sharp tv red light blinking

Can’t figure out why Sharp TV red light blinking, and this issue seems to disturb your experience.

Well, fear not because you’re at the right place. Blinking red light is a sign of no good and it is definitely related to your TV not turning on.

Such problems are common for Sharp TV users and in this regard, there are plenty of troubleshooting methods we have prepared for you.

One way to deal with this issue is to power cycle your Sharp TV. This way you will be able to find out if the light blinking is due to improper bootup and hopefully resolve it.

If this doesn’t seem to cut it, make sure to check if there are firmware updates available for your Sharp TV.

If there are pending updates, it is highly recommended to apply them before you start troubleshooting.

Why Sharp TV Red Light on But Won’t Turn On?

This issue is frequently encountered throughout the Sharp TV user’s community.

If your Sharp TV’s red light is on but the TV itself won’t turn on, you might want to observe patterns found within the light’s blinking.

Sometimes this might indicate different malfunctions related to the TV and help you troubleshoot the issue easily.

Here are some possible reasons for the red light to be on but not your TV:

  • Internal glitches.
  • Overheating.
  • Pending updates.
  • Hardware issue.

Best Ways to Fix Sharp TV Red Light Blinking Issue

how to fix sharp tv red light blinking

Now when you know what the possible causes are, let’s move on to the troubleshooting methods.

Method #1 Power Cycle Your Sharp TV

One of the most effective troubleshooting methods you can try in such moments is a full power cycle on your TV.

This way you will efficiently perform a clean boot and hopefully resolve any issues related to Bad Booting.

To get the best results, you need to perform Sharp TV power cycle. Follow the undermentioned steps we have prepared for you below.

  1. Turn off your Sharp TV.
  2. Remove your TV’s Power Cable from power source.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes and let the TV cool down.
  4. Plug the power cable Back In.


We recommend plugging your Sharp TV into an alternative power outlet to avoid any issue related to the bad voltage of the outlet.

Also, make sure to also avoid plugging your power cable into a power strip because this bad electricity from such strips could also prevent your Sharp TV from turning on.

If this does not resolve Sharp flat-screen TV red light blinking won’t turn on, you can proceed with our next troubleshooting method.

Method #2 Factory Reset Sharp TV

Before attempting physical approachers and repairs on your TV due to the red light blinking, make sure to refresh the software files.

This is achieved upon factory reset which will wipe clean your Sharp TV’s data, including all personal configurations and files.


If it is possible, make sure to backup anything you need so you can easily restore it once the reset is complete.

Make sure to follow the steps below in order to learn how to properly perform a factory reset on your Sharp TV.

  1. Unplug Sharp TV’s Power Cable once again.
  2. Simultaneously keep pressing and holding the Channel Down and Input buttons on your Sharp TV remote.
  3. Next, when being redirected to a specific screen select Service Mode.
  4. Then, hit the Factory Reset button.

Afterward, give your TV a few minutes to load and see if the light is still blinking.

If it does, feel free to proceed with our next helpful troubleshooting method.

Method #3 Update Your Sharp TV

update sharp tv

It is well-known that not updating your Sharp TV for a long period of time might lead to unwanted red light blinking.

In that regard, make sure to regularly check for updates in the TV’s options and keep it up to date.

The process of updating Sharp TV is complex so make sure to carefully follow our steps in order to apply the firmware update properly.

If automatic updates do not work on your Sharp TV, luckily there is a way to update it manually.

There are two steps to manually update your Sharp TV:

Step 1. – Downloading Firmware Update

The steps required to download the official firmware update are mentioned below:

  • Insert a memory stick in your PC
  • Open the Web Browser and head to Sharp Products downloads
  • In the category of selecting TV, make sure to type down your Model’s Number
  • Select the firmware for your television model and then click Save
  • Upload the file on the memory stick and plug it into your TV

Step 2. – Installing Firmware Update

After discussing how to download the update it is now time to resolve the Sharp TV won’t turn on redlight issue by installing the update.

  • Plug the Memory Stick into your Sharp TV
  • Via the menu, head to Digital Setup
  • Open the Software Update tab and enter your 4 digit password
  • Check the USB Stick by clicking enter
  • Initiate the update, and click Enter when the process is finished

Then your Sharp TV should be set up and ready to go.

Method #4 Avoid Overheating on Your Sharp TV

When your Sharp TV is overheating, the corresponding light will blink exquisitely in order to indicate a hardware failure.

In such cases, we recommend taking immediate measures to avoid damaging the hardware parts.

This could be the reason why Sharp TV red light is on but it isn’t turning on.

Here are some steps that you can apply to avoid overheating.

Keep Vents Clear

Make sure to regularly clean the dust off your TV in order to avoid overflow in the air vents.

This way your Sharp TV will always be stocked on fresh air and it won’t overheat.

Also, make sure to wipe the dust off your TV’s screen and back panels which could also result in excessive heat, especially during summer seasons.

Keep Your TV Away from Sources Of Heat

Keeping your Sharp TV near a source of heat, such as a fireplace, heater or kitchen ovens could also result in overheating and red light blinking.

Make sure to position your Sharp TV in a cool environment where it could ventilate without gathering any heat.


It is also great if your TV is not close to the ground because dust usually builds up faster if your TV is placed close to the ground.

Keep Your TV Airflow Obstructions Free

It is known that if there are any objects blocking the vents of your TV, an overheat could eventually occur.

For instance, if there is space behind your TV and you have placed an object at this spot, the free air ventilation of your Sharp TV can be disrupted.

In this regard, avoid placing objects around your TV, especially on the backside.

Bottom Line

After having discussed the reason behind Sharp TV red light blinking, we hope that you could easily deal with the problem.

If, however, the issue is still there you might be having a faulty hardware part, where a repair is necessary.

For similar posts, make sure to visit our technical-based blog where you will find many other ways to troubleshoot your Sharp TV.

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