sanyo tv screen goes black after a few seconds

Whenever your Sanyo TV screen goes black after a few seconds that could mean several things.

If we put aside the possibility of a screen failure (hardware problem), we’re left with a bunch of things to attempt towards the solution of the problem.

All possible methods are described as concisely as possible in this post, in a way so any user will have no trouble executing them.

The solution to a black screen on Sanyo TV includes a power cycle on the unit followed by a firm inspection of the power and HDMI cables. The problem could also be related to the power source or to the TV’s operating system.

Keep reading to learn how to tackle each of these possibilities and how to get the problem solved at home in a matter of minutes!

Why My Sanyo TV Screen Goes Black After A Few Seconds?

Before we begin with the solution methods, it’s recommended to take a look at the possibilities in-depth.

We’ve listed all frequently reported causes at your disposal to acquire a better understanding of the situation.

Here is what could be causing the black screens on your Sanyo TV:

1. Loose/Damaged Cables

If any of the essential cables (power and HDMI cables) are damaged or non-working you would be experiencing a black screen.

2. Problem with a Third-Party Device

Using a third-party device connected to your Sanyo TV may be causing the screen to go black due to activating a source.

3. Power Problems

There are 3 components responsible for the power delivery. The wall outlet, the power cable, and the TV power cable entry.

4. Enabled Sleep/Power Saver Modes

Sometimes even by default, your Sanyo TV may have a power saver mode, which will cause the screen to go black.

5. A Hardware Problem

Even if unlikely, there’s a chance that your Sanyo TV has a hardware problem with the screen or with the side HDMI inputs.

Now when you know all the possible factors that could be causing the black screens, let’s proceed with tackling each of them until you’re left with the true cause.

How To Fix When Sanyo TV Screen Goes Black After A Few Seconds?

fix sanyo tv screen goes black after a few seconds

The fix includes a series of solutions that if followed consecutively, will also help you with discovering the origin of the problem.

Here is how to fix the black screens on your Sanyo TV:

Solution #1 Power Reset The Sanyo TV

A great solution to any power issues that your Sanyo TV may have developed over time is the power reset process.

This will completely discharge your Sanyo TV unit out of any remaining electricity and solve power problems along the way.

To perform a power reset process on your Sanyo TV, you may follow these instructions:

  1. Grab the Sanyo TV remote.
  2. Point it towards the device.
  3. Press the power button of the remote once.
  4. Next, unplug the power adapter of the Sanyo TV.
  5. Wait for 5 minutes with the power adapter unplugged from the TV.
  6. Attach the power cable of the TV back to the power source.
  7. Turn on the TV.
  8. Test.
Tip: If you want to discharge the power cable as well, unplug it from the TV and the power source.

Solution #2 Disconnect HDMI Cables & Devices

disconnect hdmi cables

Since the HDMI cable transfers both audio and video to your Sanyo TV, a fault with the given unit will result in the screen of your Sanyo TV going black.

This can either happen a few seconds after turning on the TV or after using it for a few hours.

Either way, you will want to temporarily disconnect any HDMI cables that you’ve connected to your Sanyo TV.

This will help you identify whether the problem is with those cables and you will be better able to fix the problem by replacing those units.

If you have more than one HDMI cable, turn on your Sanyo TV and start disconnecting them one by one.

Even if your screen is still black, disconnect all HDMI cables and wait for several minutes. If the display lights up, then the problem was with the cables.

Tip: To identify which HDMI cable is the faulty one, begin reconnecting them one by one and determine when the screen will go black.

Solution #3 Execute Panel Buttons Reboot Sequence

A solution that will help with getting your TV’ software fixed is the panel buttons reboot sequence.

Users have recommended this for fixing your TV from constantly losing its picture and randomly shutting itself down.

To appropriately execute the panel buttons sequence, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Sanyo TV and take a look at its buttons.
  2. Try to locate the menu and the vol- buttons on the side panel.
  3. Press and hold the menu and the vol- buttons simultaneously.
  4. Wait for 10 seconds while holding both of the buttons.
  5. Your TV’s LED should display a blue light and it should stay on for a while.
  6. Wait for another 30 seconds with the blue light.
  7. Check if your TV will display a picture now.
Note: If the blue light comes off before the 30 seconds milestone, it means that your device has a power problem.

Solution #4 Connect Sanyo To A Different Power Source

use different power source

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this problem may be occurring due to issues with the power supply. If that’s the issue, your best shot at solving it is to connect the TV to an alternative power supply.

Additionally, avoid connecting the TV into power strips or dividers of any kind until the end of this guide.

Sometimes these devices can develop power problems, which will actively cut out the supply to your TV and even damage the internal components over time.

Choose a different standalone power source for the Sanyo TV and connect it there if possible.

Note: To verify the functionality of the new power source for your Sanyo TV, ensure that you had another functional device plugged there before.

Solution #5 Replace Sanyo TV Power Adapter

replace power adapter

Before you continue any further, it’s strongly recommended to replace the power adapter.

Now that you plugged the TV into an alternative power source, but the issue doesn’t seem to go away, you should also replace the device’s power cable.

The power adapter that Sanyo TV uses is the standard A/C power adapter that can be found in every technical store near your location.

Moreover, there are no specifications for the power capacity of the adapter, but still, don’t purchase the cheapest available option.

As you know, quality comes with a price and if you don’t want to bother with power issues of your Sanyo TV in the future, make sure to get a quality cable.

Note: To replace the power adapter, simply disconnect the current one from both ends and attach the new universal unit you’ve acquired.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Sanyo TV

reset sanyo tv

If it is possible for you, you should factory reset the Sanyo TV.

Since there is a small-time interval between you turning on the TV and its screen going black, you should use that time to execute the software factory reset, which has the potential to solve the problem.

Here’s how to navigate to the factory reset option in your Sanyo TV’s menus:

  1. Grab your Sanyo remote.
  2. Press the reset button on the remote.
  3. Next, hit the Menu button on the remote and go to the settings.
  4. Quickly scroll down and search for the “Reset all settings” option.
  5. Choose “Reset” and confirm that you want to erase all settings.
Note: The reset will erase all configurations and settings made to your Sanyo TV so proceed with caution.

Thus, to fix the black Sanyo TV screen, start with a hard reset and by disconnecting ALL 3rd party devices. Then make sure to “Watch TV” instead of using the HDMI cable as a source and test with a different wall outlet. Lastly, replace the TV’s power cable and if possible, perform a factory reset.

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Bottom Line:

Now when you know why Sanyo TV screen goes black after a few seconds you should be able to locate and neutralize the problem.

However, if the issue continues even after all of the solutions in this guide, you might be experiencing a hardware screen problem.

Nicole B