simplisafe camera red light

Seeing a SimpliSafe camera red light blinking may get you worried, thinking it is the end of it or you may not use it again. Not at all.

Your SimpliSafe smart camera has different lights that blink to notify you about several things. So, it is upon you to understand what each means.

Below we shall discuss the red light and know how to fix it.

If your SimpliSafe camera blinks red, it means that it is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network. This issue happens if the provided password is incorrect. Kindly confirm the credentials and re-enter them on the app. Restarting the router should also solve the problem.

Reasons SimpliSafe Camera Red Light Blinks

When you see a SimpliSafe camera solid red light, it means that the camera is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

This could be because:

  • The Wi-Fi network you are using on your camera is down.
  • The SimpliSafe app is outdated.
  • The Wi-Fi credentials you entered in the camera are incorrect.
  • The camera and the router are too far from each other.

Note: Your SimpliSafe camera has LED light beneath it, which is the infrared sensor.

It is red, and it is only activated at night. So, do not confuse the night red LED with the blinking that indicates an issue with your device.

Let us now get down to fixing the issue below.

How to Fix Solid Red Light on SimpliSafe Camera

fix simplisafe camera red light

You can use various methods to fix the solid red light blinking on your SimpliSafe camera. Kindly try each until the abnormal red light disappears.

Solution #1: Put in the Correct Wi-Fi Credentials

When your SimpliSafe camera blinks red light, it communicates that the Wi-Fi credentials you have entered are incorrect during the setup.

So, the solution is to provide the correct credentials on the app.

  1. Go to your SimpliSafe app and click the Menu icon, then select Cameras.
  2. Choose your Camera from the list of installed cameras.
  3. Type the Name of your Wi-Fi and its password (click the show icon to confirm if entry is correct).
  4. If you see a QR code on your phone, face it on your camera’s lens.

If successful, you will see a connection message popup on your screen to show that your device is successfully connected to Wi-Fi. Hence, you should not have a red-light blinking.

Solution #2: Update the Wi-Fi Credentials

check wifi password

If the camera has been okay and starts blinking red out of nowhere, it could mean that the Wi-Fi credentials have been changed.

It could be that someone interfered with the settings.

If so, kindly get the changed credentials then update them on the app. Remember, even if your mobile phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it will not be enough to solve the issue.

You must update the new credentials on the app for everything to go on well.

Go to your phone, then launch the SimpliSafe app and enter the new Wi-Fi credentials.

Your camera will then get connected to the Wi-Fi, and you will not have to deal with the blinking red light again.

Solution #3: Reduce the Distance Between the Router and the Camera

If you have other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, kindly check if they have connectivity issues.

If not, it could be that your camera is too far from the router, hence cannot connect properly. It may also have slow connectivity.

Ensure you remove obstructions between the router and the camera.

The distance between the two should not be too big nor too small, at least five feet will be okay.

Solution #4: Restart your Router

restart your router

If you have performed the above processes, but the red light is still there, you will need to restart your router.

It could be having some junk that is causing your Wi-Fi to misbehave. Hence, a restart should bring it back to normal working.

To restart the router, remove its power cord from the power outlet and any other device connected to it.

Allow your router some time to rest as it initiates how it will begin working again.

After around three minutes, plug the router back in the outlets or the inlets. Reconnect your devices to the Wi-Fi and check if the blinking issue is still there.

Solution #5: Update the App

SimpliSafe app links your phone and the camera. If it is outdated, it will not provide the information it is supposed to communicate to the camera correctly such as Wi-Fi credentials.

You will need to delete then reinstall the application. Remember, the one you will reinstall will be an updated version.

To remove the app from your phone, go to your phone’s home menu and search for the SimpliSafe camera app.

When it appears, press and hold it to highlight it. Once the screen shows you the delete button, kindly click it to uninstall the application.

Reinstall the App :                                      

  1. Go to your phone’s App Store or Google Play for iOS and Android, respectively.
  2. Click the search tab and write the words ‘SimpliSafe app.’
  3. Click on the first app that appears, then download or install it.
  4. Launch the app on your phone.

Once you are through with reinstalling the app, you will need to re-enter your Wi-Fi credentials. Follow the steps, and the red light on the camera should be gone.

Solution #6: Reset the SimpliSafe Camera

simplisafe reset camera

Have you tried the above tricks, but your camera is still blinking the red light?

Do not give up. I hope this option works for you – a reset.

Resetting a SimpliSafe camera resolves several issues including the red light blinking. The camera has a reset button that you will need to press for around 30 seconds for the device to reset.

Once you see the lights on the camera flashing, you can release the reset key. The lights show that the camera is restarting.

It will then reset for around one or two minutes, and you can then use the camera since it will not blink the red light again.

Solution #7: Contact SimpliSafe Support

The last option after trying the above tricks should be to contact SimpliSafe customer care.

If your device still has a valid warranty, you can access their services without paying for anything.

Also, if their trick does not solve the issue, you might have the option of acquiring a new camera from their office so long as the device has not gone past the promised period.

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Your SimpliSafe camera will blink red if you do not provide the correct Wi-Fi name and password when setting it up. It might also mean that someone changed the Wi-Fi credentials, and you will need to update the new password on the app.

Recheck if the credentials are correct, then reconnect your camera to the Wi-Fi.

If your SimpliSafe camera red light blinks, you don’t need to worry thinking that you won’t be able to use the camera anymore.

It is only a signal to show you that something is in a mess, but not a big mess, of course. Once you deal with the Wi-Fi credentials, you will be good to go.

Nicole B