programming dish remote to sanyo tv

If you’re not familiar with programming DISH remote to Sanyo TV process, this guide will definitely get the job done in no time!

Here you’ll find how to program a DISH remote to Sanyo TV with and without a hopper in a detailed step-by-step guide.

If you read the entire guide, you will learn everything you need to know and pair your DISH remote to your Sanyo TV.

To program a DISH remote to Sanyo TV you would need to start the pairing process and insert the correct code automatically or manually. To justify the pairing you will have to perform an action and determine if the programming is successful.

Let’s learn more about both ways of programming DISH remote to Sanyo TV and then jump into the methods of doing so.

How To Program Dish Remote To Sanyo TV?

Programming a DISH remote to Sanyo TV can be done in 2 ways. The operation is possible with a DISH hopper and without a DISH hopper.

Either way, you will end up getting the DISH remote paired to your Sanyo TV using remote codes.

Let’s begin with the universal way to hook up a DISH remote to Sanyo TV without owning a hopper:

Method #1 DISH Remote To Sanyo TV Without A Hopper

dish remote sanyo tv 1

Programming without having a code has to happen manually while owning a hopper will discover the exact code automatically.

You will be using a 3-digit code for your Sanyo TV and you will have to attempt each one until the DISH remote gets paired with the television.

Let’s begin with the preparation step and get your DISH remote paired to Sanyo without owning a hopper:

Step #1 Prepare Your Sanyo TV & Remote

The first step revolves around setup preparation for getting the DISH remote connected to the Sanyo TV.

During this part of the guide, you need to turn on your Sanyo TV and make sure it is running stable.

If you currently don’t have a remote paired to your Sanyo TV, you don’t need one except for the DISH unit you want to pair.

Turn on the Sanyo TV using the power button on the side panel and wait for the device to start. As for the DISH remote, ensure its batteries are intact.

Note: To verify that the Sanyo TV is running, watch out for the LED light. It should blink in red upon turning the TV on.

Step #2 Start The Pairing Session

start pairing

The next step is to initiate the pairing session between your DISH remote and the Sanyo TV.

That is going to be done by pressing the “HOME” button on your DISH remote while pointing it towards the currently-running Sanyo TV.

In fact, you will have to hit the HOME button twice to start searching for devices on your DISH remote.

Make sure to hit the button twice quickly (for about half a second) and don’t hold the button for too long.

Alert: If you press the HOME button more than 2 times, the pairing process will fail.

Step #3 Acquire The Correct Code

Now the tougher part comes into play. You will have to get the correct code for your Sanyo TV and press it in the correct sequence.

This is the only way to get the DISH remote connection with the television so let’s see how it’s done. The code that most Sanyo TVs support is “042” so attempts it first.

If the pairing failed, press the HOME button twice again and attempt the pairing with each of these codes:

  • 089
  • 090
  • 091
  • 092
  • 109

If the connection wasn’t successful, the LED indicator on the remote will blink rapidly for a couple of seconds.

Note: If none of the codes worked, test again, otherwise consider contacting Sanyo TV for additional assistance.

Step #4 Test The Remote

test remote

Now to test the DISH remote with the Sanyo TV, all you have to do is press the remote’s power button.

Remember that upon pressing the power button, the DISH remote must be pointed towards the Sanyo television’s “eye” on the bottom of the device.

To determine if the remote got paired successfully, the TV must shut down upon pressing the power button. If the TV turns OFF, then the pairing was successful and you’re ready.

Notice: If the remote isn’t paired, attempt the steps from this guide once again.

Method #2 Programming Dish Remote To Sanyo TV With Hopper

dish remote sanyo tv 2

The programming when having a hopper is easier since the 3-digit code will be automatically discovered and applied. So, if you’ve got a hopper in your setup, follow the steps below:

Step #1 Open Hopper Settings On Sanyo TV

We assume that the hopper is already connected to your Sanyo TV so all you have to do for this step is access the settings of the hopper.

To go there, you must first navigate to the Menu tab and press the settings option between the “Search” and “Help”.

Highlight the option (the highlight is in red color) and press OK on your current remote.

Note: If you cannot find the Settings option, ensure that you’re under the Menu tab.

Step #2 Go To TV Pairing Wizard

Once in the settings, follow the steps below to start up the pairing wizard:

  1. In the settings, go to Remote Control.
  2. Select your TV (should be written Sanyo TV).
  3. Choose TV PAIRING WIZARD in the following tab.
Notice: If the TV pairing wizard option is not there, make sure that you’ve selected your Sanyo TV from the previous tab.

Step #3 Choose TV Brand & Scan For Codes

check remote codes

And the final step is to choose your TV brand. Although you’ve already selected the Sanyo TV in the previous tab, you must tell the system what codes you want it to use.

Since the DISH remote is in-built with the hopper, the device already has a connection with the unit and only needs confirmation.

From the tab in the pairing wizard, choose “Sanyo TV” and go to the next tab.

How To Test Remote Codes?

Upon entering the Sanyo TV pairing wizard, the hopper will start testing for remote codes.

After each test, press the “VOLUME” or “MUTE” button while pointing it at the TV to determine if the pair is successful.

Note: If the pairing didn’t work, highlight and press the “Try Next Code” button until the mute or volume buttons start to work.

The programming of a DISH remote to Sanyo TV includes pressing the HOME button to initiate the process and discovering the pairing code. With a hopper, the 3-digit code can be automatically found and inserted, whereas without a hopper you need to manually insert one of the codes (042, 089, 090, 091, 092, 192).

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know what exactly the programming DISH remote to Sanyo TV process includes, you should be already controlling your Sanyo TV.

In case something does not quite work, you can always seek further assistance from the Sanyo support team.

We hope that this post was helpful and you’ve learned how to program the DISH remote to Sanyo TV. For more related guides, make sure to check our online blog.

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