Ring Doorbell 2 motion detection not working

If you find your Ring Doorbell 2 motion detection not working, don’t fret!

A lot of people try to figure out what causes this, and we’re here to help you get through it effectively and efficiently!

This guide will be complete and comprehensive as we’ll give you the solution in intricate detail.

Not only that, but we’ll also detail the most common reasons why this particular occurrence happens!

If the motion detector of your Ring Doorbell 2 isn’t working, double-check if motion alerts are turned on in the Ring app. After that, check if the sensors have enough room to function. Then make sure that the firmware/software of the Ring Doorbell 2 is up to date. Proceed to reset your Ring Doorbell 2.

There are quite a few causes as to why your security device isn’t detecting motion. And to further understand the fix process, knowing the common causes would be helpful too.

Common Culprits Why Your Ring Doorbell 2 Isn’t Detecting Motion

It could be nerve-wracking to see that your security device isn’t able to detect motion.

But to let you know, there are quite a few common causes that restrict it from functioning normally:

  • Motion alerts aren’t enabled in the app
  • Bad or unstable internet connection
  • Power problems/power outage
  • The firmware of the Ring Doorbell is outdated
  • Motion sensitivity setting is low

If in the event you find your Ring Doorbell 2 motion detector not working at night, these are the most customary causes. You might be thinking, finding the root of this problem is complex, it’ll be difficult to fix.

But no! In fact, our tutorial here will give you a complete rundown of how you can fix and resolve the motion detection problem of your Ring Doorbell 2!

Ring Doorbell 2 Motion Detection Not Working – Complete Fix Steps

fix ring doorbell 2 motion detection not working

This tutorial will outline everything from checking the settings of your Ring Doorbell 2, the internet connection – to the sensitivity rating/sensor of your cameras!

Step #1: Check If Your Motion Alerts Are Enabled

The Ring Doorbell, though it’s made to secure your living space, has specific settings. When it comes to motion detection, it would require enabling the Ring app first.

And did you know that by default, motion detection is disabled? This is the reason why first-time users of the Ring Doorbell 2 would usually have this dilemma.

To check if motion detection is enabled on your Ring app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Ring app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. From there, tap Menu or the three (3) lines on the top-left part of the app.
  3. Select the respective Doorbell you want to toggle.
  4. Tap on Motion Settings and slide it to activate.

NOTE: The slider needs to turn green for it to be activated.

Step #2: Double-Check the Sensors and Sensitivity Settings

The next step is to double-check the sensors. Make sure that the sensors aren’t blocked out by any object that could cause an obstruction.

When the path is clear and when you’re sure of it, the next thing you want to do is to check the motion sensitivity of your video doorbell.

You can access this by opening the Ring app and tapping Menu. After that, select the doorbell and choose Motion Settings Sensitivity.

Adjust the slider going to the right to get better sensitivity.

Step #3: Verify That Your Ring Doorbell 2 is Online/Connected to the Internet

Many people don’t realize that Ring Doorbells require an internet connection to work.

This means, if your device is not properly connected to the internet, it – along with its features – would not work properly.

In this step, it’s advisable to perform a reboot or a power cycle of your modem/gateway and router. What this does is refresh the connection of devices to and from your modem or router.

To do this, simply unplug your modem or router from power for 30 to 45 seconds. After that, plug it to power back in again and wait for it to reinitialize.

Step #4: Check if There are Firmware Updates Available

The next step is to assess the firmware version of your device.

Although the firmware or software of the Ring Doorbell 2 undergoes automatic updates, there’ll be instances where it won’t – having the update during the time when your internet is unstable, among others.

So, ensure that the firmware of your Ring Doorbell is updated.

  1. Access the Ring app from your Android or iOS device.
  2. From there, tap Menu on the front part of the app.
  3. Choose the Ring device in question and hit on Device Health.
  4. Then, under the Device Details category, scroll down and tap on Firmware.

If the firmware is not up to date, the Update button will appear. Otherwise, the firmware of your device is updated.

Step #5: Check For Power Failure

Power failures are also part of the most common reasons why motion detectors are malfunctioning.

So, it’s important to ensure that the power being supplied to your Ring Doorbell is consistent.

To ensure that sufficient power is being supplied to your Ring Doorbell 2, perform the following:

  1. Check the circuit breaker that supplies power to the device, make sure it’s on.
  2. If it’s on, then the breaker’s good.
  3. Then, turn the power off because you’ll have to check the Ring Doorbell’s wiring.
  4. Dismount the device from the wall attachment and check the wires and cables
  5. Make sure that all cables are connected and plugged in properly.

Should all of these be good, then the problem is not with the power being supplied to your Ring Doorbell! This paves way for the last and final step, which is…

Step #6: Reset Your Ring Doorbell 2

This step is to conclude and finalize the process. According to most Ring Doorbell 2 users, the problems they encountered were easily solved by a simple hard reset of the unit.

So, here’s how you can hard reset your Ring Doorbell 2:

  1. Remove the Ring Doorbell from its attachment on the wall.
  2. Press and hold the orange button (reset button) for 15 seconds.
  3. The device’s LED indicator should flash, signaling that it’s trying to establish connections.

NOTE: When you release the button and the indicator flashes, it means that the device has successfully been reset because it’s trying to locate stable connections. 

When you’re done with this 6-step process, you can expect your Ring Doorbell 2’s motion detection to be back up and working again!

Your experiences of it not working or functioning properly will all be gone!

My Ring Doorbell 2’s Motion Detection is Still Not Working

There’ll be instances where the problems of your Ring Doorbell 2’s motion detection will persist. If this is the case, the next best thing you can do is contact Ring’s customer support team.

When you contact them, prepare for all the information related to the dilemma.

This would include when the problem started, the exact problem you’re experiencing, the troubleshooting steps you tried, and others!

To fix the motion detection error with your Ring Doorbell 2, check your internet connection first. Then, ensure that motion alerts on your Ring Doorbell app are enabled. After that, double-check the sensors and see if they’re positioned properly, and check for updates. Reset your device to finalize the process.

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Is your Ring Doorbell 2 motion detection not working and you’re not sure how you can fix it? Are you trying to find a guide that’ll give you the complete solution to the problem?

With our tutorial, you won’t need any other guide to help you fix the problem.

Even if you’re a first-time owner of a Ring Doorbell 2 device or if your technical know-how isn’t that great, you’ll never have a problem using this tutorial.

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