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Your Sharp TV stuck on logo and wondering what to do next? Worry Not! You’re at the right place!

We will go over the best steps and solutions to fix your frozen Sharp TV and also provide you with an explanation of why this is happening.

Moreover, after unveiling the causes, you will know how to prevent the problem from appearing in the future.

To fix a Sharp TV that is stuck on the logo, hard reset the device and change the input source. Next, disconnect all additional third-party devices connected to your TV and check the device’s power income. Lastly, you should perform a factory reset.

Why Is My Sharp TV Is Stuck On The Sharp Logo?

When troubleshooting the problem or identifying the cause, you must know whether your Sharp TV is interactable from time to time or the device is completely stuck on the logo.

Let’s preview the different cases where your Sharp TV is stuck on the logo:

Sharp TV Stuck On Logo But Loads

If your Sharp TV often gets stuck on the Sharp logo or more accurately on the loading phase, this is not much to worry about.

If you’re able to access the device’s interface and settings, you will most likely be able to resolve the issue via a variety of methods.

If your Sharp TV gets stuck on the logo but loads after a while the problem could be caused by an issue with the software, sudden power (electricity) outage, or outdated firmware version.

Sharp TV Stuck On Logo And Not Loading

If you see that your Sharp TV is completely stuck on the logo, a hardware problem might be involved.

Even if you’re able to turn your Sharp TV on/off but don’t get anywhere with loading the device’s software, you should inspect the power supply.

Knowing the possibilities, proceed with the upcoming solutions guide.

How To Fix Sharp TV Stuck On Logo Issue?

fix sharp tv stuck on logo

Before we move on to solving the problem, turn OFF your TV and attempt to turn it ON through the hardware power button.

Press the button for 10 seconds and if your TV still seems to be stuck, here’s how to solve the problem:

Solution #1 Hard Reset

You should first perform a hard reset on your Sharp TV to solve the frozen logo on your screen.

The hard reset practically discharges your TV, reboots ALL services, and hopefully solves the issue.

Here’s how to perform a hard reset on your Sharp TV in easy steps:

  1. Turn OFF your SharpTV using the remote.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of your Sharp TV from the source.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while your Sharp TV is unplugged from the source.
  4. Re-attach the cable into the respective wall outlet.
Note: The hard reset takes no less than 5 minutes to be effective in regard to the electricity withdrawal.

If your Sharp TV has been unplugged for less than 5 minutes, the power cycle might not work on your device.

Solution #2 Troubleshoot Power Income

fix power source

If your Sharp TV freezes suddenly, there most certainly is an issue with the power income of your device.

If the device’s electricity got suddenly cut, it will freeze halfway through the boot sequence, thus freezing on the logo screen.

Let’s begin with plugging your Sharp TV into an alternative power source:

Use Different Power Source

  1. To use a different power source, disconnect the power adapter of your TV.
  2. Locate a placenear a power source to position the power adapter.
  3. Plug your TV and use the remote, boot the device.
  4. Test.

Replace Power Adapter

  1. To replace the power adapter, disconnect the current one first.
  2. Acquire a new standard power adapter with power brick from a local store.
  3. Position it near the TV and connect its first end into the source.
  4. Attach the other end of the cable into your TV.
Note: You should avoid using a power strip or divider to supply your TV with electricity since the origin of the issue could be coming from these devices.

Solution #3 Change Input Source

You should attempt to change the input source even though your Sharp TV seems to be frozen.

There’s a high chance that the current source of your Sharp TV has frozen, but you’re still able to interact with the inputs of your TV.

To change the input source on your Sharp TV, you must press the input button on your remote.

You can browse the available sources on your Sharp TV and you should choose the default input of your Sharp TV which is essentially the TV channels.

Note: Sometimes broadcasts and input sources could freeze, deceiving you that the problem is with your Sharp TV, while the issue is with the current broadcast.

Solution #4 Unplug Third-Party Devices

remove third party devices

If you were unable to change the input source on your Sharp TV, you should unplug all additional third-party devices that your TV doesn’t need to function.

Devices such as consoles, TV boxes and streaming sticks all fall under that line and must be unplugged.

Moreover, if you’re using HDMI for the given third-party devices, your TV could often freeze even when the source isn’t selected. In that regard, the best you can do is unplug them by the end of the guide.

Tip: If you’re curious to test which of the devices are faulty, start plugging all devices on by one to determine which of the devices is going to cause an issue with your TV.

Solution #5 Reset Sharp TV From Logo Screen

There’s a way to perform a reset on your Sharp TV without having access to the interface for cases in which your TV is stuck on the logo.

The reset involves pressing the buttons on your Sharp TV’s panel and you should locate the Input and the Channel Down buttons.

reset your sharp tv

Here’s how to reset your Sharp TV from the logo screen:

  1. First, unplug your TV from the source.
  2. Go next to your TV and press the Channel and Input buttons.
  3. While holding both of the buttons, plug your TV’s power adapter back into the source.
  4. Boot the TV while still holding the buttons.
  5. Test.
Note: Remember to keep holding the buttons until your TV startup is complete. Otherwise, the reset will fail, and you will have to do it all over again.

If none of our solutions solved the problem, there might be a hardware malfunction with your TV that needs professional help.

You should first contact Sharp TV customer center and in case they can’t help, check if your warranty is still intact.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix your Sharp TV that got stuck on the logo, power cycle the device and changes the source using the Sharp remote. Disconnect any connected third-party devices to your TV and reset the device from the logo screen using the Input and Channel Down buttons.

After learning why is Sharp TV stuck on logo and supposedly how to fix the problem, the rest is up to you.

After all, the Sharp TV is running an OS like any other device, which could cause issues every now and then, but having this guide aside can always help you!

Nicole B