remote for hunter fan not working

Wondering why the remote for Hunter fan not working? Let’s find out more in the guide!

Hunter fans are commonly used appliances because of their reliability and using a remote control or a pull chain makes the operation simple.

However, sometimes, the fan’s remote control will stop working, which can be problematic for users who are using the remote control.

The Hunter fan remote control stops working due to different factors including dead remote control batteries, obstructed IR lens, signal interference, or a simple defect.

The solution requires a thorough inspection and a check-up of the entire Hunter fan setup!

Let’s find out more details about other causes of the fan remote not working!

Why Is The Hunter Fan Remote Not Working?

hunter fan remote not working causes

If your remote control for the Hunter fan is not working, then the most common and basic thing is to check the fan’s power.

The batteries in the remote will start to lose their charge over time and, of course, cause multiple issues. 

So before digging deeper, It is important to understand all potential causes!

  • Dead Remote Batteries
  • Dirty Remote infrared lens
  • Dusty fan Receiver Lens
  • Different Dip switch Settings of the remote and Fan
  • Antenna Signal Interference
  • Defective Remote Control

All the aforementioned reasons may be due to the remote, but sometimes the problem lies inside the fan itself.

Now that we are unable to determine the exact fault, let’s begin by troubleshooting the fan and remote.

How To Fix When Remote For Hunter Fan Not Working?

fix not working fan remote

We are now going on in the guide to discuss simple and efficient solutions that will assist you in resolving your Hunter fan remote control issue.

It’s only important to carry out the solution guide in order and don’t skip anything since it could be essential.

Let’s begin!

Solution #1 Reset The Hunter Fan

One of the simplest and quickest ways to fix the problem is to reset the remote control for the fan.

It is very common for the fan to experience voltage problems or malfunction after which it becomes hard to detect remote signals. 

The same way applies to the remote as well, because due to continuous use, the remote system can also get impacted, which is why we begin with a reset.

reset fan and remote

How To Reset The Hunter Fan:

  1. Turn off the fan from power.
  2. Then, hold the remote control and take out the batteries.
  3. Wait for at least 15 minutes until the fan drains any stored power.
  4. Put the batteries back into the remote.
  5. Turn on the fan power supply.

Reset The Hunter Remote Control:

  1. Hold the remote control and open the battery compartment.
  2. Take the battery one end out of the compartment.
  3. Press ALL buttons on the remote twice!
  4. Put the battery back into the remote control.
  5. Then use the remote to control the fan.

If the remote to the fan doesn’t work, then try the next solutions in the guide!

Tip: Try using the remote and controlling the fan from close proximity!

Solution #2 Replace The Remote Battery!

change the remote battery

Particularly when the batteries are worn out or completely dead, the remote control will begin to produce issues.

It is obvious that replacing remote batteries after some time is quite usual and we need to replace them now before reaching further into the guide!

  • If the remote doesn’t show any light, the batteries are definitely dead!

Here is how to replace the remote fan batteries:

  1. Open the remote’s battery compartment.
  2. Take out the batteries from the remote.
  3. (Optional) If the batteries are new, use a Multimeter to test for Continuity
  4. Insert the new battery into the remote.
  5. Close the battery compartment and then check if the remote works.

The battery inside of the Hunter Fan remote is CR2032, such as the ones used in watches and these are rarely found laying around in our homes.

This is why we recommend getting a pack of a few so you can replace the batteries in the remote about every 6 – 9 months!

Solution #3 Clean The Infrared Lens

clean the infrared of fan and remote

The Hunter fan and the remote both have lenses for sending and receiving signals, but if either device is in a filthy area, the lens will eventually pick up dust.

There is a possibility that the remote lens or the fan lens is dusty and that’s why they are not sending or receiving commands!

Here is how to clean the infrared lens from the fan and remote:

  1. Locate the lens from the front of the remote.
  2. Take a dry and soft cloth to clean it properly.
  3. Also, clean the battery compartment and contacts.
  4. Next, locate the receiver lens from the Hunter fan usually found in the canopy.
  5. Clean the lens properly.
  6. After that, try controlling the fan by using the remote.

If the remote control doesn’t work after replacing batteries and cleaning lenses, keep reading!

Solution #4 Inspect For Signal Interference!

antenna not causing interference

If after trying the above steps the remote isn’t working then maybe the antenna or any other device signals are interfering.

It’s also possible that any wire in the fan that is corroded or faulty is impacting the communication between the remote and the fan.

We need to inspect!

  • All you have to do is to look for interference in the fan canopy!

Here is how to check for signal interference:

  1. Turn off the fan Power Supply.
  2. Then unscrew the Fan Canopy and take that out.
  3. Make sure that the receiver antenna is not blocking the inside of the canopy.
  4. Next, also check every wire and make sure no wire is loose, melted, or defective.
  5. Lastly, screw the fan canopy back and turn on the power supply.
Note: If you have found any wires faulty, then call a professional for the repair!

Solution #5 Align The Dip Switch Settings

The Dip Switch Settings are the bond between both units and have to be configured the same, so the fan and remote are on the same frequency.

There is a possibility that the settings for your fan and remote are set to a different level, hence they can’t communicate. 

dip switch should align

Here is how to check the Hunter Fan dip switch settings:

  1. First, turn off the fan Power Supply.
  2. Then, use a ladder to get proper access to the fan.
  3. Use a screwdriver and unscrew the fan canopy from the mounting bracket.
  4. Locate the receiver and Dip Switch from the fan. 
  5. Use a screwdriver and set a new frequency on the switch and note it down.
  6. Then, connect the fan canopy back and turn on the Power Supply.
  7. Next, hold the remote control and take out the batteries from it.
  8. Then, locate the dip switches for the Transmitter.
  9. Adjust the remote frequency via screwdriver and set it the same as the fan.
  10. Then put the batteries back into the remote.

After configuring the dip switch settings, then use a remote and try to control the fan and check if it works.

If not, then no worries, check out the next solution!

Solution #6 Factory Reset Fan Remote!

factory reset remote

In case nothing helps, one of the final and ultimate solutions is to perform a Factory Reset, which is extremely helpful with any issues.

The reset won’t erase any settings but will refresh all remote services and hopefully, restore normal operation.

To reset the Hunter Fan remote control, hold the LIGHT + FAN buttons for 5 seconds!

In case nothing happens, remove the remote battery, wait for a few minutes, then insert the battery back and perform the reset again. Once the reset is completed, you should regain control over the fan using the remote. 

Note: In case the reset doesn’t work, hold both buttons for longer!

Still Here? 

replace the old remote

After implementing every method from the guide, if the remote control for Hunter Fan still doesn’t work, then the only option left is the remote replacement.

Maybe your remote control has fallen and got an internal defect and that’s why it’s not working.

For the replacement of the fan remote, we recommend you to only purchase a Hunter remote control or a universal remote for long and effective performance.

Also, make sure to purchase a remote according to your fan model. Otherwise, you might be facing compatibility issues.

Quick Recap:

Whenever your remote for Hunter fan not working, first reset the fan and remote, then try replacing the remote control batteries.

Moreover, check your fan and remote dip switch settings, clean the remote infrared signals, and also check the canopy for receiver interference. Otherwise, replace the fan remote control.

We hope you find this post helpful, so keep following us!

Nicole B