roomba keeps getting stuck on nothing

If your Roomba keeps getting stuck on nothing, there’s a reason for that!

We will identify the exact cause by the end of this guide and provide you with the best solutions out there, available for you to apply!

Roomba may be getting stuck due to obstructions on the floor or the fibers of the carpet which are too tick. The brushes and bristles may have gotten dirty or your Roomba may be shutting down. The firmware of the device may also be outdated.

Let’s identify what’s the problem going on with your Roomba before we move on to troubleshooting the problem.

Why Does Roomba Keeps Getting Stuck?

Your Roomba may be getting stuck due to random objects on the floor.

It could also be caused by an inappropriate floor surface that your Roomba apparently doesn’t support.

In fact, older Roomba vacuum robots don’t like certain surfaces and could often get stuck on them, since their mechanism isn’t acclimated to cleaning that.

Here are the causes for your Roomba to be getting stuck at nothing throughout your house.

1. Clothes/Toys on the Floor

If your Roomba detects even the slightest obstructions, it will stop at it and wait for a restart, such as everyday objects.

2. Inappropriate Floor Surface

Especially the old models of Roomba, maybe getting stuck at random floor surfaces if they aren’t appropriate.

3. No Charge/Insufficient Charge

Your Roomba may be running out of battery, therefore you have to charge the device to prevent it from getting stuck.

4. Dirty Brushes and Bristles

Not cleaning your Roomba is by far the biggest mistake for home robots. If the brushes or bristles are too dirty, your Roomba will keep getting stuck.

Those were the causes for the problem with your Roomba robot. Keep reading to learn how to solve the issue with your cleaner in easy-to-follow solutions.

How To Fix Roomba Keeps Getting Stuck On Nothing?

fix roomba getting stuck on nothing

To solve the problem with your Roomba, you should first-hand reboot the device.

The problem could be caused by a bug or glitch, making your Roomba getting often stuck at random objects or even at nothing.

Here’s how to fix the issue with your Roomba if a restart couldn’t help solve the problem:

Solution #1 Power Reset Roomba

The first thing you should do is a more advanced type of restart.

The power reset process will discharge your Roomba out of any remaining electricity and solve problems that are making your robot shut down.

Here’s how to perform a power reset on your Roomba:

  1. Turn your Roomba upside down.
  2. Locate the 4 screws keeping the battery latch attached.
  3. Expose Roomba’s battery.
  4. Take it out and standby for 5 minutes.
  5. Re-insert the battery.
  6. Test.
Note: Once the power reset is complete, ensure that you’re putting the battery in the correct position.

Solution #2 Remove Obstructions From The Route

remove obstacles

Even though you may be thinking that Roomba is getting stuck on nothing, there’s always an obstruction through the route.

In that regard, your next step should be to remove any obstructions throughout your Roomba’s route.

In that regard, check the mobile application and open your Roomba’s routes.

Check the entire pathway that your Roomba goes through in its cleaning schedule and remove all of the toys, clothes, objects on the ground.

Pro Tip: To understand whether the robot is getting stuck due to objects, take your robot to a really flat surface and test there.

Solution #3 Charge Your Roomba

If Roomba gets stuck while cleaning on literally nothing, there’s a chance that the device is running out of battery.

If that’s the case, the next thing you should do is connect your Roomba to a power source for at least 30 minutes to an hour.

To charge your Roomba, position it on the dock and enable the charging by pressing the CLEAN button positioned on the main screen of your cleaning Roomba robot.

It takes up to an hour for your Roomba to charge enough to stop randomly stopping.

Note: Ensure that the dock is also connected to the power source and can actively charge your Roomba.

Any issues with the charging of your Roomba may require replacing the robot’s battery.

Solution #4 Clean Roomba’s Instruments

clean roomba instructions

If there weren’t any obstructions in Roomba’s route, you should also perform maintenance on the device by cleaning its instruments.

That refers to cleaning the brush and the bristles on the bottom of your Roomba cleaning robot.

Here’s how to clean your Roomba robot’s cleaning instruments in easy steps:

  1. Once again, turn your Roomba upside down.
  2. Using a Philips-headed screwdriver undo the screws keeping the side brush attached.
  3. Once taken out, clean the brush with water and wait for it to dry up.
  4. Repeat with the bristle, which is kept in the bottom part of your Roomba, positioned in the center (once again held with Philips screws).
Note: Don’t re-attach the cleaning instruments before they are completely dry to avoid causing a malfunction to the hardware of your Roomba.

Solution #5 Create Different Route

In your Roomba application, you are able to create different routes for your robot to fulfill during its next cleaning time.

In that regard, you should enter the Roomba application in your mobile smartphone and follow these instructions to create a different route:

  1. Go over the missions tab in your Roomba app.
  2. Check the premade route your Roomba created already.
  3. Configure it in any way, so that it doesn’t bump into walls or fall into a ditch, by tapping the configure button.
Note: You don’t certainly have to create a route for your Roomba, since it automatically goes through your household.

It keeps a history of the previous missions (routes) which you can later check and configure if you want.

Solution #6 Factory Reset Roomba

If nothing managed to fix your issue so far, you should perform a factory reset on your Roomba vacuum to fix the problem.

This will erase all software configurations for your robot and solve the problem.

reset your roomba

Here’s how to reset your Roomba robot:

  1. Make sure that your Roomba robot is turned on.
  2. Locate the Home, Spot Clean, and the Clean buttons.
  3. Press all of the three buttons simultaneously.
  4. Wait for the light ring around your Roomba’s clean button to begin flashing.
  5. Let go of the buttons.
Note: Once you see the light ring and you release the button, your Roomba will start resetting itself, during which time you shall not interfere in any way.

To fix a Roomba robot that keeps getting stuck on nothing, power reset the device and charge the batteries. Clean the Roomba’s instruments and re-configure the route the robot is going through. Finally, perform a reset on the device to solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Roomba keeps getting stuck on nothing and how to solve the issue in easy steps, we hope we were helpful to you.

If the issue persists, consider contacting Roomba’s technical team for additional assistance.

If you find this post helpful, make sure to check many other solutions in our technical blog to solve issues with your smart home devices.

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