support

If you continue to have the same color distortion issue, then your Sony Bravia TV may have a hardware problem that requires professional repair.

For further help, you can contact any nearby professional, claim your warranty from the supplier or reach out to Sony Support for more help!

Quick Recap:

Hence, in an answer to the Sony Bravia color distortion problem, perform a soft reset on your TV, adjust or reset the TV picture settings, and run the self-diagnostic tool. In case that doesn’t help, update the TV firmware, inspect the cables, and/or do a factory reset.

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