how to setup multiple users on sonos

When you have a Sonos speaker, questions like “how to setup multiple users on Sonos?” are common.

Setting up Multiple User Profiles is necessary because it gives you the capability of managing multiple accounts for one speaker system.

So, whether you would like to share it with the family that lives in the same house or friends who have visited you, it’s all possible.

To set up multiple users on Sonos, go to Settings and tap Add a Service. Next, find the streaming service and press Add to Sonos. Finally, register or add an existing account and, verify it, continue following the app instructions.

This guide will show you how to set up multiple users on your Sonos speaker and make managing your music easier.

This guide has everything you need, from how do I set up multiple users on Sonos” for each user and even switching between their accounts!

What are the Benefits of Having Multiple Users on Sonos

As you all know, Sonos is well known for its multi-room speaker systems. They make your home sound like one, and everyone loves it.

But what if you live with family or friends who love different music? Then questions like “can you have multiple users on Sonos?” arises.

Here is why it is good to have multiple profiles set up on your Sonos:

1. Multiple Music Services

Everyone can listen to their favorite service account added: Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, Youtube Music, etc.

2. Playing your Playlists

Without setting up multiple accounts, you will all play and listen to one music list – the admin ones.

3. Not Getting your Stream List Mixed

With only one user, it’s impossible to save your music where you left it – unless you hide all the controllers.

4. Little Bit More Privacy

Many people hold their must lists dear and do not want to share them with others. Having multiple users will solve the problems.

How to Setup Multiple Users on Sonos – Easy Steps

setup multiple users on sonos

Now you have the reasons why many people look for answers to questions like that. It is time to focus on how to setup multiple users on Sonos.

If you follow everything correctly, you will be able to add your friends and family as users in no time.

Step #1. Get a Stable Wi-Fi and Internet Connection

The Sonos speaker system relies on Wi-Fi to operate most of its features. So if you want to add multiple users, the first thing will be to ensure that your local network is accessible.

That means you need an access point (Wi-Fi), the router, internet (modem), and Sonos account and application to set up the whole system at home.

Lacking any of these will prevent you from setting up the speaker system, creating an account, and setting up multiple users.

Note: Sonos devices will work attached to your network - controlled by your phone.

Step #2. Sonos Application and Account Registration

registration sonos

The next step is creating your first Sonos account and setting up the Sonos system.

That step is required in order to prepare the admin user account, which will later be used to add multiple other users and services.

  • First, you have to download the Sonos application on your mobile phone.
  • Then proceed with the registration by entering your email and password.
  • After doing this, you will get a confirmation email – tap and confirm your registration.

Completing this will set up your account, and from there, you have to set up the speaker system. Lastly, follow the application instructions to set up the system and add all your Sonos devices.

Setting up the system itself is easy. First, you have to connect all Sonos speakers to a power source and then add them to the application.

Doing so will connect them to your local network, and you can proceed with adding music services and users.

Note: Doing this is essential in order to be able to operate the system and set up more users.

Adding Sonos Music Service and Users on Phone

Once you have your account and system ready, the next step is adding the music services you enjoy.

By doing this, you and your family or friends will gain access to the playlists you want. From the streaming platform of choice.

add music phone

To add a friend or relative account as a user on Sonos. You have first to open the application and enter the settings menu.

  • Next, find the “Services and Voices”
  • Navigate to “Add a service.”
  • Tap on Add to Sonos – choose the option saying “I have an account.”
  • After that, all left is to confirm it – use your Admin login credentials to enter.

You can add friends’ profiles for specific music stream services by completing these steps.

The path should look like this: Sonos app>Settings>Services and Voice>Add a service>Add to Sonos>Authorization process>Login with Admin account>Add Friends Profiles.

After these steps, the added music service will appear in the menu. For example, you have to press on “Spotify” and play your songs from your logged account.

Note: Adding more accounts will require you to choose a nickname for them so that they can differ from the other ones.

How To Setup Multiple Users on Sonos – PC/Mac

Now that you know how to add a music service and account to your phone. It is time to learn how to do the same, using your computer.

Why – because many people use their PCs to upload their music libraries. Or simply control their Sonos speaker system from it.

To add music services or profiles to Sonos on your Mac or PC:

  • You have first to open the Sonos Application.
  • Then you will see “Select a Music Source” – press on it.
  • Next, tap on “Add music services” and look for your one.
  • You will see many music platforms like Spotify or Pandora – choose by clicking.

Then, press that you have an account and enter your data. Use your Admin account – the one you use for the Sonos app. Lastly, select the profile you want to add, and you are ready.

How to Switch Between Music Service Accounts

switching music

Now that you know how to add Music Services and the accounts of your favorite streaming platform. It is time to focus on how to switch between connected profiles.

To swap accounts of Spotify or Pandora for the mobile version. All you have to do is navigate to “Browse.” Then find the Music Service of choice – Spotify, Deezer, YoutubeMusic, etc.

Once you open it, you will see the currently listed account on the top. Press on it, and a list of all added ones will drop – choose the one you wish to use.

If you want to use your PC or Mac to switch profiles, do these steps:

  • First, find and click the “Select a Music Source.”
  • Choose your Streaming Service – right against the name; you will see a triangle.
  • Press on it and select a profile.
Note: If you do not see the account or profile you want, go to Step 3 or 4 and add it.

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Thus, to set up multiple users in Sonos on PC or Mac. First, open the controller application and go to “Select a Music Source.” Next, click on “Add a Music Service” and choose one; use an existing account to enter or register a new one; select a profile.

Bottom Line:

Thanks to Sonos, it is easier than ever to listen to music in your home these days.

But there is one thing that can be annoying: adding your friends and family members as a “Sonos” user.

We showed you how to setup multiple users on Sonos, following our step-by-step guide.

Now assuming you followed the steps, we hope that we saved you time searching the forums for solutions and you can enjoy listening to your music.

Nicole B