samsung soundbar keeps switching to tv speakers

Your Samsung soundbar keeps switching to TV speakers and you’re looking for a solution?

You’ve come to the right place! TV could often revert to the default TV speakers when having an HDMI connection.

There are multiple explanations for this problem and by the end of this guide, you will know all of them!

If Samsung Soundbar keeps reverting to the default built-in speakers, it is because you haven’t enabled anynet+. The problem could also be with the HDMI connection or the soundbar’s power. Lastly, the soundbar could also be turned off due to the “power-off” feature.

Let’s discuss the topic and what could be causing your TV to revert to the default speakers even when you have your Samsung soundbar plugged in.

Why TV Reverts To TV Speakers With Samsung Soundbar Connected?

This problem could occur if your Samsung soundbar shuts down. In such a case, your TV won’t have any other choice to preserve the audio, but to switch to the default device.

Pro Tip: Making your soundbar the default device will most likely resolve the problem.

Here are some of the explanations regarding why would your TV switch back to the default speakers:

1. Not using HDMI ARC

Interference could often occur with your TV and soundbar bond, especially if you’re not using an HDMI ARC.

2. Soundbar not Default Device

Not making your soundbar the default device will cause your TV to revert to the in-built speakers.

3. Faulty Connection

A problem with the HDMI between your soundbar and TV will disconnect the soundbar and your TV is going to use the default speakers.

4. Faulty Input

Problematic input on your TV could cause the soundbar to lose connection and therefore disconnect.

5. Outdated Firmware

Even on rare occasions, updating your soundbar might resolve connectivity issues with the television.

If you’ve taken a look at the possible issues that could be occurring with your soundbar, let’s move on to the troubleshooting and get the problem resolved.

How To Fix Samsung Soundbar Keeps Switching To TV Speakers?

fix soundbar switching tv speakers

We recommend rebooting your soundbar and retrying the boot sequence to see if that would fix the issue.

There is a high chance that this is a one-time problem and by restarting your soundbar, you might be able to restore functionality.

If rebooting didn’t help at all, then proceed with the upcoming solutions.

Solution #1 Reconnect The HDMI

There could be a problem with the HDMI connection between your soundbar and TV. We suggest reconnecting the HDMI to see if that would resolve the problem.

Follow the instructions down below to execute the process properly:

  1. Power off both your TV and Samsung soundbar.
  2. De-attach the HDMI from both ends.
  3. Perform a quick shake of the HDMI to discharge it.
  4. Attach the HDMI back to its respective slots.
  5. Boot your configuration.

If the TV still seems to be choosing the default device, proceed with our next solution.

Solution #2 Replace HDMI/Use ARC

replace hdmi arc

The problem is most likely to occur because of the fact that you’re not using HDMI ARC with your soundbar and television.

Connecting an HDMI ARC is most likely going to fix the problem since this connection is meant only for audio transfer.

Supply yourself with an HDMI ARC and dislocate the regular cable you’re using. Regardless of the type of connection you’re using (regular HDMI or RCA cable), unplug it and connect your brand-new HDMI ARC.

Solution #3 Make Soundbar Default Device

If your TV keeps switching to the default sound device, which is the TV’s built-in speakers, then you should make the soundbar the new default audio of your television.

Note: Making your soundbar a default device, will form a situation in which the audio will completely disappear if your soundbar malfunctions or disconnects.

Follow the instructions down below to make your Samsung soundbar the new default device:

  1. Go to the settings of your TV.
  2. Open the audio settings and select the output where your soundbar is plugged in.
  3. Tap “Make this default audio device”.

Now if the sound disappears this time, it will most likely mean that your Samsung soundbar is completely disconnected. Let’s proceed with the next solution.

Solution #4 Enable Anynet+

enable anynet

We suggest enabling the Anynet+ function of your Samsung soundbar. This feature enables you to control your Samsung soundbar with the TV’s remote as long as the feature is enabled.

The no sound problem most often occurs because your soundbar boots separately from the TV. HDMI ARC provides the ability to boot your TV and soundbar together using Anynet+.

Follow the steps down below to enable the Anynet+ feature on your Samsung soundbar:

  1. Make sure that both the TV and soundbar are turned on.
  2. On your soundbar remote, press and hold the Right Arrow button.
  3. Wait for the Anynet+ menu to appear and hold the button again.
  4. Wait for the display to read ON -ANYNET+-.

Turn off your devices and boot them up again to see if that will fix the problem. In case the problem persists, proceed with switching to a different input.

Solution #5 Use Different Input

If possible, try using different input. Since HDMI ARC supports only one input, you can test it out with your older HDMI cable, which is supported by all inputs on your TV’s back.

Rotate the cable and switch the input to see if that will help. Boot your TV with the soundbar and determine if your television would still revert back to the default audio device.

If the problem doesn’t seem to be fixed, switch back to your HDMI ARC, and proceed with the next step.

Solution #6 Update Your Soundbar’s Firmware

Keep in mind that updating your Samsung soundbar via the easier way requires having the SmartThings application.

We can assume that you already have the Samsung app since this enables a variety of options on your soundbar.

To update, open your SmartThings app and go to Information > Firmware Update > Update Now. 

Your soundbar is going to reboot and afterward, the problem should be resolved.

Solution #7 Reset Your Soundbar

reset your samsung soundbar

If nothing worked by the time you are reading this, we suggest factory resetting your Samsung soundbar.

If the problem is software-related, resetting the system is your best remaining shot against the issue.

To reset your Samsung soundbar, follow the instructions down below:

  1. Make sure your soundbar is turned on.
  2. Press the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time.
  3. Hold both buttons for 5 seconds.
  4. Unplug the AC power cord of the power outlet.
  5. Wait for 2 minutes and re-attach the cable back into the outlet.
  6. Wait for your soundbar to boot up.

That’s all.

Once your soundbar boots back up, feel free to test if the TV would still disconnect from the soundbar and if it does, it would mean that your soundbar is losing connectivity.

Thus, to prevent your TV from switching to the default audio device while the Samsung soundbar is connected, try connecting the HDMI and use HDMI ARC. Update your soundbar’s firmware and switch the inputs. Lastly, try factory resetting your soundbar to resolve the problem permanently.

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Bottom Line:

After finding out about the Samsung soundbar keeps switching to TV speaker problem, widely reported by the Samsung community, we hope you were able to resolve it. If you end up with the same troubles, contacting Samsung is the next best step.

Nicole B