skybell not connecting to wifi

Is the Skybell not connecting to WiFi? That will make it impossible to use the Skybell the way it is supposed to.

Note that disconnecting after setup and failing to connect when setting up indicate different troubles.

When your Skybell is not connecting to the Wi-Fi, you must first check your Wi-Fi configurations and adjust the distance between the device and router. Further, it might be necessary to check the power delivery, perform a power cycle, reset the device, or ask for a firmware update.

Each of the methods mentioned will require following step-by-step procedures.

However, you don’t need to worry as we will teach you everything you must know to perform everything safely.

Skybell Not Connecting To Wi-Fi – Reasons

why my skybell not connecting to wifi

Sometimes the Skybell will not connect to Wi-Fi. That can happen right when you buy it or once it disconnects for seemingly no reason.

We will tackle both cases and even more as long as the possibilities go.

So before we teach you how to fix the problem, we will quickly list the possible causes. 

Wrong Network

You must remember that smart devices such as the Skybell can only connect to a 2.4GHz network.

Poor Wi-Fi Connection

Since you positioned the Skybell a bit farther from the router, it might be that you’ve positioned it too far away, and it fails to create a strong connection.

Check the Power Source

check your power source

If you only view the device’s status through the app, perhaps you are not noticing that its power source is failing.

App Issues

Since the app is responsible for hooking up the Skybell to the Wi-Fi, it might be at fault when the connectivity doesn’t work.


An outdated or corrupted firmware will prevent the device from connecting to the Wi-Fi.

What To Do When The Skybell Doesn’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Why won’t my Skybell connect to Wi-Fi? So there is a wide range of possible causes behind the Skybell failing to connect to the Wi-Fi.

what to do when skybell not connecting

Once you have that in mind, we will direct our efforts into fixing the situation. 

We recommend you check out all the solutions.

Even if you can solve the issue with only one, the rest can be useful for future situations.

1. Ensure The Correct Network

The first thing you must consider when trying to integrate Skybell into your Wi-Fi network is whether the settings are correct.

Since you will use your phone to mediate the connection, you must do the following:

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on the phone;
  2. Ensure you are connected to a 2.4GHz network.
  • Many routers nowadays have two networks with different frequencies: 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

Newer phones can connect to the latter, but smart devices are not. Thus, you must be linked to the 2.4GHz while setting up the Skybell. 

2. Assess The Router Position And Status

assess the router position

Suppose the initial setup has gone well, but later the connection is lost.

In that case, you must ask yourself the question: has the router or the Skybell’s position changed since the setup? 

If the answer is affirmative, you might strive to move the router closer, so the Skybell stays within range.

Troubleshoot Your Router!

Let’s say the router and the Skybell are close enough, and the setup has gone well, but now the connection is lost and won’t connect again.

Do the following:

  1. Find the router’s power button;
  2. Hold it until all lights go out;
  3. Wait a minute;
  4. Turn it back on.
That will unjam all of the router's connections. Hopefully, it will make the connection to the Skybell smooth again. 

If you notice that your internet is slow and many services/connections are failing but resetting the router doesn’t help, contact the ISP.

3. Verify The Power

verify its power

Perhaps you notice the Skybell is failing to keep powered.

In that case, do the following:

  • Verify if there is any warping, as such will prevent the Skybell from keeping a firm metal-on-metal contact, which prevents the charging altogether;
  • Check what the metal contacts on the Skybells’ backs look like. 

The metal contacts must not be pushed in. However, if they are, you can manually pull them out just a bit, doing it carefully.

4. Check Advanced Internet Settings

Skybell recommends that users test a lof ot their internet settings before determining that the device needs a reset or a firmware update.

Here we will talk about what you can do.

Check The Bandwidth

check its bandwidth

Your internet bandwidth is a major concern when you are running too many devices on the same network.

Skybell officially advises users to do this when the Wi-Fi does not work:

  1. Run a speed test on any trustworthy site;
  2. Try disconnecting devices from the network;
  3. Run a new speed test and see if anything changes;
  4. Try connecting the Skybell again.
If the Skybell now connects, it means that it must have priority over other devices in the network. 

Whenever you need to disconnect the Skybell and connect it again, always do that while other devices are off the network.

Verify Wireless Interference

Wireless interference can be caused by two sorts of things: either too many devices between the router and the Skybell, or the Skybell is too far.

We’ve already discussed the distance between the router and Skybell, so this time you must verify if you are leaving too many Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices in the way.

verify its wireless interference
The best way to ensure that the router sends Wi-Fi signals to all devices equally is placing the router at the house’s center and distributing the smart devices around the house.

Deactivate The Router’s Firewall

Some other configurations installed in your router might interfere with the proper connection.

One of those is firewall or parental control. You might have to deactivate those if they are set up. 

Then connect the Skybell and activate again if necessary.

Deactivate The Burst

Skybell raises attention to some routers that count with Tx Burst, Frame Burst, or Packet Burst.

  • If your router has any of those settings activated, it might be a source of interference for the Skybell. If it doesn’t, don’t bother.

Application Layer Gateway

ALG is common in some commercial routers and is turned on by default. Such an option can prevent the Skybell from connecting correctly.

Do the following:

  1. Enter your router’s settings;
  2. Go to “Advanced” or “WAN setup”;
  3. Find “Application layer gateway”;
  4. Turn it off;
  5. Connect Skybell.

Solution #4: Reset The Skybell

reset your skybell

Finally, if none of the above has worked, you must try a reset. Resetting the Skybell can eliminate your settings (depending on the reset mode).

Still, it also allows for some functions to start working again.

Perform A Soft Reset

Here is the whole process to soft reset your Skybell:

  1. Hold the Skybell button for 45 seconds;
  2. Wait for the LED to flash green and then alternate between red and green;
  3. Once it starts flashing blue, you can release the button;
  4. The device will enter its reboot mode;
  5. Wait for 1 minute for the reboot mode to finish

The soft reset will not erase all of your device’s settings. Rather, it will even connect to the Wi-Fi automatically if that’s already been set up.

Perform A Factory Reset

The more extreme approach is performing a factory reset, erasing all of Skybell’s settings.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Hold the Skybell minute;
  2. Wait for the LED sequence: green, alternate between red and green, blue, and yellow;
  3. Release the button once the LED starts flashing yellow;
  4. The device will enter its reboot mode;
  5. While in reboot mode, delete the device from the app
  6. The Skybell will start alternating between red and green again;
  7. When that happens, add the device to the app again;

5. Ask For A Firmware Update

Unlike many other smart devices, you cannot update Skybell’s firmware independently. Rather, you have to contact Skybell support to request an update. 

ask for a firmware update

However, when you get in touch, you must explain why you think a firmware update is necessary.

  • In that case, you must tell them that the Wi-Fi is not working and you have tried every possible troubleshooting. 

You can find means to contact Skybell support in the app or the site. 

What We Learned

Thus, in that case, Skybell is not connecting to Wi-Fi you must perform a few troubleshooting methods.

The guide above has all of them, so you don’t need to call a technician. However, suppose a firmware update is necessary, or the device is defective.

In that case, you might have to contact the manufacturer.

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