ring stick up cam not detecting motion

If your Ring stick up cam not detecting motion, we have a solution for you!

When your camera does not detect motion, perhaps you’ve chosen too low a sensitivity in the application.

The problem could also be related to inappropriate camera positioning or your device has gone offline.

To fix your Ring stick up the cam’s motion detection, increase the sensitivity levels of the device, and perform a power cycle. Make sure that your camera is connected to the network and attempt reinstalling the mobile app. Lastly, factory reset your Ring stick up cam.

Let’s first learn what are the potential causes for your camera to not detect motion and then proceed with solving the problem.

Why Does My Ring Stick Up Cam Is Not Detecting Motion?

Your Ring cam is usually bound to pick up motion from people near your door’s entrance.

In case you’re having no alerts, this no motion is being detected, there are quite a few things responsible so you would have to inspect all of them.

Here are all of the causes that could be preventing motion detection:

1. No Motion Alerts

In the Ring app for your cam, you can enable/disable the motion alert that will notify you when your camera picks up a movement.

2. Incorrect Positioning

If you’ve placed your Ring camera incorrectly or facing an obstruction, it won’t pick up any motion.

3. Motion Sensors Issue

A problem with the motion sensors of your Ring camera might have gone faulty or aren’t picking up people near your door entrance.

4. False Alerts

You may receive motion alerts on your phone, but they could be false due to incorrectly seized movement in regard to your camera.

5. Motion Frequency Problem

Lastly, the refresh rate of your Ring camera when detecting movement might be too long, therefore it won’t pick up any moving people close to your doorstep.

Those were all of the possible causes that could have impacted the motion detection of your camera.

Hardware damage is not excluded yet, but we’ll perform some troubleshooting first in order to identify the problem.

How To Fix Ring Stick Up Cam Not Detecting Motion?

fix ring stick up cam not detecting motion

Before we proceed with any of the solutions, you should first restart your Ring cam.

If the problem is a temporal bug or a glitch, related to a problematic start, the ordinary reboot should resolve the problem immediately.

In case, restarting did not help, here’s how to fix your motion detection:

Solution #1 Enable Motion Alerts

Your Ring camera might be picking up the motion, but you won’t be notified when a motion tracking event is taking place.

This is only when you haven’t enabled the Motion Alerts in your Ring app, that let you know when your camera is picking up motion.

Here’s how to enable the motion alerts of your Ring stick up cam:

  1. Go over to your Ring app and tap Devices.
  2. In the following screen, select Motion Settings and tap Smart Notifications.
  3. Choose the Enable-Feature button and then press the Continue button.
  4. Configure the motion alert notifications in the following tab.
Note: When adjusting the motion alert notification, you will be able to choose whether to be notified when your camera detects a person or any other type of motion.

Solution #2 Reposition Your Camera

If after enabling the alert your camera is still not picking up motion, perhaps the position of your device is incorrect.

In that regard, you should reposition your camera, to avoid certain surfaces and obstructions, preventing the device from picking up motion.

Here’s what to avoid placing your camera next to:

1. Glass surfaces

Don’t place your camera facing glass surfaces or windows since it won’t pick up any motion.

2. Next to the light source

If your camera is too close to a light source and it is flashing in your camera’s “eye”, the device won’t pick up any motion.

3. Solid obstruction

An object that is blocking your camera’s entire vision could be the reason your camera is not picking up motion.

Note: Choose a comfortable place where all of these factors are negated and position your camera there. 

Make sure to test the motion picking feature by yourself or by having someone stand in front of the camera.

Solution #3 Change Motion Frequency

increase motion sensitivity

The motion frequency adjusts how often you get motion notifications and alerts from your camera.

Generally, there are two options you can choose from -the light standard and the frequent option.

For this solution, you should pick the frequent option to determine if your camera is going to start picking up motion.

To change your Ring stick-up cam’s motion frequency, go to Ring app > Settings > Motion Settings > Smart Alert.

From there, you have to scroll down and find the motion frequency feature and change it to “Frequent”.

Note: Changing the motion frequency requires restarting your camera to apply the changes.

Solution #4 Increase Motion Sensitivity

In case your Ring stick up cam not detecting motion even after changing the motion frequency, perhaps the motion sensitivity is too low.

If the feature has been turned down too low, your camera won’t pick up any motion regardless of what you do.

To increase the motion sensitivity, go to Ring app > Settings > Motion Settings.

Increase the motion sensitivity and test by having an actual human standing in front of the camera.

Note: Make sure not to overdo the feature since your camera is going to start picking up any kind of motion which is not a thing you really want.

Solution #5 Reset Your Ring Camera

In case nothing helps you should reverie ALL camera settings to default.

The factory reset is going to delete all of the configurations you’ve made to the software so far to your device and also bugs and glitches preventing the motion detection.

Here’s how to reset your Ring camera:

  1. On the top of the device, locate the reset button.
  2. Hold the button down for 10 seconds.
  3. Release after the LED’s notification.
Note: Your camera may take a while to reset, so make sure not to shut down the device while the reset is ongoing.

How To Fix Ring Stick Up Cam Not Detecting Motion At Night?

still issues

If your Ring camera isn’t picking up motion during nighttime, it is most often caused by flashing night light.

During the evening, the street lamps will be lit up at some point which may prevent your camera from picking up the motion by flashing towards it.

Moreover, the problem might also be caused by your phone and the night mode being enabled on the device so let’s learn how to solve it:

1. Move Away From Night Light

Ensure that you are moved away from street lights flashing towards the “eye” of the device.

2. Disable Notification Suppression On Your Phone

Your smartphone may have the night mode enabled, which will mute all notifications, including the motion alerts from your camera.

3. Camera Shut Down Due To Outage

At some point during the night, technicians might have ongoing maintenance on the power supply which will shut down the camera.

Thus, to fix the motion detection of your Ring camera, increase the motion sensitivity and enable the alerts. Boost the motion frequency and sensitivity and reposition your camera.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the Ring stick up cam not detecting motion and how to resolve the problem easily, it’s up to you now.

Delivering your camera for a technical repair is never out of your options list, so that should be your next step in case nothing helped.

Nicole B