sharp roku tv screen mirroring not working

Whenever Sharp Roku TV screen mirroring not working there are quite a few things to inspect and potentially solve.

The screen mirroring on your Sharp Roku TV lets you share the display of other devices connected with the TV so you could view it on a larger screen.

Problems with the feature could occur under certain circumstances and we’re here to resolve them for you!

To fix the screen mirroring feature on your Sharp Roku TV, reboot your Roku along with the TV and update the operating system. Disable any active VPNs on your Roku or secondary device and re-add Roku from the connected devices list.

How Do I Screen Mirror To My Sharp Roku TV?

Although your Sharp TV has a screen mirroring function on itself, Roku has one as well, which we will mainly be focusing on today.

We assume you’ve connected the Roku streaming stick to your Sharp TV and you’re wondering why the screen mirroring function is not working.

Before everything else, here is how to do it rightfully:

  1. Ensure that your Roku streaming stick is up and running.
  2. Select the correct source on your Sharp TV, where the Roku device is plugged.
  3. Open the Settings of Roku and enter the System Settings.
  4. Tap on Screen Mirroring.
  5. Tick the “Enable screen mirroring” feature.
  6. On the device you wish to mirror the screen from, search for a feature, labeled as Quick Connect, HTV Connected, Display Mirroring, or Smart View.
  7. Once the feature is enabled on your device, search for your Roku connection.
  8. Tap on the streaming stick’s screen mirroring option and wait for the connection.
  9. Start mirroring your screen.
Note: If you’re trying to mirror the screen from your Apple device, you will want to enable the AirPlay feature, instead of looking for a separate option.

How To Fix Sharp Roku TV Screen Mirroring Not Working?

fix sharp roku tv screen mirroring not working

In this guide, we will search for the issue in both, your Roku streaming player connected to the Sharp TV and in the device you wish to screen mirror from.

It’s important to follow our solutions in the corresponding order to be as efficient as possible at troubleshooting.

Here’s how to fix the screen mirroring feature on your Sharp Roku TV in easy steps:

Solution #1 Restart Roku & Secondary Device

You should attempt to restart your Roku, along with the secondary device (the device you’re attempting to screen mirror from).

This is a suggested solution by a large number of users who are experiencing the same problem.

Here’s how to restart your Roku and the secondary device you screen mirror from:

  1. In your Roku, go to Settings > System > Reboot.
  2. Confirm the reboot process by highlighting and pressing OK on your remote.
  3. While your Roku is restarting, go to the secondary device.
  4. Depending on your device, initiate a system reboot from the menu.
Note: Re-attempt the screen mirroring process as we’ve described above once you’re done with restarting your device.

Solution #2 Update Roku Software

update roku software

The software of your Roku is quite more important to be updated than your secondary device’s.

The screen mirroring requires the latest firmware version of your Roku and additional compatibility provided by the firmware in order to pair and work.

Here’s how to update your Roku software:

  1. On your Roku, hit the Home button on the remote.
  2. Select Setting and go to System.
  3. Choose System update and press “Check Now” to manually search for updates.
  4. If a new firmware is found, hit the “Update Now” button to start the update.
Note: Roku devices usually restart after the reset, so you may temporarily lose signal on your Sharp TV until the device is rebooted.

Solution #3 Connect With Same Network

Both of your devices must be connected to the same network to pair.

This is because if the devices are on separate WiFi networks, they won’t be able to discover one another.

Here’s how to connect your devices to the same network:

Connecting Roku

Go over to the settings of your Roku and tap Network > Wireless > Set up a new Wi-FI connection. Choose your own WiFi and insert the password to connect.

Connecting Secondary Device

On the device, you screen mirror from, go to the WiFi settings and connect with the same network you’ve connected your Roku to.

Note: Once both of the devices are connected to the same network, ensure that the internet in the network is reliable before re-attempting the screen mirroring.

Solution #4 Disable VPNs

disable vpn

If you’ve activated a VPN either on your secondary device or Roku TV, the screen mirroring feature won’t be able to scan for either of the devices.

In that regard, you should temporarily disable VPNs on your Roku and secondary device.

Since we don’t know exactly what software or VPN program you’re using, ensure that you’re free of them until the end of the guide.

Neither your Roku nor secondary device comes with a VPN enabled by default, so you will know how to get rid of it if you’ve enabled it by yourself.

Tip: You don’t need to delete the VPN application, but simply disable the location and IP-altering service so that you could test the screen mirroring.

Solution #5 Switch Sharp TV Inputs

There’s an easy workaround to solve problems with the screen mirroring on your secondary device and Roku.

Simply switch the Sharp TV input for a while and then toggle it back on to refresh the “Available Devices to mirror” on your secondary device.

Here’s how to switch inputs on your Sharp TV easily:

  1. Grab your Sharp TV remote and hit the “Source” button.
  2. Go to the source that is your television or a different device connected to Sharp.
  3. Standby for 60 seconds and during that time, refresh the screen mirroring list through your secondary device.
  4. Toggle the input on your Sharp TV back to Roku and refresh the list on your secondary device once again.
Note: If Roku still doesn’t appear in the screen mirroring options, toggle the feature on your secondary device as well.

Solution #6 Reset Roku

reset roku

If nothing worked so far, you should perform a factory reset on your Roku streaming stick.

This will reinstall the entire software of the device, solving bugs and glitches with the firmware and hopefully fixing the screen mirroring feature.

Here’s how to reset your Roku device in easy steps:

  1. Go to the Home of your Roku.
  2. Enter the Settings and choose System.
  3. Go to Advanced System Settings and choose Factory Reset.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset.
Note: Make sure you save anything you want to keep from being erased that is stored on your Roku.

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Thus, to fix the screen mirroring on Roku Sharp TV, reboot Roku along with the secondary device and update the firmware. Connect both devices to the same network and switch Sharp TV’s inputs. Perform a factory reset on your Roku to fix the issue.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Sharp Roku TV screen mirroring not working and are familiar with how to resolve the issue, we leave the rest up to you.

You could always get in touch with Roku for additional assistance and if you’re hesitant that there is a problem with your Sharp TV, contact their team instead.

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