sharp roku tv keeps restarting

Wondering why Sharp Roku TV keeps restarting? Wonder no further, because you have just come across the best troubleshooting post regarding the topic.

Here you will learn the best solutions to fix your Sharp Roku TV as well as other important details you should be aware of.

If your Sharp Roku TV keeps restarting, first check if the issue is related to a specific application. Next, power cycle your device and make sure its firmware is updated. Lastly, perform a factory reset to fix the issue.

Before we get into the troubleshooting, let’s first take a look at what might be causing your Roku TV to restart and learn the user’s opinion.

Why Does My Sharp Roku TV Keeps Restarting?

The restarts could be occurring due to many things. To begin with, power fluctuations and issues with the power cord or power source are the main suspects of your TV restarting.

Reboots could also occur during a firmware update or another system action that requires your TV to perform a restart.

Let’s take a look at the general suspects of the issue and learn why your TV is restarting:

1. Power Fluctuations

Issues with the power supply of your Sharp Roku TV might be causing it to restart.

2. Faulty Power Adapter/Power Source

An issue with either the power adapter or the source will cause your TV to reboot constantly.

3. Outdated Firmware

If your Roku TV’s firmware is outdated, it could perform restarts as an indication of the issue.

4. Application Problem

An issue with a given application could reboot your TV if there is something wrong with it.

5. HDMI Problem

Lastly, an HDMI cable problem can cause your Roku to run into some issues, including restarts.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the main suspects, let’s proceed with the best troubleshooting solutions to fix the issue.

How To Fix Sharp Roku TV Keeps Restarting?

fix sharp roku tv keeps restarting

Before we proceed, try restarting your TV via the remote to see if that will fix the problem.

Sometimes the remote’s power button might be glitched and if pointed toward the TV could cause it to turn off and then on.

If that’s not the case let’s proceed with the first solution and apply in the order they are listed:

Solution #1 Hard Reset Your TV

Begin with a firm hard reset on your Sharp Roku TV. It is appropriate to try discharging your Roku TV before proceeding with any of the more complex solutions.

If the issue is related to power fluctuations, you have a good shot at resolving the issue via a power cycle.

Here is how to hard reset your TV easily:

  1. Turn OFF your Sharp Roku TV using the remote.
  2. Unplug the AC power adapter.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes for your TV to discharge completely.
  4. Re-attach the power adapter and turn on your TV.

In addition to this solution, try plugging your Sharp Roku TV elsewhere.

Since such problems are often related to faulty power strips or dividers, make sure your TV is plugged into a proven wall outlet without any power dividers in between.

Solution #2 Reconnect ALL Cables

The problem can be with the cables in your configuration and we suggest reconnecting them all.

If any loose or faulty connections are detected, by reconnecting the cables, you will fix any potential hardware issues and prevent your Sharp TV from further restarts..

Re-attach all cables to your TV. We mean all HDMI connections, any Ethernet cables, and the power adapter as well.

Make sure the cables are resting in a natural position and plugged tightly into their ports without any twists to the cable body.

Once you’re done, reboot your TV and use it for a couple of minutes to determine if the restart will occur.

Solution #3 Exit ALL Applications

It is possible that your Roku Sharp TV is restarting due to a specific application.

For this solution, we will require you to exit all opened applications on your TV. Let your TV idle for a couple of minutes to determine if a reboot is going to occur.

If the rebooting has stopped now that you’re on the home screen, inspect all apps you had opened before to determine which one is causing your TV to restart.

Make sure to reinstall the given app to fix any faulty software data within the app.

Solution #4 Update Your TV

sharp roku tv restarting

If your TV is outdated, it will keep rebooting in an attempt to apply the software update automatically.

You, however, can manually initiate the update while your TV is running.

Here is how to update your Sharp Roku TV manually in a few steps:

  1. Press the home button on the remote.
  2. Using the upwards and downwards arrows, navigate to the settings tab.
  3. Select “System” and click on “Check Now”.
  4. Wait for the firmware detector to conclude and click on “Apply Now”.
  5. Wait for the update to be applied.

Your TV may restart a couple of times during the update, but don’t worry, this is how it works.

As long as your TV’s power supply remains intact during the process, there is nothing for you to worry about.

Solution #5 Disconnect Third-Party Devices

Any third-party devices connected to your Sharp Roku TV, can somehow cause your TV to reset.

Users say that consoles, cables boxes, and even transmitters that are initially connected to your TV, can cause it to restart.

Make sure to disconnect any third-party devices hooked up with an HDMI connection to your TV for the rest of this guide.

Let your Sharp Roku TV idle on the home screen for a couple of minutes while all devices are disconnected, to determine if the reboot is going to occur.

If that didn’t fix the issue, reconnect all devices you’ve disconnected and proceed with the next solution.

Solution #6 Prevent Overheating

The Roku community reports that if your TV overheats, it will restart. Overheating can be caused by a variety of things and down below we have them all listed for you & how to avoid them.

  • Place your Sharp Roku TV in a well-ventilated area.
  • Remove any heat conductors at a considerable distance from your Sharp Roku TV.
  • Make sure that no direct sunlight is shining on your Sharp Roku TV’s surface for too long.

Reboot your TV and let it idle on the home screen for several minutes. If a reboot occurs during that time, let’s learn how to factory reset your TV.

Solution #7 Factory Reset Roku Sharp TV

If the issues persist all the way up to this point in the guide, we recommend performing a factory reset on your Sharp Roku TV.

Be aware that this reset will erase all applications temporarily stored on your TV’s hard drive and you will have to reinstall anything you want to keep once the reset is done.

Here is how to factory reset your Sharp Roku TV:

  1. Press the home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Head to the settings, open System, and access the Advanced system settings.
  3. Select Factory reset and choose to factory reset everything.
  4. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to finalize the reset.

After the reset, all data will be erased including corrupted files that could have been the reason for all this fuss.

Your Roku TV would also reboot during the factory reset process and once ready you can test if the restarts are still there.

If, however, the issue is there and nothing worked, the problem might be with the power adapter.

Note: If you have a replacement, go ahead and try right away. If not, you can reach out to Sharp or Roku customer service for additional help with this problem.

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Bottom Line:

Hence to fix rebooting Roku on Sharp TV, first hard reset the device, prevent overheating, and check all cables. Next, exit all applications and unplug all third-party devices.

Lastly, perform a factory reset, and if nothing had worked so far seek further assistance.

Now that you know why Sharp Roku TV keeps restarting, we’re confident that you’re capable of resolving the issue by yourself before reaching to external assistance.

Although, getting in touch with a technician is never a bad approach because he will tell you exactly what’s going on with your TV and what you should do next.

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