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When the myQ garage door opening on its own, then surely there is something out of the ordinary that would cause this weird behavior.

The solution only includes an inspection of your entire setup so the user can easily identify where the problem is coming from.

Whenever the myQ garage door is opening on its own, users should perform a restart to check if that would help. The next step would be to reprogram the remote, change the master code and perform a factory reset on the opener.

Let’s next learn more about the most frequently reported causes for this myQ problem!

Why Is myQ Garage Door Opening On Its Own?

why is myQ garage door opening

There could be several causes as to why is your myQ garage door opening on its own.

There’s even a chance that a neighbor close to you has accidentally programmed their remote to the opener door and causes it to open every now and then.

A silly but realistic possibility!

Let’s now take a look at some frequent reports of unintended myQ garage door opening:

A Short In-Circuit Board

The login board of your myQ garage door may have gone faulty and this can cause the door to open completely on its own.

This circuit is found in the internal setup of the opener door opener and can develop a software fault over time.

Wire Issues In Door Control

wire issues door control

There may be a problem with the wires on the wall-mounted door control.

This can also cause the opener door to open on its own and in order to fix it, you must replace some of the wires in the configuration.

Remote Opener Problem

The remote opener for your garage door may be experiencing interference or signal issues.

This will cause the garage to open/close by itself whenever the remote opener is in close range from the opener door.

Let’s see the best methods against weird myQ garage door behavior:

How To Fix When myQ Garage Door Opens On Its Own?

how fix myq garage door opener

The solution follows a chronological order of solutions so make sure not to skip any of the steps or recommendations for optimal results.

Let’s start the with power circulation of your device:

Solution #1 Power Cycle The Door Opener

Your first step is to power cycle the door opener.

The problem with the opening of the door might be related to power insufficiency and circulation is the best approach to problems of this kind.

Here’s how you can power cycle the myQ garage door opener easily:

  1. Locate where the opener door opener plugs in.
  2. Grab the power adapter of the opener and disconnect it.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes while the opener’s power is disengaged.
  4. Plug in the power adapter of the opener back into the source.
  5. Test the myQ opener.
Tip: During the power circulation, verify that the power source of the opener is functional.

Solution #2 Fix The Remote Opener

fix the remote opener

The remote opener is the device that can both open and close your myQ garage door from a distance.

If that device develops a fault, your door may continuously open and close until the interference problem is resolved.

Since there could be multiple causes for issues with the remote opener, here are most of them:

  • Check battery position – verify that the batteries of the opener are inserted correctly.
  • Resolve interference – remove any objects of interference near your remote opener (Bluetooth devices, other remote openers, RF radios, Wi-Fi cameras, and others).
  • Replace the batteries – replace the batteries inside your remote opener.

Reprogram The Remote!

Sometimes to prevent the myQ garage door opener from opening and closing randomly, you’ll need to reprogram the remote.

This is, in case it got disconnected or it’s being a target of interference. 

  1. Press the yellow button on the opener door.
  2. The “Learn” LED will turn ON.
  3. Grab the myQ remote and press any button once.
  4. The “Learn” LED should turn OFF.
  5. Test the remote.
Note: Only 1 remote can be programmed to the door opener at a time!

Solution #3 Keep The System Clean

keep the system clean

Users continuously report that not keeping the opener door opener system clean, could lead to issues with the technical components.

Such problems can include doors staying open, not closing all the way, or simply opening and sometimes even closing on their own.

Here’s how you can check your system for any debris and clean it successfully:

  1. Go over towards the panel opener.
  2. Open the opener door.
  3. Inspect the mechanical components that open the door.
  4. Use a wet cloth to collect all of the debris on the mechanical arm.
  5. Apply WD-40 on your opener’s door opener’s chain to ensure no rust.
  6. Close the door and test.
Notice: You must ensure that all moving parts of your opener door’ setup are moving freely and there is nothing obstructing their movement.

Solution #4 Change The Opener’s Code

change openers codes

The myQ garage door opening on its own could happen because of a bug in the opener code.

By changing the code, you will resolve any software bugs that could be the source of the weird device behavior.

Here’s how you can change the code for your myQ garage door opener:

  1. Go over to the keypad of the myQ system.
  2. Enter your old (current) code.
  3. Once inserted, press the hashtag button (#) and hold.
  4. Wait for the lights of the door opener to flash.
  5. Now, insert your new 4-digit master code.
  6. Press the “Enter button to verify the new code.
  7. Close the door and test.
Alert: The opener door would now only unlock using the new master code!

Solution #5 Fix Door Control’s Wires

fix door control wire

There’s a wall-mounted door control that can guide your myQ garage door.

However, if that door control has developed some sort of a fault, it may cause the opener door to constantly open or close by itself. 

Since this issue is most often caused by dead or not-working wires, we suggest replacing the wires that could represent a fault.

Here’s how:

  1. Flip the power switch at the circuit breaker to turn off the power.
  2. Take off the door control from the wall stand.
  3. Disconnect all wires connected to the door control.
  4. Use cutting pliers to cut the end of the red and white cable.
  5. Tie up the red and the white cables back to the electricity poles on the door control.
  6. Ensure that the wires are securely attached.
  7. Re-install the door control back in its place.
Alert: You must ensure that the power supply to the garage is turned off to avoid danger from electric shock.

Solution #6 Reset The myQ Opener

reset the myq opener

Before passing this problem to someone qualified, you should also attempt to reset the door opener to determine if that would resolve the problem.

In most cases, a reset is everything that you would need to solve the problem since according to users, it is the most effective method.

Here’s how to factory reset your myQ smart garage control in easy instructions:

  1. Go over to the door control panel.
  2. Press and hold the Settings button.
  3. Wait for the blue LED to blink (for about 10 seconds).
  4. Let go of the Settings button.
  5. Next, press and hold the settings button once again until the panel beeps.
  6. The reset is now complete.
Note: Resetting your opener will remove it from the myQ application so it has to be re-added.

Quick Recap:

Hence, the myQ garage door is opening on its own whenever the remote is bugging out or the programming is not correct. The solution includes an inspection of the entire myQ setup and carrying out a factory reset to clear the fault.

Final Thoughts:

That was everything about why myQ garage door opening on its own.

We hope that the problem is no longer present and in case the door continues to open and close on its own, you should report the problem to myQ customer service for more help!

Nicole B