how to reset proscan tv

How to reset Proscan TV is a subject of many guidelines because it turns out to be an issue to a large part of community members.

Since many users are wondering how exactly to reset their Proscan TV, today we’ve put together the best guide that will get you familiar with the process in no time!

To reset a Proscan TV, you must press the reset button which is typically located close to the control panel. Since it is a pin-size hole, you will have to insert a paperclip to press it down and hold it for 15 seconds in order for your TV to restart.

Now, let’s get into details about the process and learn more about each way of resetting your Proscan TV.

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How To Reset A Proscan TV In 3 Different Ways

Here we will describe the 3 fundamental ways of resetting your TV. Each of them would be a good approach in situations where your TV does not behave normally.

Let’s take a quick look at each:

1. Power Refresh

This method of resetting your TV is the fastest and most efficient when your TV is having issues related to its power delivery.

2. Hard Reset

Using the reset located in the pin-hole you can hard reset your TV erasing all its contents and settings.

3. Soft Reset

Another way to factory reset your TV, using the inbuilt settings and inserting the button combination to approve.

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We will first start with the easiest way to reset your TV, by draining all electricity and providing a fresh start.

How To Power Refresh Proscan TV?

reset proscan tv refresh

The first way of resetting your Proscan TV is to reset its power. This method is usually meant to resolve temporal power malfunctions throughout the device and erase the current power flow.

Power reset is performed with the steps below:

  1. Press the power button on your remote or Proscan TV once, to ensure that the device is turned off.
  2. Unplug the power adapter from both ends.
  3. Leave your TV unplugged for several minutes.
  4. Plug the power adapter back to the power source and let it lay for a minute or two before plugging it into your TV.
  5. After waiting for the appointed time, plug the power cable into your TV.
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Those were the best-working steps to reset the power of a Proscan TV.

Since this method also works for other parts of your configuration, if you have third-party devices connected to your TV via HDMI, it is recommended to power reset them too.

Note: After performing the power reset, don’t plug your Proscan TV into a power strip or divider, but straight up to the wall outlet.

It is possible that these devices can cause power interference and other issues with your TV if they have gone faulty.

How To Reset Proscan TV Without Remote?

Some Proscan TVs have a built-in reset button within their hardware. Since the hole is too small, for that purpose you would need a paperclip or something that can fit through that hole.

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The button shouldn’t be as deep and with a little push, you should be able to reach it.

Here are the steps to reset your Proscan TV with the built-in hardware button.

  1. Ensure your TV is turned on and no video or app is running on.
  2. Slightly push the little reset button’s cover and insert the paperclip.
  3. Push downward with slight force and hold this position for 15 seconds.
  4. During this time, your TV should turn itself down.

If the TV turns itself down, this means the reset is taking place. Just give your Proscan TV several minutes to reset itself and don’t worry if it takes longer than expected.

Some Proscan TVs may work slower than others, so brace yourself with patience.

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Note: During the reset, ensure your configuration won’t go through a power outage or short-circuit for the next half an hour or so.

This can interrupt the operation and leave your TV halfway through the Erase. You would need professional software services to renew the TV’s firmware.

How To Factory Reset Proscan TV?

Now that you know how to power refresh and perform a reset without the assistance of a remote, you will also learn how to factory reset your Proscan TV.

Since the factory reset process differs throughout the Proscan TV devices, we will go with the most general way your TV probably supports.

To perform a factory reset on your Proscan TV, follow the steps we have provided down below:

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Step #1. Grab your Proscan TV remote and ensure it is working before proceeding. If the remote fails halfway through the reset, your TV may glitch and need software unlocking.

Step #2. After checking the remote, press the INPUT button, which should be located in the down-left position of your remote.

Step #3. Wait for several seconds and then press the button combination of 2580.

Step #4. When within the service menu, using the left-right upward and downward arrow, guide the cursor until it lands on factory reset.

Step #5. When you have highlighted the factory reset option, press the OK button once to confirm.

Note: The combination in step 3 must be executed specifically with no longer than half a second between each button press.

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These key sequences will take you to the service menu.

The process shall take no longer than half an hour, so the same with the normal reset operation, brace yourself with patience and ensure there won’t be any power outages.

To factory reset your Proscan TV, you must press the input button and enter a key combination of 2580. In the service menu, select the factory reset option and your TV will initiate a factory reset.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to reset Proscan TV without remote and we’ve let you know of all possible ways to do so, you shouldn’t have issues executing them by following our instructions.

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We wish you good luck and troubles experience!

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