proscan tv not turning on

If your ProScan TV not turning on and you’re wondering what to do, you have come to the right place!

By the end of this post, you will better understand what is going on with your TV and get a handful of troubleshooting approaches to fix it.

If your ProScan TV is not turning on, you can try power cycling the device and checking the power adapter plugged into it. Then, ensure the remote is working and test with another wall outlet. If that does not work the power button will definitely unveil the true cause.

Before we proceed any further with the troubleshooting, let’s first take a peek at the possible causes for this malfunction and learn more about user experience.

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Why ProScan TV Not Turning on After Several Tries?

If you have attempted to turn on your ProScan TV with the remote or power button several times, but nothing has happened, you may have to start worrying about your TV’s functionality.

Hence, sometimes the issue might be based on something simple, such as not working cable or insufficient power flow.

But other times it could be internal hardware failure that only licensed technicians can fix.

Let’s stop guessing and take a look at the most recently reported causes the users had discovered:

1. Insufficient Power Flow

It is possible that the power transmitting device within your TV had gone faulty, not giving the hardware or the display enough electricity to work with.

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2. Problem with Power Adapter

Power adapters can develop issues over time, that can severely damage your TV’s hardware if not taken care of quickly enough.

3. Problem with A Power Outlet

If the wall outlet your TV is plugged into does not function properly, it is possible that your TV has developed issues or cannot start at all.

4. Faulty Power Strip/Divider

If you’re using a power transmitting device to supply your TV with electricity it may have stopped working.

5. Not Working Remote

Your TV may work, but if the batteries within your remote are worn out, you will be unable to start the TV. The remote could also need replacing if it has hardware issues.

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6. Blocked Signal

It is possible that something is blocking the signal between your remote and the TV.

7. Hardware Malfunction

At last, irreversible internal hardware damage to your TV will also stop it from working, until it is repaired by a technician.

Now that we have all the possible causes mentioned, let’s proceed to the troubleshooting guideline and get your issue resolved as fast as possible!

How To Fix ProScan TV Not Turning On Issue?

fix proscan tv not turning on

Before we proceed any further, many users have demanded to know what to do when ProScan TV does not have a power button not turning on either.

Since the methods we have provided down below will troubleshoot your TV itself, you don’t have to worry if your ProScan device has a power button or not.

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Without further ado, here is how to turn on your ProScan TV.

Method #1 Perform Power Cycle on Your ProScan TV

Before trying any other troubleshooting methods, it is best to first perform a power cycle.

One of the best universal methods that will wipe clean all electricity within the device and provide it with a new, fresh stream.

Here is how to perform a power cycle easily:

  1. Ensure the TV is turned off by pressing the power button on your remote or TV.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from the power source.
  3. Wait for several minutes for the power flow to be erased.
  4. Plug the power adapter back into the source.
  5. Try turning on your TV now.
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This was how to perform a clean power cycle in a few easy steps. If the issue is still there, you can proceed by checking the power adapter.

Method #2 Check ProScan TV Power Adapter

Now that you have power cycled, the next thing you can check is the power adapter of your TV.

Since there really isn’t a way for you to tell whether it is working or not on your Proscan TV, for that purpose you would have to find a device with a similar adapter input.

Simply disassemble the cable and plug it into the other device to see if it is going to work. Keep in mind that the external device has to be functional for you to determine whether the power adapter is working or not.

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Method #3 Change Power Source

The next thing that could be preventing your ProScan TV from being turned on is incorrect incoming power flow.

It can usually be the power source’s fault, so what you have to do is change the outlet your ProScan TV is using.

Plug it into another power source hole to see how it would perform.

Note: During the process, ignore plugging your TV into a power strip or divider.

You can’t tell whether your TV is going to work if it is plugged into a power strip, since these devices are unreliable. Use a standalone wall outlet for the best effect.

Method #4 Troubleshoot Remote

Next, we will be checking your remote for functionality. First, eject the batteries from the compartment underneath the remote and insert brand-new ones. Check if your TV can be turned on now.

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If that doesn’t work, ensure there aren’t any objects located between your remote and TV, as this can severely impact the signal and prevent your TV from being turned on.

If you can get your hands on a universal remote temporarily just to try, it would be the fastest way to understand whether the problem is with the remote or not.

How To Power Cycle Remote?

In case your TV doesn’t have a power button, your remote is the only option you’ve got. In that regard, we should discharge the power and test afterward.

Here is how to power cycle your remote:

  1. Take the batteries out of the compartment.
  2. Press EACH button at least twice (make sure not to miss any).
  3. Wait for about 5 minutes.
  4. Put the batteries back in their compartment.
  5. Try to turn on your TV.
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Method #5 Try Using the Hardware Power Button

At last, a swift way to turn on your TV without much bother is to use the power button.

The hardware button that will turn on your TV is usually in different locations throughout the TV’s, but the universal spots are beneath the screen or in the side panel.

Try pressing the power button once to see if something will happen.

If your ProScan TV doesn’t have a power button, however, the only way to turn on the TV remotely is to have the mobile app paired while the TV is active.

Otherwise, you will be looking forward to buying a new remote.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know why ProScan TV not responding after turning on, you can confidently troubleshoot the issue using our guide!

Even if you didn’t manage to get it working at the end, you can always deliver the TV for repair to a technician and get any issues resolved quickly at a reasonable price!

For more helpful guides on ProScan TV and its functionality, feel free to check our blog to discover many solutions.