ring motion snooze not working

Is your Ring motion snooze not working? Let’s see how to fix it!

The Ring camera is very effective due to the immense number of features one can access. However, troubles could happen due to some connection or software issues.

If your Ring motion sneeze is not working, you will need to power cycle the device, cycle it from the app, check the battery, or adjust the app settings.

Below we will cover all the details you need to get right so the Ring camera will work again as intended.

Ring Motion Snooze Not Working – Reasons

reason why ring motion snooze not working

Are your Ring snooze motion alerts not working? Some users complain that this functionality gets worse with time. However, it remains to be investigated what is going on.

The issue may be easily solvable. Here are the common causes behind the problem:

Software or Firmware Issue

There’s possibly a bug or glitch in the Ring app or firmware preventing the motion snooze feature from functioning correctly.

Incorrect Settings

Ensure you have correctly configured the motion snooze settings in the Ring app. 

Connectivity Problems

If your Ring device is experiencing connectivity issues, it may not receive the command to activate the motion snooze feature. 

Compatibility Issues

Due to hardware limitations, some older Ring devices may not support the motion snooze feature. 

Fix The Ring Motion Snooze Not Working

how fix ring motion snooze not working

Now you have got a good grasp on what the problem with your camera potentially is. After that, we will help you fix the issue.

Below we have listed all the methods you can employ to make the motion snooze functionality work like a charm again.

1. Power Cycle The Camera

The Ring camera is not a very complicated device. When one of its functions glitches and you scratch your head wondering what to do, you might simply power cycle the device.

You can easily do the procedure from the comfort of your phone:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Click on the Menu icon;
  3. Choose “Devices“;
  4. Choose the glitchy camera;
  5. Ensure it is on the network;
  6. Click on “Device Health“;
  7. Find the “Reboot This Device” option;

Power Cycle A Battery Model

power cycle the battery model

Even though battery-powered models can be cycled from the app, you can also take on them manually.

Here is a very simple way you can power cycle your Ring camera that has a battery:

  1. Find the battery’s cover;
  2. Slide it out;
  3. Wait a minute;
  4. Put the battery back in;
  5. Turn the camera on.

You must ensure that the battery can reconnect to the network and app afterward. Then check if you can use the Motion Snooze function.

Tip: When you power cycle the camera, it is also a good idea to power cycle your phone.

2. Remove From The App

remove device from app

If a simple power cycle doesn’t solve the issue, the next step is “cycling” the camera from the app.

That means you will remove its connection from the app and add it again.

We are working with the supposition that the connection between them is the problem. 

  1. Open the app;
  2. Click on the Menu icon;
  3. Choose “Devices“;
  4. Choose the glitchy camera;
  5. Go to the “Device Settings“;
  6. Go to General Settings“;
  7. Click on “Remove This Device“;

Add The Ring Camera Again

After removing the camera from the app, it is a good idea to turn it off and then on again.

Then add it to the app anew:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Tap the three lines;
  3. Select “Set Up a Device”;
  4. Choose the correct sort of camera;
  5. Click on “I’m Ready To Scan”;
  6. Scan the camera’s QR code.

3. Check The Battery

check device battery

If you own a battery-powered Ring camera, it might be time to check if the battery needs replacement.

Even if your camera still powers on, the battery might be very low in power, causing many functionalities to work poorly. Or the battery might be ill-placed.

Let’s see:

  1. Find the battery’s cover;
  2. Slide it out;
  3. Put the battery back in, attaching it firmly;
  4. Allow the camera to turn on;
  5. Check the app and see if anything changes.

You should try a new battery if nothing has changed regarding the motion snooze. That might do the trick.

4. Manage The Settings

manage device settings

Suppose the motion snooze option is not working on your phone. In that case, we recommend checking the settings again and ensuring that you have set it up correctly.

Restarting your phone before that can be a good idea to refresh the entire system.

Then do the following:

  1. Open the Ring app;
  2. Tap the three-line icon;
  3. Touch “Devices”;
  4. Click on “Motion Snooze”;
  5. Adjust the Motion Snooze slider/timer;
  6. Once finished, tap on “Save Snooze Settings”;

How To Deactivate The Function

If the motion snooze has been annoying you and you want to deactivate it, you need to do the following:

  1. Open the Ring app;
  2. Tap the three-line icon;
  3. Touch “Devices”;
  4. Click on “Motion Snooze”;
  5. Tap on “Deactivate Motion Snooze.”

If the app works correctly, that should stop the motion snooze from ever prompting you again.

Tip: The motion snooze might be entirely the app's fault. In that case, you can delete the app and install it again. Or you can check the app store for an app update.

5. Check The Internet Connection

check your internet connection

Coordination between the Ring app and the Ring camera requires a good internet connection.

Thus, you can be sure that the functionalities will be affected if your Ring camera doesn’t hold a strong connection to your router.

Here are some ways you can check the trouble:

  • Place the router closer to the Ring camera and see if any changes you prompt via the app are now accepted.
  • Check if there are too many smart devices around your Ring camera. They could be causing interference.
  • Ensure your Ring camera is connected to the 2.4GHz network and not the 5GHz network.

Suppose you verify that the distance is the issue. In that case, buying a signal repeater or a second router to place halfway between the main router and the camera is a good idea.

6. Update The Firmware

The issue on your camera may stem from a lack of firmware updates. Usually, the camera should receive updates automatically.

When that doesn’t happen, however, you can still go through the app and update it manually:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Click on the Menu icon;
  3. Choose “Devices”;
  4. Choose the glitchy camera;
  5. Click on “Device Health”;
  6. Locate “Firmware”;

If a firmware update is available for your specific camera model, the “Firmware” page will show it to you. Then simply proceed to install it. 

Note: Don't change between apps when updating the camera. Even if it takes a bit long, wait until the download and installation finish.

7. Reset The Camera

Resetting the camera is similar to removing it from the app, except that it will truly erase all data and refresh the camera’s hardware too.

reset your camera

There are many models of Ring cameras, so you must check below which reset method applies to yours.

Ring Stick Up (1st Gen and 2nd Gen)

Do you have a Ring Stick Up 1st or 2nd Gen? Then here you go:

  1. Lift the small cover on the camera’s back;
  2. Hold the orange button for 20 seconds (1st Gen)/10 seconds (2nd Gen);
  3. Wait for the light on the front to flash several times;
  4. When it stops flashing, the reset is complete.

Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd Gen) and Plug-In

Do you have a Stick Up Cam with battery or Plug-in? Then here you go:

  1. Remove the battery cover;
  2. Hold the orange button for 10 seconds;
  3. Wait for it to enter setup mode.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Finally, Ring Spotlight owners will reset their cameras by doing the following:

  1. Find the battery cover on top of the camera;
  2. Remove it;
  3. Hold the button for 10 seconds;
  4. Wait for it to enter setup mode.

What We Learned

When you notice the Ring motion snooze is not working, you must investigate plenty of its settings.

As you have seen above, the issue doesn’t come from any serious damage on your camera.

We hope that you can get the function to work again!

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Nicole B