sonos move won't connect to bluetooth

When Sonos Move won’t connect to Bluetooth, there are more than one solutions at your disposal to attempt.

In fact, there are simple reasons that can harm the Bluetooth connection and prevent not only Sonos but the variety of Bluetooth devices to connect.

In that guide, you will learn how exactly to solve the connection troubles with your Sonos and get the device connected!

Sonos Move won’t connect whenever the device is either powered off or must be charged with the charging adapter. Additionally, there could be an issue with your smartphone’s Bluetooth, or the speaker is already connected to another device.

Let’s first make sure that you’re connecting the Sonos speaker correctly before we move on to the troubleshooting guide.

How To Connect To Sonos Move Bluetooth?

Sonos Move, the same as with other Bluetooth devices in general, is really easy to get paired to your smartphone, tablet, or even Bluetooth-supporting computer.

However, Sonos supports two modes that can be used, known as WiFi and Bluetooth mode.

Here’s how to quickly get your Sonos Move connected to Bluetooth in easy-to-follow steps:

  1. On the back of the speaker, tap the Power Button to turn on the device and wait for the chime.
  2. Once Sonos chimes once, go on your phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  3. Select the connectivity tab and browse all available Bluetooth connections.
  4. You will want to search for a connection, labeled with “Move”.
  5. Tap on the Sonos’ connection to start pairing with the device.
  6. If the pair was successful, Sonos Move should chime once to indicate that.
  7. If the connection didn’t work, retry the same steps above as you follow the instructions carefully.
Note: Sometimes offline Bluetooth connections can appear on your phone, so you have to enable the Bluetooth feature on the smartphone.

How To Fix When Sonos Move Won’t Connect To Bluetooth?

fix sonos move won't connect to bluetooth

Now that we’ve got the setup process out of the way and you’re familiar with it, you will need to attempt to connect after each solution.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to find out whenever the issue is solved and you might perform many unnecessary steps!

Here are the easiest ways to fix the Bluetooth connection of your Sonos Move:

Solution #1 Change The Mode

If Sonos Move isn’t discoverable in the settings of your device at all, perhaps the mode is set to WiFi, while it has to be on Bluetooth for the speaker to get connected.

If that’s the case, you can change the mode from the MODE button on the back of the speaker, by holding it down for several seconds.

Changing the mode requires holding the MODE button, located beneath the power button, for 5 straight seconds.

How Do I Know When The Mode Is Changed?

Fortunately, Sonos Move’ system will notify you with a chime whenever the mode is successfully changed.

To know better, what mode the speaker is on currently, the LED beneath the Bluetooth label will flash once to let you know.

Note: Ensure to wait for a minute after changing the mode before reattempting the connection.

Solution #2 Restart The Speaker

restart speaker

If changing the mode of the Sonos speaker couldn’t get the problem solved, you should approach the issue with a simple restart.

After all, a temporal bug or a glitch could have impacted the device, preventing it from connecting to any receiver.

Here’s how to restart the Sonos speaker device:

  1. Grab the Sonos speaker and turn it upside down.
  2. Locate the power button, situated and integrated above the MODE button.
  3. Press the power button for 10 seconds.
  4. Wait for the speaker to chime once, which will notify that it has shut down.
  5. Standby for another 60 seconds with the speaker turned off.
  6. Start the device up and test the Bluetooth connection.
Note: Keep in mind that restarting the speaker may revert the mode back to WiFi and you will have to change it to Bluetooth again.

Solution #3 Disconnect Sonos From Other Devices

Sonos Move can only support one-connected device at a time.

This is like that, to avoid Bluetooth interference and confusion of the speaker whenever several music tracks are being played at once.

For the sake of connecting your phone to Sonos, ensure that Move is disconnected from any other devices.

Tablets, laptops, and computers all fall under that count and they must be free of any connections for them to become discoverable in the Bluetooth menu.

Note: To identify what device is connected, check every Bluetooth receiver.

Solution #4 Charge Sonos Move

charge sonos move

Whenever the device is running low on power, you may experience battery throttling, which essentially disables features to keep the device running.

If the charging requirements for basic functionality aren’t met, the device may still chime and blink, but it will not connect to any of your devices, regardless of what you do.

Because of that, your next step is to charge the Sonos Move speaker and test the connection again.

Here’s how to charge Sonos in easy instructions:

  1. Connect the delivered charging cable (USB-type C)to an adapter and plug it into an outlet.
  2. On the back of your speaker, locate the charging port.
  3. Plug the charging cable into the port of your speaker.
  4. Wait for an hour for the speaker to get charged completely.
Note: Sonos can also be charged from the charging base if you own one, otherwise use the cable for best results.

Solution #5 Reset The Sonos Speaker

reset sonos move

The Sonos Move speaker can also be reset, which will clear out any software bugs and glitches that are preventing the Bluetooth connection.

Luckily, the factory reset is an easy thing to do and that’s exactly what you will be doing in this last solution.

Here’s how to trigger a factory reset on your Sonos Move speaker:

  1. Plug your Sonos to charge or into the charging station.
  2. Disconnect the charger and hold the power button for 5 seconds.
  3. Hold the Join button (the mode button), then press and release the power button.
  4. Proceed to hold the join button until the speaker flashes in orange and white.
  5. Your speaker should now be reset!
Note: Do not let go of the join button as you press and release the power button or the reset will fail.

If the issue has still not been solved, consider contacting Sonos’s technical support team to do a check-up on your device.

You may also be interested in checking your warranty and if active, putting it in use.

Thus, to fix whenever Sonos Move won’t connect via Bluetooth, switch the device’s mode and power reset the speaker. Charge the Sonos Move speaker to the maximum battery and disconnect it from other devices. Finally, execute the factory reset sequence on the speaker to solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

After letting you know why Sonos Move won’t connect to Bluetooth, we hope you got an idea of what is causing the problem with the speaker.

Don’t forget that Sonos will definitely help if you reach out and explain your problem.

Nicole B