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In case you don’t know how to remove myQ from Alarm then in this guide, you’ll learn everything about the process and exactly what you’ll need to do.

To remove a myQ device from you’ll need to inquire about this by contacting myQ since only they have access to a provider’s account. You’ll need to describe what you’re looking forward to and await a successful removal message from their side.

Let’s now learn more about can a device be entirely deleted from and how.

Can You Delete myQ Device From Alarm?

can delete myq from

Unfortunately, the answer to that is no, you cannot delete your myQ device from on your own.

You will have to contact the myQ team, so they can delete the device that you’ve connected for you.

Currently, for users’ accounts, that functionality is not yet available and you’re only able to add the myQ device to

If you wish to remove it later, you need a service provider, to give him credentials to your account, to remove your device from

Let’s proceed with how you can get in touch with myQ and get your device removed:

How To Remove myQ Device From

how to remove myQ From

To understand things better, we should first mention that there are two types of registrations that can be made on

  • Provider registrations
  • User registrations

Like other manufacturers, myQ has provider registrations and they have access to user devices that are linked with their subscription to

The fastest way to get your myQ device removed from happens by counting the myQ customer service.

Step #1 Go To myQ Support

As you’ve already figured, you won’t be contacting the authorities of, but only myQ to get your device removed from their website.

In that regard, your first step is to navigate to the support page of myQ, from where you can request a chat with the support.

To access myQ, you can either use your mobile device or go through a desktop computer or a laptop.

Regardless of the device you use, the interface remains the same and the guide itself will undergo the same conditions.

Just write in your browser and hit the “Search” button!

Note: The myQ support is under the “chamberlaingroup” domain, so don’t get mistaken if you see “Chamberlain” rather than myQ.

Step #2 Login With Your myQ Credentials

log in myq credentials

Your next task is to log in to myQ using your credentials.

They will require you to log in with your email or username and then the password at the login screen.

All of these credentials should be available to you if you have a myQ device.

Make sure that you know your myQ login credentials and here’s how to sign in:

  1. At, press the email/username field.
  2. Insert the required value of your username or the email.
  3. Next, press on the “password” field.
  4. Write your password.
  5. Once you’re done writing your credentials, hit the “Sign-Inbutton.
  6. Wait to be redirected to the myQ website.
Alert: There are certain time intervals that myQ may be down. You will be alerted for any maintenance upon your login being rejected.

Step #3 Navigate To The Support Page

navigate the support page

Once you’re logged in to myQ, your next step is to navigate to the support page.

From there, you will be able to choose how you wish to contact myQ and let them know of your willingness to get your device removed from

To reach the support page, follow the instructions we’ve provided:

  1. On the myQ website home screen, press the “Support” button.
  2. On the scroll-down menu, select “Smart Home”.
  3. Wait to be redirected to

Based on your connection speed, you should soon be redirected to the support page of the chamberlain group instantly.

Note: The chamberlain group includes myQ, Chamberlain, and LiftMaster combined.

Step #4 Choose A Reason For Support

choose reason for support

Before you proceed, you should see a list of all causes which you may want to contact the support team for.

Unfortunately, your cause or the problem with will not be listed there and you will have to select “something different”.

Although choosing any of the causes will still be connected with myQ, you should choose your product from the options below.

Based on what device you want to remove from (garage door opener, keypad/remote, or cameras.

Use Chamberlain Group Virtual Assistant

If you want to bypass the basic self-troubleshooting and connect with customer support immediately, you can use the Chamberlain group virtual assistant at the bottom right of your page.

A little icon with a human face with headphones equipped should be clicked and this will open the virtual assistant.

If you’re not logged in already, you should log in and describe your problem in detail.

Step #5 Contact The Support

contact the support

And now, there are multiple ways to remove myQ from All of the methods differ in how you want to contact myQ and under what conditions.

Here are the ways you can contact myQ:

Contact Via Online Chat:

Use the Chamberlain group virtual assistant to trigger an online chat with myQ.

Contact Via Phone Call:

The US residents can contact myQ at (800) 528-5880, via a cellular call (charges may apply)

Contact Via Email:

You can also send myQ a requestion email (may not be immediate removal of the device), at

Note: Keep in mind that if you contact myQ via email, it may take longer for your order to be completed and to get the device removed from

Step #6 Describe The Removal

describe the removal

After choosing a method for contacting myQ, you must describe the request for the removal of your device.

Since you’re already signed in with your myQ profile, there won’t be a need to provide additional account information, since they will find you easily on

If you’re talking with a myQ executive or you’re on an online chat, make sure that you first mention and specify what device must be removed.

Those are the most important things you should share and the myQ representative will be able to l remove your device.

Step #7 Wait Confirmation

wait for the confirmation

Regardless of whether you’ve left an email or reported your inquiry on chat, the operation might take a while.

On the live chat, they might tell you that you should await a confirmation message just like if you’ve left an email.

To remove the device from myQ might need up to 2 business days.

The way of contacting does not really matter as long as you’re reaching out on working-office days.

In case you’ve contacted on a weekend or during a holiday, the response might take longer than usual so be patient.

Note: You may also be required to provide credentials (email or username) for, so make sure that you have them up front.

Quick Recap:

Hence, you can’t remove myQ from without a provider’s account to access the platform. Users should contact myQ customer service to acquire assistance in removing their devices from

Wrapping Up:

Now that we know how to remove myQ from the entire intercourse with the customer service should not take longer than 15 minutes.

However, you may be contacted during non-working office hours and may have to leave an email, which also doesn’t take long.

After all, all it takes for myQ to remove your account from is an identification of your account ownership, which you can do by logging in to your account.

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