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If your Philips TV not turning on, stick by the end of this post to learn what might have gone wrong with your device.

Besides the reason, you will also learn how to fix and avoid the issue from appearing in the future.

Your Philips TV may not turn on if the power supply is disrupted or the outlet your TV is plugged into has an issue. Your Philips TV remote’s batteries might be worn out and you could have selected a black screen input source.

To identify the issue, you would need to inspect the whole setup. Before you start, we highly recommend getting familiar with the possibilities.

Why Is Philips Flat Screen TV Not Turning On?

Many users have recently complained that their Philips TV refuses to turn on.

This can happen due to many things and we’re about to discuss each of them.

Here are the most common possibilities when Philips TV refuses to turn on:

1. Problem Power Flow

If your TV isn’t getting any power, it won’t turn on until further notice.

2. Problem with Power Adapter

If the power adapter that connects your Philips TV with the power source, doesn’t function, your TV won’t start no matter how hard you try.

3. Problem with Remote

If your Philips TV’s remote batteries are worn out or the remote has hardware issues, you won’t be able to start your flat screen Philips TV.

4. Black Screen Source

If you have selected a source that doesn’t have a broadcast, even if your TV is turned on, you will see it as a black screen.

5. Problem with a Power Outlet

If the wall outlet your TV is plugged into doesn’t function, your Philips TV won’t be able to start.

6. Hardware Malfunction

At last, if there is a hardware malfunction somewhere through your TV, it won’t be able to launch either.

Your problem is 100% related to one of these possibilities and next, we’re going to address each of them!

How To Fix Philips TV Not Turning On Issue?

fix philips tv not turning on

Before we proceed any further, if your Philips TV model type has a hardware power button, try to press it once.

This may manage to turn on your TV and save you some extra time for troubleshooting!

If that did not work, let’s proceed with the first method:

Method #1 Power Cycle Philips TV

First, we are going to power cycle your Philips TV. There may be a power malfunction within your device, which could be interrupting it from turning on.

The power cycle is usually the best approach whenever you cannot turn on your device, so here is how to perform it in a few simple steps:

  1. Press the Power button on your Philips remote once, to ensure the TV is turned off.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the power outlet.
  3. Wait for at least 3-5 minutes for best results at power cycling.
  4. Plug the power adapter back into the Power source.
  5. Check if you are able to turn on your Philips TV now.

Note: After power cycling your TV, plug the power cable into a wall outlet.

Avoid strips or dividers, as they may interfere with your Philips TV’s power flow if they are not working properly.

Method #2 Check Philips TV Power Adapter

If your Philips flat-screen TV not turning on still after the power cycle, the power adapter of your TV may have gone faulty.

Power adapters can develop issues over time, especially if you have left your Philips TV plugged into a power source during a thunderstorm or power outage.

To check your power adapter for functionality, you must plug it into another device with the same slot as your Philips TV has. Try turning on the external device and check if it is going to work.

Note: Before testing out the power cable, ensure the external device is working, otherwise you won’t be able to determine whether the adapter is working or not.

Method #3 Check Philips TV Remote

The next thing that might prevent you from turning on your Philips TV is the remote.

There are usually two cases with the remote. In some scenarios, the battery has gone faulty, or the remote has stopped working due to a hardware failure.

To change the batteries of your remote, unscrew the battery compartment underneath your remote. Carefully take out the old batteries and insert a fresh pair.

Note: It is recommended that you change your remote’s batteries once every two weeks even if they work.

If a faulty battery stays inside your remote for a long time, there might be a battery leaking so pay attention!

If you change the remote’s batteries and the TV still doesn’t work, it is either hardware failure of the remote or something else.

Method #4 Change Philips TV Power Source

Now that you’ve checked your remote, if your TV is still not turning on, the power source that it is plugged into may be faulty.

To justify this theory, you would simply have to plug your Philips TV into another wall outlet.

While the device is unplugged, hold the hardware button for 15 seconds if your model has one.

This will drain all the current electricity and bring a new one in as soon as you plug the device into another wall outlet.

Method #5 Check Source

If you’ve selected a source for your TV to display that doesn’t have a running broadcast on it, you will be seeing a black screen, deceiving you that your TV refuses to work.

For this purpose, try clicking the Source button on your Philips TV remote and see if something will happen. If you’ve selected another source and your TV is working, good for you!

Method #6 Unplug External Devices

While it is highly unlikely, there could be an external device causing all your issues with the Philips TV.

Try disconnecting ALL devices connected to your TV including soundbars and gaming consoles.

Once you’re ready jump back to method 1 and perform another power cycle. Once done, test, and hopefully, your Philips TV will turn on without an issue.

Your Philips TV may not be working mainly because of its power supply. The solution includes performing a power cycle, checking the adapter, switching the wall outlet, and possibly changing the input source.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why is Philips TV not turning on, you can easily fix it, if not, atleast identify where the issue is coming from.

If you found it challenging and your TV still not turning on you can always reach out to Philips’s customer service for additional assistance.

If this post was helpful you might want to check our technical blog to discover solutions to all your smart home devices.

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