playstation network credit card not valid

Wondering what to do when the PlayStation network credit card not valid?

As we all know, a credit card in PlayStation is used to acquire content from PlayStation Store to purchase games, access online communities, and other subscription purposes.

In some, the purchase fails and shows the message “Network Credit Card is Not Valid”.


When the error message appears, users just have to remove the credit/debit card and re-enter the correct details again. In other cases the funds are not enough, there is a problem with the banking, or simply the card information is not correctly inserted. 

Let’s learn more about the cases in which the “not valid” message will appear!

Credit/Debit Card Information Is Not Valid PS4? – Reasons

the credit card not valid

Many reasons cause the PlayStation Store to not validate your credit card.

Maybe you entered the wrong details, your credit card has expired, or your credit card AVS is not accepted by the PlayStation Store. 

Here is what can make your credit card invalid and why it is happening:

Wrong Card Information

Entering incorrect information such as name, expiry date, and CVV code that does not match your credit card details causes this issue of invalidation.

Expired Credit Card

If your credit card membership has expired but you still try to purchase anything from the store, then obviously PlayStore will not validate your account.

Credit Card Region

the credit card region

If your credit card is registered in another region and you use it from outside areas, the PlayStation Store is likely to fail the authorization and say “invalid credit card”.

Use of Special Characters

If you have used any special characters in the details, such as spaces, commas, full stops, or anything else besides the exact card number, the transaction will not go through.

Let’s next learn how to fix when the PlayStation Store declines your card purchase!

How To Fix When PlayStation Network Credit Card Not Valid Error?

how fix playstation

To fully resolve this credit card error, we’ll discuss some practical solutions.

These solutions do not just solve this problem for now but are beneficial for the future as well.

Read the steps in their order so your PSN Store transaction never fails!

Solution#1 Enter Correct Details With AVS Support

AVS stands for Address Verification System.

Make sure that your credit card is AVS compatible before using it because the PlayStation store will not accept any cards that are not AVS compatible. 

Meanwhile, make sure to enter the correct details in the billing information!

Here’s how to enter information while filling out the billing information:

  1. Enter all the details including name, expiry date, and billing address!
  2. Avoid using any special characters and double-check ALL info inserted.
  3. Make sure to enter the correct credit card number and your CVV code.
  4. Be sure to enter all current information exactly as it appears on your bank statement. 

To check your details you can visit the PS Account Management, then go to Payment Management, choose payment card, and check your details there.

Note: When transactions with your Credit/Debit card fail beyond the PlayStation Store you would need to contact your bank to resolve potential problems.

Solution#2 Enable Online Payments from Credit Card 

enable an online payments

In some cases, on some cards, online payments are disabled by the provider (bank).

In such cases, you cannot make any online purchases or payments with your credit card, which brings the “network credit card not valid” error.  

In other words, the PlayStation is unable to reach your credit card.

To enable online purchases for your Credit/Debit card you’ll need to contact your bank and inquire about the issue.

Remember that you’ll need to delete the saved billing details from the PlayStation store and re-enter them once the online payments have been allowed.

Note: Some banking cards have a daily limit, which of course can be adjusted, but when reached, all transactions will fail until tomorrow.

Solution#3 Use A Compatible Payment Method 

use compatible payments methods

Although the PlayStation Store accepts many different credit cards, there are some payment options that it does not.

In that regard, you need to make sure to use a Credit/Debit card for payments, which is compatible with the PlayStation Store.

These are the methods and Credit/Debit cards accepted by the PlayStation Store:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal

On top of that, you can add balance to your PSN Store Wallet or use PlayStation prepaid cards.

However, in case your Credit/Debit card is not being recognized, perhaps it’s not supported, therefore the transaction will be declined every time. 

Tip: You can add funds to your PlayStation Store account, using Apple Pay.

Solution#4 Check PlayStation Network Status

check playstation status

The PlayStation store frequently receives incorrect payment information when the server is down or under maintenance.

When any PlayStation system updates are being installed, the server is typically unavailable.

To check the PlayStation network status, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the official PSN Server Status page.
  2.  All the details regarding the maintenance are mentioned there.
  3. Hold off until all of the available options are lit up in green.
  4. After that, you can enter all your payment details and make a purchase.

The most important services that should be in green are the PlayStation Store and PlayStation Direct.

In case one of them is down (colored in red) you need to wait before purchasing. 

Note: Server maintenance can last up to 24 hours so be patient.

Solution#5 Use The PlayStation Safe Mode!

use in a safe mode

Sometimes the Credit/Debit card can be declined in the PlayStation Store because of a software-related problem with the console.

However, this is why Safe Mode exists, and practically restarts the console by killing ALL running applications in the background.

Sometimes a failed process or a bad service can prevent purchases in the PS Store!

Here’s how to power cycle the PlayStation by using Safe Mode:

  1. Turn OFF your PlayStation.
  2. Hold the Power Button and release it only after hearing the two beeps.
  3. Use the USB cable to connect your PlayStation controller.
  4. Press the PlayStation button on your Controller.
  5. From the Save Mode menu, choose Restart PlayStation.

From the Save Mode Menu, you can also Initialize your PlayStation, which will delete ALL settings and games from the console.

You don’t need to do this just yet, but if the problem persists, you need to know that Initialisation is the most powerful method against any problem!

Note: When the console reboots, test whether you can perform a purchase from the store!

Solution#6 Use Gift Cards

use gift cards

If you have tried all the solutions above and are still facing the same issue, then you can use an alternative method to purchase games from the PlayStation Store.

This solution is more of a workaround and you can use it as a temporary solution until your banking problem is resolved.

Using Gift (prepaid) PS Store cards, you can purchase games without Credit/Debit cards!

Here is how to use gift cards in the PlayStation Store:

  1. Buy a network PlayStation gift card from any local game store.
  2. The price of the PlayStation gift card reflects the balance that you’ll receive.
  3. There are $10, $25, $50 and $100 gift cards available.
  4. After purchasing a gift card, just go to your PlayStation Store.
  5. Select an option called “Redeem Codes”.
  6. Then enter the code number from the Gift Card.
  7. The balance will be added to your PlayStation Store Wallet.

You can now use that balance to purchase games from the PlayStation Store, without having to use a Credit/Debit Card.

You can purchase as many Gift Cards as necessary.

Alert: Anyone can redeem a prepaid PS Gift Card so never reveal the card code!

Solution#7 Contact the PlayStation Support Team

contact the support team

Are you still facing the same message? Have you tried all the above solutions? If yes, then it’s time to contact PlayStation’s support team.

They have proven records of helping their users and solving their problems related to payment issues and hopefully, they’ll be able to help you!

You can contact Sony PlayStation Support by going to the Contact Support Page.

Don’t forget to share what you’ve tried in this guide to save both instances time attempting the same methods over and over.

With a bit of luck, the “not valid” problem will be solved soon!

Quick Recap:

A credit card invalidation error while purchasing anything from PlayStation appears due to incorrect details information, having an expired credit card, or because of a PlayStation network issue.

The solution is to check for issues on your side and then ask for help!

Final Thoughts:

That was everything about why the PlayStation network credit card not valid problem appears and how to solve the problem in a matter of minutes!

All solutions in this guide are very effective, but in case you are still facing the same problem, you might need some professional assistance from PS customer service.

We hope that this post was helpful and for more relevant guides, make sure to check our blog!

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